Arsenal vs Aston Villa: 5 Important Things Arsenal Must Learn From Win Against Villa.

Did you see the Arsenal Exhibition? Well, that would be unfair if you did not and, frankly, we learnt much more than this piece can do justice to. Here, though, are the top five.

One Man Team?
The buzz about Alexis not being available for the game sold some papers for those who questioned the team’s ability to do without their top scorer. What those persons forgot was that Alexis did not play in that game at Aston Villa and it was still a resounding win. Today, it was absolute battery. 19 different scorers now, five today and the Chilean was not even on the bench. “Where will Alexis fit into this team now?”

Cazorla is the Key man
But if we were to compulsorily satisfy a lecturer’s quiz on who the main player in this team is, we would have no option but to agree with Robert Pires. The French genius was shown towards the end of the game after Cazorla’s penalty, of course alongside that other Legend, as though in affirmation of his declaration after the City win that the little magician is Arsene Wenger ‘s key man. A goal and two assists means the Arsenal Player of the Month for December and January is already on course for a hat-trick of that accolade, but more importantly, he is the sleek that stitches the silk and steel in this team. And seeing that Rosicky has continued to dazzle even at 34, we may be looking at a further 4 years of improving quality from the “Happiest Man in the World”.

Monreal is giving Gibbs a Run
Much has been criticized in the 28-year old who has quietly gone about his business with good results. Frequently made the scapegoat of a general defensive ailment, Nacho has been very dependable this season and was very composed in his natural role today. It’s been two years since he joined now and there is no indication that he is getting worse. A significant lot has changed in his play, especially going forward. Gibbs may still edge it on a public poll but more of this from Nacho could reopen the suit.

A Long Future for Bellerin
Two persons especially deserved goals today; Chuba did not get his, but Bellerin did and you won’t find a single gooner who was not over the moon for him. He has been wonderful to watch until now and with his La Masia-influenced technical abilities, you wouldn’t be surprised by the quality of that finish. Similar frenzy accompanied Chambers first goal but while the young Englishman has somewhat stalled, this would be the first of many for Bellerin, surely.

A stunning save in the first half to keep us in the lead, and that was while he kept stealing the ball off air like some magnetic engineer. And there was the stupendous flying save at 4 – 0 to preserve his clean sheet. The cameras did Woj good by not showing him throughout the game, and he might not be seen for a while now.

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  1. James

    a pretty major error in the post, but if you watched the game, it was Ospina in goal, not scz. made clear by the regular ooooooooooooSPINA chants when he got around to kicking it long. other than that, the rest is good stuff :)

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    • Emmanuel

      it wasn’t an error James. if you read the post properly you would understand how i went about it, also you should read the player ratings post that followed this.

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  2. Okonye Ogechukwu Christopher

    They were good stuffs and I understood it well. I just pray my lovely Arsenal continues like this …

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