3 Possible Issues Wenger Addressed In His 1 Hour Dressing Room Hold-up.

Will Wenger’s one hour dressing room hold-up spur a 65th birthday win tonight?

So BBC reporter, Jacqui Oatley’s interview with Arsene Wenger gave us insight into just how irritated the manager was with the Hull draw. The lady had asked piercing questions and got quite piercing answers, attracting the sympathy of the Press, with Wenger gaining a few thumb downs in the process. Of more interest to gooners will be the report that Wenger carried over his tainted temper to the dressing room, where he kept the players in for about an hour, thrashing the game that had marginally survived being a humiliation.

Wenger must have expected the players to use that game as a spring board to build momentum which will keep the team in good stead for the coming games, especially the tricky away ties like Anderlecht today, and upon their failing to achieve that, Le Prof resurrected the old teacher in him by keeping his wards from going after school hours. There were several things to be infuriated about and these are the three fixes he hopes his hair dryer treatment would effect to victory tonight in Belgium:

  1. Man up boys

Yes, he did what a boss would do in defending his players, even going as far as blaming that first goal on referee Roger East, but facing the fact is accepting that Flamini was all too easily confident that the referee won’t grant him the advantage over what appeared not to have a lot with it. Hull did not bully us on Saturday but Wenger must have been stung by James Chester’s description of Arsenal as not possessing enough of the toughness that has set City and Chelsea apart as favorites for the title. The boys just seem to lack this extra bit of intimidation about them which we have been very feared for in the past, when the sight of Tony Adams, Patrick Viera and Denis Bergkamp by opponents in the hallway won us games even before kick-off. Wenger wants to see his boys become men and more forceful. He wouldn’t have us all go Stoke all of a sudden but we are just too cute to our nemesis at times.

  1. You stay awake all game

You’re walking out of the dressing room after the interval with a plan to go on and demolish the opponent but your captain appears to still be asleep, fails to make the slightest of jumps and boom! You’re on the back foot for the rest of the game. It was only Hull, and we were at home. On another day, Wenger would have packed up. There is no way we are not going to Belgium with 100% focus for 90 minutes this evening, especially when we have taken the lead.

  1. Hey Danny, you’re a striker now

And why does Danny still run around all game, leaving the box empty without a target? The one time he gets the ball in the right position, he scores. Wenger must be expecting Welbz to realize he’s not longer wearing the red of Old Trafford but the Emirates and seeing United don’t play anyone this night (MK Dons?), Wenger would be screaming it into his ears that Alexis would be looking for him all night with those kind of passes again. He showed against Galatasaray that he could be some fox when in the box so why not stay there while the lads get you the feeds?

The boss must be expecting a birthday present today and after shouting himself hoarse in agony on Saturday evening, he’ll be hoping to reset his voice to default mode.

And maybe return to a good mood to say a nicer word to lady Oatley.

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