Arsenal Defence In Crisis: 3 Key Solutions To Manage The Short Of Options.

Squilacci, Silvestre, Sol, Remember them?

You better, because we may well be having that need to deep into the sometimes sore save-our-season market to scour for those good ol’ veterans.

We have had enough of the we-had-to-sign-a-defender moans and I am out of breath to keep up with it, and coupled with the consequences of the unfortunate scenes that saw Mathiue Debuchy land awkwardly at the Emirates last weekend, we cannot but feel this was not altogether expected that we are now desperately short in the defense department with an urgent need to do something to fix the situation.

A 15-day schedule will not make our worries easier over the next few weeks, with Southampton, Tottenham, Galatasaray and Chelsea coming after the trip to Villa. Brace yourself because it may as well be the toughest two weeks of your Arsenal supporting life.

Laurent Koscielny, Per Mertersacker and Kieran Gibbs are the only fit defenders who can feature in an Arsenal game at the moment, and seeing Louis van Gaal was not one of our stellar summer signings, what then can we do?

  1. Sustain The League Cup Policy

6 defenders was hardly a good number of personnel with which to prosecute a 4-trophy challenge, involving over 60 games. Every top team ideally have 3 players for every position – the main, his deputy and the future – and that will mean having at least 10, that is if you are to rely on one or two being able to field more than one position. We do not have that, and we cannot risk having less as the boss admitted. It presents the opportunity for young stars like Hayden and Plezueguelo to gain first team experience in the League Cup game against Southampton. With a mix of experience in midfield, Wenger’s policy of fielding the scholars in the competition will give a host of senior players with irks and aches the much needed rest. Hector Bellerin too will get a chance to cool of the baptism of fire received on his rushed Champions League debut in Dortmund. The game will be at the Emirates, so that must make them comfortable.

  1. Step them Up

And if they do well in the League Cup, could they be stepped up? It cannot be out of place really, desperate times call for desperate measures. It is a big task to place a lad who still has to run errands at home after practice to steady a ship attacked by an Emmanuel Adebayor or a Wesley Sneidjer, but it we won’t have Calum Chambers in our team today if he had not been thrown into the frame at such a young age at St. Mary’s. What? Rafael Varane was already threatening to keep Pepe and Sergio Ramos out of the Real Madrid first team before he became eligible to vote!

  1. Yobo? Yepes? You never know?

Rather than ask why always we with injuries, the question before us now is who do we call out of the desert to give us some water. As ironic as that may sound, it is an option we may have to take up. Wenger himself has shown he is not a stranger to doing such deals having brought in Sol Campbell and Jens Lehmann to do a job for him in the past. A host of names have been mentioned as persons who could be available for this, though I can’t tell you our League games won’t be live on Nickelodeon if Nacho Monreal and Joseph Yobo pair-up in our defence. Arsene must have made enough friends in football to know someone somewhere who owes him enough to come to his rescue, only we pray whoever he signs will be fitter, at least, than Kim Kallstrom.

Do you agree with these solutions fellow Gooners?

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