Arsenal 1-0 QPR | Let’s face it, we ARE a one man team right now

Arsenal made hard work of beating a poor QPR side in a match which showed once again how lost we’d be without Robin van Persie.

Wenger made the surprising decision to start him considering we have a much tougher match at Fulham tomorrow. van Persie surely can’t start that one as well or that would be three games in six days for him, which is far too much of a gamble considering his injury record.

The obvious decision would’ve been to leave him out against QPR so he had six days rest to face Fulham, but by playing him Wenger is basically admitting he has absolutely no faith in Chamakh or Park.

If those two aren’t even good enough to lead the line at home to QPR then why the hell are they in the squad?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad van Persie played because he was the difference between the teams, turning in a Man of the Match performance and looking the only player on the pitch capable of sticking the ball in the net. If Chamakh or Park had played, we wouldn’t have won, so Wenger was right to gamble on the Dutchman. But it is very worrying to think we need van Persie to play every game to give us a chance of three points.

We started off poorly, as if the Wolves setback was still playing on our minds, and QPR made the first chance when Wright-Phillips forced Szczesny into a decent block. It wasn’t until the 20 minute mark that we started to move through the gears when van Persie headed narrowly wide from Vermaelen’s deep cross.

van Persie scores against QPR

The only person I trust in front of goal right now

Shortly afterwards he blazed a volley just over after Connolly misjudged the flight of the ball and then prodded a close-range shot too high after an excellent run from Djourou.

He wasn’t the only one whose finishing levels weren’t up to scratch though. The returning Walcott was even worse, tentatively screwing a volley miles wide before missing the chance of the game after 55 minutes. Ramsey sent him clear but Theo had too much time to think about the chance and showed the lack of composure that still blights his game as he jabbed a terrible finish well wide. The next time he knocks on Arsene’s door asking to play up front the gaffer won’t need any words — he can just show him the video of this horrible miss.

At this stage it was beginning to resemble a re-run of the Wolves game, but Wright-Phillips helped out his Dad’s favourite club when he inexplicably passed straight to Arshavin. The tiny Russian (who’d done diddly squat up until then) showed that he can still produce a moment of class no matter how badly he’s playing by laying an inch-perfect pass to van Persie, who didn’t even need to break his stride before slotting in the winner with his trusty left boot. Watch and learn Theo, watch and learn.

We continued to make and spurn chances for the rest of the game with sub Gervinho guilty of a couple of glaring misses, which meant we needed a late save from Szczesny to secure the three points we deserved. We really should be killing teams like this off and not hanging on at home against dross like QPR, but considering the other results this weekend I am just grateful for the victory.

With Man City, Man Utd and Chelsea losing to teams in the bottom half and Spurs leaving two points behind in Wales, it’s been a great weekend for us. Back in the top four at last, we have a real chance to kick on from here. But with Wenger seemingly unlikely to sign a striker permanently in January to ease the burden on Captain Fantastic, the fate of our season lies solely with van Persie.

And if that’s not the definition of a one-man team then I don’t know what is.

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  1. Alf bloggs

    What a lot of bollocks, your all hypothesis. VP can’t do it on his own? there are ten other players out there making him look good. Chamakh and Park don’t get enough games to prove themselves. Just be thankful we are hanging on while not playng brilliantly. The spuds haven’t had a bad period yet and just having watched Man shitty get beat we have as much chance as anybody else. Don’t be so negative.

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  2. vick

    Crap article. We play with one striker upfront. Who do you want to score the goals …scezney?
    Grow up and stop looking at things from a freaking elementary kids perspective.
    No wonder you don’t get any hits.

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  3. Easterngooner

    We have scored 35 goals so far. RVP accounted for 17. Who scored the other 18? And would RVP have scored without the assists? Over reliance on RVP perhaps but Arsenal are certainly not a one-man team.

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    • Gooner Steve

      You mention the other 18 as if it is magnificent that others have chipped in with 18 goals.

      To be reliant on one man for half your goals is not good. If you check the stats, most top scorers of each club account for about 25% of their teams goals, eg Aguero is Man City’s top scorer with 13 of their 53 goals, which is 25%. RVP is responsible for 50% of ours. That’s far too high.

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      • John

        Oh well, better get rid of van Persie then….

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        • MC Jeff


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      • Kurt

        According to what you said, those year in which Henry score 30 goals for us, Arsenal scored more than 100 goals!!! I had not seen it throughout 28 years as a Gooner, though.

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  4. Shanzuman

    Alf wake up and stop being a dreamer! It is fact that we have only one man that we can rely on to score and that is VP. It is fact that it is for this reason AW has decided to sign Henry for 9 games and bring experience to the side. It is fact that Walcott cannot be relied on to score as he seems not confident with his ability and wonder sometimes whether it is because his legs are faster than his football brain! Gervinho needs to compose himself and learn to coordinate his timing with his runs etc. So who have we got that we can rely on to score? Ramsey and Song – No. Arshavin, Chamack, Park – NO. So the writer is correct we have a one-man team!! If you think that this is also a lot of bollocks than ………. have a good day!

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  5. John

    Don’t see the point of blogs like this, could have been written by any gutter hack and/or spud; cliches galore, not a single intelligent insight and it makes me wonder if you’ve actually seen the game.. Don’t give up the day job.

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  6. A/S

    I wouldn’t say we’re a one man team, as we currently boast one of the more convincing defences in the league along with a star ‘keeper. Even our wing play has improved significantly to a level of fear inducing pace and penetration – the final delivery is still a soft spot, but I’m sure we’ll get there.
    I would, however, say that we’re about as much a one man attack force as there’s ever been with Robin the only *real* finisher in the squad with any measure of sharpness in his boots at the time. Gervinho we bought as a striker but his finishing has been preciously indecisive and predictable and for all his pleas for Wenger to move him into the spearhead position, Theo is still awfully hot and cold in front of the goal.
    Chamack won’t come good and to me Park’s presence in the team is an almighty enigma, so we seriously need attacking supplies for Robin. Campbell is looking good at Lorient, but he’ll need a lot of time to get used to things and none of the reserve team strikers look the task either. And I seriously doubt that Henry will make any difference on the pitch (he might be ever as useful off it) as I haven’t seen him deliver a streak of solid performances pretty much since the 2006 WC.
    What to do, what to do ..

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  7. Dan

    We’ve clawed our way back into the top 4 after the worst start in our recent history, even with numerous bad injuries, we’re through to the Champs league while mega bucks City and United aint, Henry is coming back and all our nearest rivals conspired to f**k up yet all this blog wants to do is bitch and moan?

    WTF is it with this newby blogs? They all try and outdo each other with this mindless, pointless negativity and moaning. Just like the awful talkspite every thing has to be contentious and doom laden.

    Grow up, get a grip and some f**king perspective man. This is a time to be erm, whats that word? Oh yeah…. HAPPY!

    You ought to ought to ought to be ashamed!

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  8. meaner

    Of course we are not a one man team.
    Of course we have a very potential and forever improving Walcott, who would score a goal if you give him 20 chances.
    Of course we can rely on Ramilson (dulicpate of Denilson) who can score or assist after.. sorry i cannot remember when he did that as I have poor memory, its my fault.
    Of course we are not a one man team because most of us don’t like hearing it.

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    • Gooner Steve

      Yes mate, the number of people with their heads in the sand is quite staggering.

      It seems you must be only positive about Arsenal if you are to avoid a slagging off in the comments nowadays. Not that it bothers me, it’s just sad how many blinkered cheerleaders are out there.

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  9. Dan

    Wow, you’re a tool meaner. Ramilson? You referring to Ramsey you pathetic plastic.

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  10. Dan

    Your complete lack of insight is staggering man. In one sentence you say we should be killing off dross like QPR then sat what a great weekend it’s been thanks to our rivals dropping points.

    Including United losing at home to a team lower than QPR.

    Head in the fucking sands is right.

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  11. Doppel .G.Anger

    I’m frankly shocked at the Abuse given for stating numerical
    fact,call it as it is,I’m Aresenal in my blood,but that doesn’t mean
    I’m blind,and blindly accept anything I’m told.
    Arsenal are too reliant on one Player for goals.FACT!!
    Gervinho Arsahavin Walcott,have not contributed
    enough GOALS !!,Gervinho was bought as A Striker,
    FACT…If One Player(Van Persie) gets injured,
    we have no other Goal Scorer of note !!.
    Walcott will never be a prolific goalscorer,not him ,not
    Bendtner,Chamahk,deadweight!! Get rid

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  12. gooner

    @doppel gervinho was not bought as a striker as he is NOT…yes you heard me.. NOT a striker. He is a RW…always has always will be. He has filled the the striker role once in a while at lille when the musa sow’s and the like were injured or unavailable.

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  13. BallaBalla

    2010 World Cup, RvP totally in form the weeks before playing with Arsenal, at the WC playing with Netherlands he was crap, because he got no support from the team. Sneijder always shot and the rest was incapable of creating chances for Robin. RvP is only as good as he is because of our midfield and wingers, and we FINALLY have decent CBs and GK, so no we definetely are not a one man team. We just don´t have an adequate replacement if RvP gets injured.

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  14. gooner

    Saying we are a one man team simply because we rely on him for goals is ludicrous and scandalous.
    Should gerv and Walcott continue more..definitely YES. But saying we are a one man team because of that is simply mad.
    Football is more than just the scorer you know. Take messi for instance..can’t score crap when playing for Argentina but does well when playing for barca. Because of the team around him. The team does hell of a lot to ensure the ball reaches RVP.

    and admin..just cause we don’t agree that we are a one man team doesn’t man we are deluded..we know we rely on rvp for goals as we rely on scezney and for clean sheets

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  15. Vanmoulds

    Have a look at your 5 most recent posts. Your the most miserable person going. I bet your wife bought you that season ticket so you’d leave the house and she could have some peace.
    Sad, inaccurate, shrivelled cock of a man.
    Go work in public services

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    • P Diddy

      Oh dear, has the mean blogger upset you and all the other childish losers in this thread who are crying because he said something mean about your favourite team?

      Would you rather he wrote that we were briliant against QPR and we’re gonna win the league and also beat Spurs 6-0 next month? Will that make him less miserable to you?

      You are the cock.

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  16. Easterngooner

    I have no problem with what you are saying. The point I’m making is that there has been an over reliance on RVP, and I agree that this is not a good thing, but that does not make Arsenal a one-man team.

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  17. Shanzuman

    Vanmoulds, Dan etc …………… what assholes you are!! Why do you need to be so abusive with your comments? If you were decent supporters and as passionate as we all are with the concerns of our beloved team, you would be more constructive with your opinions and the debate on this blog would make a more interesting read. Get a life you pathetic unwanted plastic fans!!!

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  18. @ThaTeaser

    I don’t think people understand what “one-man team” means, CR9 scored over 50 goals for madrid last season and yet no one called em a “one-man team”. A one man team is a team that has to depends on a player to fetch em points, it is usually characterized by a shaky defence and a very weak midfield. But it isn’t the same with arsenal, we are now a team that has av an ‘at least average’ defence, we now grind out 1-0 wins and concede only freakish goals, we have a midfield that don’t fail in their defensive duties, we have wingers that scare the hell out of full backs and create chances for the ‘focal point’ who is Robin Van Persie and he doesn’t disappoint in his duties. I’ll jus put it as, the arsenal team is a team where every or probably most players in the first eleven do their duties effectively and efficiently. I can’t blame chamakh, the formation doesn’t suit him, About Park, we shouldn’t crucify him yet coz we avnt really seen him play. Its a privilege to be an Arsenal fan, don’t misuse it with unnecessary criticism, no team is perfect.

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