5 Things We MUST Do To Secure Victory Against Burnley. 1, Start Campbell!

It’s 5th against 20th, 15 places between two clubs stuttering for form. Arsenal can claim to be gradually on the rise on the back of two successive victories in Europe and in the League. 5th place isn’t where we want to be by May and as Wenger says, pursuing Chelsea isn’t exactly the goal at the momen. It’s about building consistency and getting three more points in the bag. And how exactly do we do that against a Burnley side who will be dogged not to hold on to their present spot? 

  1. No Double Pivot

It is fair to assume that Wenger favoured the pairing of both Arteta and Flamini in the midfield center at the Stadium of Light because it was bound to be a difficult away game, Sunderland possessing quite a good number of physical persons like Lee Cattermole and Jack Rodwell. We won by two offerings what was otherwise a very bland game. That cannot be condoned at the Emirates. Fans pay huge money to see the team play attractive football and even if it’s not been quite as attractive in recent times, it doesn’t mean we should all be bored to death. Wenger will have to trust either Arteta or ‘Flames’ to do the deep lying job so that we don’t restrcit ourselves on the creative front. We didn’t have to play both to give Alexis ‘freedom’ against Hull or Anderlecht.

  1. Time Out Cazorla

Change is inevitable, even in a team of happy persons. Even if the player to be changed scored a sumptuous FA Cup final goal. Even if the player is the happiest man in the world. It’s time for Cazorla to serve some time out in the woods (well, not literally). His overshooting and underpassing over the past few games could be a little drift in concentration and more games won’t solve it. He probably needs to watch others’ mistakes from the bench so he’ll be fired up to come make ammends in the future. He’s one of our darlings but then, you can get more love by playing the offended, right?

  1. In Comes Ramsey

As it stands, three of our most recognised Number 10s are either unavailable or inefficient. Ramsey would have started today’s game anyway even in Wilshere’s presence but being without Ozil and Cazorla failing to play as much as he smiles, Wenger should hand Ramsey the role of distribution and creation today. Not many were overly impressed with his long balls at Belgium but Ramsey isn’t a bad distributor of the ball. Rewind to the Emirates Cup. 

  1. Campbell should start…

There won’t be many games which will be considered not too big for Campbell to feature  and if he can’t play at home to Burnley, you never know if he’ll still be around to feature in the FA Cup when the winter window opens. 

  1. Rosicky too

We have a midweek game to face, player management must be on Wenger’s mind. Plus, his a boss of midfield, ahead of Arteta, behind Ramsey.

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