Arsenal Legend Tops Pundit Poll

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Over the past few decades, football punditry has become as big a part of football television coverage as the game itself. Both halves of the match are surrounded by a triple whammy of punditry – where experts and ex-players discuss the game in question, analyse the first half’s action and wrap everything up once the 90 minutes of action are over.

BWIN recently put together this infographic, ranking the country’s most popular pundits according to positive tweet rates. Chris Kamara, Rio Ferdinand, Jamie Carragher and Alan Shearer all made it into the top five, but surprisingly it wasn’t the terrifyingly blunt Roy Keane, or even the knowledgeable Gary Neville who took the top spot. It was Arsenal legend, Ian Wright.

Maybe surprising is an unfair way to put it – Wright is, after all, one of the most experienced pundits on the entire infographic – but I don’t think it’s a result any football fan would have expected. Wright’s transition from the pitch to the studio wasn’t particularly smooth to begin with. He seemed too brash and too excitable to be giving well thought out, fully formed opinions on the action going on in-front of him.

However, the 52 year old seems to have mellowed and he now approaches his punditry in a more considered and reserved manner. He’s still passionate and emotive at times – especially during England’s predictably dismal performances at major championships – but he’s able to control his emotions much more effectively, giving his brain time to think before giving his opinions.

Ian Wright has become one of the most sought after pundits on the market and his services are spread over a variety of different channels and mediums. The media clearly like him and so do the fans – as the polls suggest – and they can look forward to many more years of his colourful, insightful punditry.

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