5 Important Things We Learnt From Arsenal’s AGM.

Calm, convivial and cordial.

Skeptics, Critics, Adulators, Mavericks. We all were in some way, maybe not satisfied, but comforted.

Obviously, the presence of two shining metal pots (okay, one was a plate) helped make the atmosphere at ease. In all, everyone who’d come from far and around, including those who’d come with their sons as an offering to Wenger as a dollar-a-year defender, but more especially the lot who wanted to know if Kroenke’s was a simpler in dressing than Roman Abramovich, all came away with less frustration than they had arrived with.

It was one replete with many lessons, but we give you the penta.

  1. January just got farther

What was the relief of fans to hear it from the man himself that indeed he had erred in not bringing a much needed extra man in defence. He did not declare a mea culpa but you didn’t really expect Wenger to just say “I messed up”, did you? Now, we are sure that we will sign a defender in January, we can hold him to that. We should have required an injury to Koscielny, suspension to Chambers and Mertesacker’s rally for more cover from the younger generation to realize it, but now it has come to this, every pence of the £20m with which Wenger will be provided for business in the winter should be splashed if necessary on getting than man. Hummels? Don’t ask my bet.

  1. Gazidis deserves more respect

There’s the I-don’t-trust-you air fans have had with respect to the Arsenal CEO, Ivan Gazidis. He had to take the blame for all those years which saw us lose our biggest players, some media guy taking exceptional pleasure in slagging him off for the van Persie case. With new deals for young players, renovations of training facilities, new kit deals, and the present financial stability which has  gives us an extra-inch in our necks amongst Europes biggest heads, we’re getting back to the Arsenal we all want, and going by how he beamed in his explanations of the road-map for the future, we must now begin to see Mr Ivan as a full part of our caravan.

  1. We’d Really Miss Wenger

“I know you could be skeptical, and critical… but always loyal”. We still have to finish this season with a title or two, but whenever it becomes time to go, we’d long for that manager who can tell us the bitter truth about himself in a way that makes us feel we shouldn’t have made accusations.


  1. Kroenke knows lil’ bit about football

it was good to know the business man knew actually what trophy we won, declaring his gladness about the success of the FA Cup. Maybe if he becomes lil’ bit less clenched with his fists, he could learn more about football.

5.   Fourth Trophy… Yea, right

Don’t know how many took offence that the full treble wasn’t on display. Someone forgot to place the Wenger trophy on the table?

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