Wenger Advised To Drop This In-form Arsenal Star In Other To Beat Chelsea.

Former Arsenal striker Charlie Nicholas advice's Wenger ahead of Chelsea clash. [Picture AP]

Former Arsenal striker Charlie Nicholas advices Wenger ahead of Chelsea clash.  [Picture: PA Photos]

Arsenal manager – Arsene Wenger, has been advised to drop one of his most trusted midfielders against Chelsea this weekend at the Emirates Stadium.

Arsenal will play host to Jose Mourinho and his men this Sunday and Wenger has been advised by football expert – Charlie Nicholas, to drop Santi Cazorla for the match against the Blues.

Nicholas believes Arsenal have what it takes to beat Chelsea at their own game but insists the Gunners would have to do it without Cazorla.

However, the former Celtic and Arsenal striker highlighted the need for Wenger to go into the game with two holding midfielders, as he strongly believes Chelsea would employ the same strategy against them.

Santi should be dropped against Chelsea insists Charlie Nicholas.

Santi should be dropped against Chelsea insists Charlie Nicholas.

“Arsenal should play with two holding midfielders, because that’s exactly what Chelsea will do,” he told Sky Sports.

“They’ll come to the Emirates and they’ll stick Nemanja Matic in there and they might stick John Obi Mikel or Kurt Zouma in there too, and Arsenal need to counter that.

“That might mean playing Aaron Ramsey slightly out of position, slightly right of Francis Coquelin, who has been very impressive lately, and I’d just ask him to sit in there when Arsenal don’t have the ball.”

“Wenger might have to consider sacrificing Santi Cazorla for that to work, but I’d just like two midfielders to sit and try and control the middle, where Cesc Fabregas will be, and Eden Hazard – the ultimate danger – will be floating about too.”

In my own opinion, Chelsea would definitely go into the game with a very compact midfield, such as that which they employed against Manchester United last weekend.

But dropping Cazorla against them would be a disaster, as the ambidextrous Spaniard does a lot of work in the Arsenal midfield such as keeping possession and moving the ball forward – something which Coquelin is yet to master. And he can sit deep in midfield even better than Ramsey.

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  1. toluwizy

    if droping carzola will make us win against chelsea problem but wenge should put carzola second half

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  2. gooner4life

    I don’t care who plays just so long as we beat them ,and wipe that smug grin of the face of Mourinho’s.But i think Santi is just magic.

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    We have to play like a jihad game not conceding an inch of the pitch we should play like men possessed an eye for an eye jump with him make hazard wonder with out the ball smoke the mdfld this win will and may decide the title

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  4. Hard Ogura

    What we should understand is that of recent Carzola has not had a lot of impact in the final quarter because he works well with Francis to service the front.

    Ramsey misses out on the game plan working with another defensive mid because he is possessed with wanting to score and wants to play with the ball within our defence which is dangerous, often once he looses it he can’t retrieve it. That means pulling an opponent, foul, over working the defence or goal for the opponents. A reason why Wenger wants to see him in the final quarter where he can do his tricks and probably cause havoc. He is better in Ozil’s position, not even 7 where they play him because he finds himself in the middle exposing the young no 2 to two opponents.

    He is a talent player but he can’t play all those places he is put in. That is done just to accommodate him in the team and he is hardworking but there positions that need a specific character/factor to be effective there. For example no.7 need to support no.2 and even cross ball in the box and all over the final quarter. Basically render the opponents no 3 toothless. That would be a perfect no 7.

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