Arsenal 3 vs 0 Stoke: Player Ratings, MOTM, FOTM.

Ospina: 7
He was begging for work to do and Stoke did not offer much. A second clean sheet kept; his first test will come at the Etihad.

Debuchy: 6
How unlucky is this man? Maybe there’s something about the way he lands that does him in. Hope its not a serious injury, looked like a shifted shoulder. We should stop playing Stoke, to be honest.

Koscielny: 7
As cosy as you can expect from Koscielny. He’s now scored 2 league goals for 5 consecutive seasons. Hope he beats that tally.

Mertesacker: 7
Really handled Crouch very well and showed the leader we want him to be with the warning on Alexis not to push the Referee.

Monreal: 7
Played as well as Gibbs would have done. Assured all round.

Coquelin: 7
Bring on City, we have Coquelin.

Rosciky: 7.5
I had to add the fraction this time, for a player who would certainly have been an Arsenal great by now were he fit always. (Maybe he’d have gone to Barca!)

Cazorla: 7
Not as terrific as the past games but is still the real deal. Would have capped the performance with a fine chip.

Oxlade-Chamberlain: 6.5
I just wish he scored more often; lad has lots in his locker and will explode soon.

Alexis: 9 (GMOTM)
Sorry but we wouldn’t do him enough justice if we try to say something. ‘G’ for Grand

Giroud: 6.5
Nice show off technique. Seems to still have issues with that irritable temperament… Worrying.


Bellerin: 6
Might get an extended run if Debuchy’s fall was serious. Boy must be dreaming, how many games he’s played already.

Ozil: 6
That flick… Welcome Oozil

Walcott: 6
Still rusty, needs a can of hydraulic.

Everyone turned up their game against Stoke, so its hard to say there was a flop of the match.

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