ARS vs QPR: 5 Things We Learnt + We’ll see Walcott at West Ham

Even with a missed penalty, the first half display was as good as any weve seen at the Emirates this season and we were already seeing the likelihood of a second half rout. Someone would have to check whose gift Giroud was hurrying off to unwrap, but at the end, we got the deserved result.

Some lessons here and there.

1. Where has Tomas been?
There is a reason why twitter went up in adulation of the Gunnes’ oldest player when the teamsheet came through, and show it, he did. It was always sweet to see him on the ball and why the linesman flagged that crisp interchange with Cazorla and Giroud, we’ll never know. It’ll be a while before we play Spurs but it’s good to have the Little Mozart on song again.

2. Debuchy > Sagna
I doubt we all even remember he was here, and if you did, you’ll have lesser memories with every game from Debuchy.

3. Alexis for Captain?
There are many things weve learnt about the Chilean since he arrived our shores in July. Hes now got to 10 league goals at the same rate as Ian Wright did, so we know we can rely on him for goals. But could it be that our moans of having no leader has disregarded Alexiss constant communication to the other players? Like screaming at whoever lashed the ball away while we were under pressure, or the way he gets the lads to calm down when we are in a rush? He needs not be handed the arm band but perhaps Wenger could make them look up to him for the sheer amount of focus and energy required to play the game well.

3. Chambers may never rest
Wenger would have preferred not to have reason to bring him on, even if he had kept on the bench as a show of continued faith in Monreal. But in the circumstance of the ceaseless bang on our doors, it was inevitable that the 19-year old would have to make another appearance in the team. Squad rotation over the next few games means the youngster has been denied a much needed rest today.

4. Giroud has to be punished
It does not matter if hes scored three in two games before today or that he is clearly better than Danny Welbeck as a target man, Giroud has to know that what he did today was purely senseless, and dare I say he should be on the bench for Southampton, even if for Sanogo. Theres no way you put your team in jeopardy for the best part of a whole half of football and walk straight back into it.

5. Well see Walcott at West Ham
On the flip side, it could be the red carpet for Walcott to be reintegrated back into the team. surely he would have got a good few minutes if we had the comfortable lead we should have deserved had Giroud stayed on. Giroud wont go to West Ham; could be the right time for Walcott to make his first start.

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  1. umar

    Arsenal fans have a choice ozil or giroud.who should be the scapegoat?surely one not both.ozil never cares,giroud gets red card for caring(perfect role model for ozil),ozil don’t roam and hassle,giroud does that and get mental fatigue hence misses goals.on the other hand giroud is not efficient(score goals as a no 9),ozil is efficient(creates chances as a no 10).giroud is not worldclass,ozil is.i love them both for thier good and bad.giroud should be forgiven,its fury and pressure.players take it differenty,giroud headbutts,ozil gets disinterested,suarez bites.some of us asked for balotelli.

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    • Emmanuel

      i could never agree with you more mate…

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