5 Arsenal Stars Eager To Prove A Point Against Anderlecht.

1. Calum Chambers
The youngster has surely superseeded his expectations – and those of most Gooners – since his £16m summer move from Southampton. He’s gone from just a local lad from the Saints Academy to a Community Shield winner, full England International and has now stamped himself as a full professional with his first senior goal against Burnley. Having played a crucial role in the win over Anderlecht, Chambers will be high on confidence going into another European weeknight. Monreal is set to retain his place in central defence meaning that Chambers will continue at right back. With two assists in three games, he’s looking at getting more involved in our attacks with more assists and having suffered much from our past full backs not giving enough from in-swingers, it’s nice to see a 19-year old looking so good for the future.

2. Wojciech Szczesny
He simply cannot afford to lose his head again today, as it would really put the team in real trouble with our goalkeepers. He’s not had so much to do in terms of saves over the past few games and must be on his toes to put off those young energetic boys from Belgium. Emi Martinez had a very decent game at Belgium; you’ve been warned Woj.

3. Santi Cazorla
Santi has been on stumbling under/over-shooting form dating back to Hull and there’s a real movement for him to be dropped for this game. As we shift to 4-4-2, it would be of better benefit to the balance of the team to have a proper left footed player on that left wing who will do as much as Chamerlain on the right, Podolski tipped as the man being held up. Wenger, though, isn’t a fan of rewarding a slump with an instant dump and will likely still name him from the start tomorrow. Going by the past games, Santi is certain to get into good positions again – which is actually a plus to him – and must do more to finish better. We’d love to see him smile again, wouldn’t we?

4. Theo Walcott
Ten exciting minutes against Burnley was enough for us to realise how much we have had to grind without pace in his absence. This will be his first Champions League game since scoring against Marseille on MatchDay 1 last season and how stunning would it be to mark his return with a goal? We all certainly have the same imagination as Wenger of how tantalizing our attack will be with Walcott’s return and Anderlecht will give us another inkling. We’d have to be truly patient with him, though.

5. Lukas Podolski
We just may never know how crucial Poldi’s strike was at Belgium and to see him very unlucky with that stupenduously powerful foot of his against Burnley was painful. Has he merited a chance against Anderlecht? Surely, especially as he could do significantly more in front of goal than Santi.

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