5 Managers Who Can Replace Wenger

  1. Jurgen Klopp

The vivacious German has moulded Dortmund into a real European force this season which would easily be challenging for the title in any league in the world. Even on very meager resources and the continuous poaching of his star players, Klopp has always come up with a way of harvesting a crop capable of fitting his exciting attacking brand of football which has blown teams away, Arsenal inclusive. We can only wish the club notices more of Klopp’s glowing countenance when he speaks about Arsenal and see in him the perfect man to replace his much admired Wenger. Dortmund may be struggling currently being closer to the relegation zone than the to, but for the future Arsenal represents, we know better than not to choose Klopp.

  1. Diego Simeone

The tough Argentine gained the admiration of the whole of Europe with his high octane set up which won him a convincing La Liga title and brought him within stoppage time seconds of winning the Champions League. He won’t be many gooners choice on the basis of his tag as the new Mourinho, but any man who can go to Stamford Bridge and get a comfortable victory against the Portuguese must appeal to us all.

  1. Pep Guardiola

Guardiola is undoubtedly the most esteemed coach in world football over the past half decade as his masterpiece in Barcelona still stands as a model and envy of many clubs. Though he has not exactly replicated that at Bayern by winning 6 out of 6 trophies within a year, he still managed to walk away with the BundesLiga title last season with a record point haul, while keeping to his manuscript of playing beautiful football based on keeping possession. The modern game seems to have evolved somewhat from 1996 when Wenger was appointed but that is not to say that Wenger has failed to keep with the times. However, it could be in the best interest of the club that, going forward, we get a manager who is of the same school of thought as Wenger, and what better man could that be than Pep Guardiola.

  1. Carlo Ancelotti

The Italian has expressed his desire to return to England whenever his spell with Madrid ends. Unless offered a new deal by Fiorentino Perez, Ancelotti is poised to leave the Bernabeu not later than 2016, or even earlier as some sections of the Spanish Press are of the opinion he may be shown the door if nothing material emanates from this season’s huge spending spree. Ancelotti managed two trophies last term – his first at Bernabeu – winning the long anticipated La Decima, as well as the Copa del Rey. Ancelotti’s solitary experience in the Premier League was a two-year stint at Stamford Bridge, where he led Chelsea to their first ever League and FA Cup double in his debut season in 2010. However, the following year saw him hit by the infamous Abramovich managerial sledgehammer after he relinquished the League to United, ending the season trophy-less. He has since gone on to amass three trophies with two clubs, including the Le Championnat with Paris Saint-Germain.

That said, gooners believe there are other options that should be considered for the position other than the 54-year old Italian. It is indeed difficult to argue against the club hiring a man who’s won the Champions League three times, with two different clubs, Madrid being the only one of the five clubs he’s recently coached with whom he’s yet to win the League title. Having lasted this long with Wenger, with the stability we’ve enjoyed, we should probably be going for a replacement that has an identical footballing philosophy, with a focus on the long-term.

And the unusual unlikely candidate

  1. Paul Merson?

He never lost a game after going three goals up and if you say he was never successful, did he have a team of full Internationals? He played here 14 years, and he says he cares. Seems he may want to take the job.

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  1. Double98

    Klopp – Dortmund are having a terrible domestic season (worse than Arsenal) and will not win the champions league – klopp is on a downward curve, his efficacy is short lived
    Simeone – last game threw a 1 goal lead away to lose a game 2-1 that they should have won against a smaller team (sounds familiar) currently doing worse than last year domestically
    Carlo ancellotti – unlikely to leave the biggest club in the world to manage the 8th biggest club
    Pep guardiola – unlikely to leave the second biggest club in the world
    Paul Merson – can barely remember playing as a result of all the chemicals in his body at the time, – if he wanted the job he maybe should have managed at a lower level and built a career in management rather than be a pundit

    The manager is not the problem – the board is – they need to demand more from him and slowly weaken his total control.

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