Arsenal 0-2 Schalke | Here we go again

Saturday’s humiliation at Norwich was down to a lack of effort and quality. Tonight’s defeat was just down to a lack of quality — that’s pretty much the only positive spin I can put on the match right now, that at least we looked bothered.

Perspiration is not enough though and the boos that sounded as the final whistle blew were telling. The supporters who fork out the most money in Europe to watch their team are being short-changed yet again as the folly of continually selling your best players was exposed by a good, but not fantastic, Schalke.

I’m too depressed to write about the match itself. All I’ll say is the Germans fully deserved their win, it could’ve been more and our players looked short on both confidence and leadership, which is extremely worrying.

Once again, at the first sign of choppy water, the good ship AFC is falling apart.

Despite the sales of van Persie and Song, we were promised there would be no repeat of last season’s disastrous start and the early signs were good. Indeed, I’m sure if you asked the average Gooner whether we were in a better position now than 12 months ago, when the wounds of that 8-2 defeat were still raw, he’d say of course we were. Well, consider this stat:

Pos P W D L Pts
League (Oct 24th 2011) 7th 9 4 1 4 13
League (Oct 24th 2012) 8th 8 3 3 2 12
Pos P W D L Pts
Champ Lge (Oct 24th 2011) 1st 3 2 1 0 7
Champ Lge (Oct 24th 2012) 2nd 3 2 0 1 6

Not much difference really. Deja-fucking-vu. Just like last season, we can forget about the title already and are looking at a long, gruelling slog to try and finish fourth. We did it last year thanks to the goals of van Persie and a Redknapp-inspired implosion from Spurs. Neither can happen this time around and despite all the big talk from Wenger and Gazidis over the summer defending the club’s ridiculous transfer policy, history is repeating itself.

That’s why the frustrated Gooners were booing this evening and that’s why this frustrated blogger can’t be arsed to write any more.

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  1. Mide

    I don’t understand the rubbish Steve n Fans are saying, the team was poor. They lost from kickoff and Santos was especially woeful and shouldn’t have finished 1st half let alone the match. As long as the fans ,Managers n board keep ignoring the evident, results like dis or Norwich will happen constantly, because the Arsenal squad is a squad made up of average and below average players that are over hyped with about 2 or 3 outstanding players. A team like that is going nowhere, atleast not in modern football.

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    • Gooner Steve

      Yes, the Arsenal squad is indeed average bar Cazorla and Wilshere. But it is good enough to fight for fourth which is all the board care about. They will not spend a penny more than they need to for Champions League qualification every season, which is why our best players move on when they get good enough.

      But that is not the only problem. Wenger’s rigid tactics and inability to motivate his pampered players properly are just as culpable.

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  2. Christophe

    Next thursday, people must come and show to the directors we won,t take this shit anymore.
    We have sold our best striker last year who now has already scored 8 goals gor MU.
    What do we have as replacement? giroud.
    If those tight fckers have paid Van persie as he thought he deserves, we wouldn,t be in that mess today.
    But no, every year, we hear the same bullshit about pay structure.
    Funny the manager and board of directors do not seem yo have any pay structure in place for themselves.
    They failed to deliver any trophy for 7 years and yet managed to get their salary massively increased year in year out.
    They managed to hike tickets price to unreasonable levels and yet every one keeps on saying “in arsene we trust”
    Well, i am sorry but i don,t.
    And i believe next thursday is the right time and place to turn up to the anual meeting and really express our anger towards that bunch of fat cats.
    Who,s with me?

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    • Gooner Steve

      I don’t think we should be paying van Persie £200k a week, but if we had a competitive team he might’ve been persuaded to stay for less money and win things with us. It’s important we stay within our pay structure, but too much of our wages has been wasted on dross like Denilson, Almunia and Squillaci for years — that’s where the problem lies.

      It’s hard to take paying between £1,000 and £1,900 for a season ticket when you find out Ivan Gazidis has just received a 36% payrise and is now on £2m a year. If you go to the AGM, give ’em hell!

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  3. Doublegooner

    Blogger & Mide

    Wenger & Kroenke OUT.

    Its time for real like minded & very concerned Gooners to come together.

    Strength in numbers over the coming weeks is a start.

    Enough is Enough.

    Please email:

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  4. William

    What did I say. It’s the soa same old arsenal. When they get to the box,they passed all over the place .That in front of massed defence. So when the attack fizzles out,Schalke can score.
    The problem is why can’t the gunners shoot and score. I believe Wenger has lost the plot.
    The red faced bought RVP because he believed the gunners would add on in summer and if the DM were at the ES Arsenal would be stronger. By taking away the dm he has done a master stroke ie strengthening the rd and weakening the gunners.
    As for Wenger,I believe his contract extension shd be put on hold until we see where the gunners are at Xmas.Yeah I know other big clbs also lost on the same night.That is of little consolation.

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  5. PistolPete

    The buck stops with Wenger. The problem i see with him is that he never makes the changes that are required during a game. Santos should have come off at half time simple. When is wenger going to be made accountable the last few seasons of mediocrity. How can a manager be in a high flying position like this , and not win anything for 8 years and still continue to collect 7miliion, yes that’s 7 million a season. It is so obvious that both Wenger and Arsenal need to part company. Both have become so complacent and focused on money it has become a joke. Ask yourself, what the comment will be from Wenger after the match. I bet 80% of arsenal fan know exactly what he will say. same old crap, every game.
    Ramsey need to go! What is wenger doing playing him on the wing, crazy. Santos is simple not good enough. Gervinho, well what can I say. WHY WON’T HE GIVE WALCOTT A TRY AT LEAST. I am so Angry right now with Wenger!!! it has all become so boring.

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  6. William

    The gunners will be taking on red faced Nov 3. On the evidence of last night’s defeat,I feel intimidated.Arsenal always have a problem playing sides who flood the md.Why can’t the gunners do the same.There is nothing wrong with winning ugly. If Wenger won’t do it,get someone else who will . There are rich,
    jobless top guys waiting for a call.
    Tactically Arsenal are a one dimensional outfit . Their play is pass and pass until the perfect one comes.It has been like that except 2007-08 when the gunners really had a serious chance of winning the epl. Since then it has been downhill.
    Another defeat to QPR followed by aloss to the red faced will really ask serious questions about Wenger’s ability to survive.

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  7. kkgooner

    The match (loss) = really think that the Schalke players want the ball to go to arsenal players especially ramsey and gervinho coz they know their goal will be safe if these two get the ball. Nothing good will ever happen when gervinho gets the ball. He even disgraced the club by diving.

    Hope for the season = hope that we get knocked off every cup competition early and just have the league to play, and, hope that we lose as much as we can, if possible lose consecutively with a couple of draws and then lose again. Hope we end up in the bottom half but not relegated, just above the relegation zone from 15th to 17th place should be fine. The reason for this is, if what i hope for doesnt happen, the club, kroenke, gazidis, the players & especially wenger will just put positive words together season after season as though we are truly at the same level as the invincibles and not realizing we are hopeless. Once all that i hope for happens, MAYBE, we can start fresh by bringing new owners/managers/players to challenge for the title again as we should do every season. If it doesnt happen, the possibility for our club to improve is zero. Honestly, for me, every season i’m just hoping for any unbeaten team in the league to lose so that our record of the invincibles remain ours alone. Regarding the team, i just know they’ll fall way short of expectations no matter the personnel. Eventhough i feel this way, i’ll still say, COYG!!!!!

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  8. Menace Lurgtramp

    In your Norwich report you mention The Chelsea team costing the same as our stadium. It show’s the short sightedness of the manager and board doesn’t it? It’s like building a huge house for the big family you’re planning, yet you spend so long building it that you’ve missed the fact your wife’s biological clock has stop. 

    For the last 4 summers I’ve had to explain to my son (now 12) that one or more of his heroes have moved on. And no Josh it still doesn’t look like we’ll win anything. Sorry son, happy holidays.

    The Board are the house building husband.

    We are the ignored and,now approaching  menopause, wife.

    Without  a little attention very soon we will be unable to bare them any fruit. 

    How do they hope to fill that stadium with future generations when, for want of a better phrase, they’re letting all the “excitement” dry up!?

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    • Gooner Steve

      When the club announced they’d be building a new stadium, they said it was in order to increase revenues so that we could compete with the Man Utds of this world. Instead, we sell our best players to the Man Utds of this world.

      I hope Josh keeps the faith, because you are right — if this continues then fewer of his peers will be asking for Arsenal shirts this Christmas. And fewer Dads will think it worthwhile to take their kids to the Emirates at these exploitative prices.

      Then how many more empty seats will there be in five or ten years time?

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  9. Mohd Isa

    Ramsey was put on the wing when he is a midfielder.Yeah I know it is to give him exposure. But you do this when you are winning not in a crucial game.Wenger has tactically gone stale and is repeating mistake after mistake.
    I will be convinced the gunners are making progress if they can beat the red faced.Frankly it can be done as in 2005 by playing anti soccer. The fm is a control freak and doesn’t delegate compared to other managers.I am afaid he will have to bite the dust if the gunners continue on a downward spiral. The omens aint good.

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  10. niko

    Wenger siad a few weeks ago ‘we are going to hit ground running’. As far as I can say it never happened. So fucking painfull. Thanx Arsenal!

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  11. Dobromir

    The performances in the last two games have been terrible, but let’s not forget that we did show signs of improvement in previous games. I feel that the fullback position is crucial to the team playing well and in Jenkinson and Santos we have an understudy who’ll never be top quiality and an attacking wide midfielder with no defensive know how. Perhaps i’m simplifying things but i think once gibbs and sagna are back in the team we’ll see a much improved team play. The attack is also a worry however and there we can only hope that Giroud and Podolski start finding the net. Because i don’t think we’ll see anyone joining in Jan, so these two need to start performing where it counts. On the scoresheet. Anyways i am very dissapointed in the team at the moment, but won’t exclude the possibility of better things to come from this squad. And just a quick mention of Gnabry. The Norwich and Schalke games were the first time i’ve seen him play and i’m impressed. That drag he executed in the edge of the box betweeen three defenders was the only exciting thing i saw from Arsenal all nite. Hopefully he can continue improving and make a name for himself at Arsenal in the near future.

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  12. Shanzuman

    I have said it all before, I have seen it all before, I have been commenting on this blog ever since it started and saying the same thing everytime. So I will say it again, ARSENE WENGER GO NOW BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE AND YOU LOOSE ALL THE RESPECT YOU HAVE GAINED OVER THE GOOD YEARS. At least if you go now it will give the club time to consolidate and recover in good time for next season’s challenges.

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  13. William

    Agree with Shanzuman that Wenger has to go. This guy is a control freak and won’t delegate.If press reports are true of the rift he has with Bould,it will end with latter sacked.
    If Clichy is to be believed that Arsene/Arsenal don’t practise defence drills,then I aint surprised the gunners defence is getting worse.
    Blame Wenger. If Arsenal continue to get stuck in mid table,he will have to go before the gunners go into terminal decline.Then the job of bringing the gunners to challenging for fourth will be a mammoth one.
    Once upon a time he could be courted by the big clubs ,not anymore. His age is against him.His track record and tactical style are his negative points.

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