Arsenal move Wolves game so now I can’t go — thanks very much

Arsenal have rearranged their Boxing Day match against Wolves for December 27th because of possible strike action on the tubes.

What a joke decision.

For starters, there’s no question that a tube and overground strike would be inconvenient for anybody travelling to the match by public transport. But do you know what’s even more inconvenient than that Arsenal? When somebody gives you 96 hours notice before rearranging a date at the busiest time of the year.

I, like many others I’m sure, already have plans for December 27th. I have a family function which was planned around Arsenal’s fixtures and to not attend now at such late notice is not an option.

Arsenal gave these reasons as to how they came to their brilliant decision:

“In addition to the proposed industrial action on London Underground on Boxing Day, there would also have been no services operating on overground train services into London on this day. Also, normal parking restrictions close to the stadium would have still applied. This would have caused severe disruption, or at worst, inability for supporters or Matchday employees and workers to get to Emirates Stadium.”

But Boxing Day is a public holiday, so the red line parking restrictions aren’t in force. Also, the roads will be empty as anybody who’s driven to a Boxing Day match before will tell you. Most people stay at home to sleep off some turkey leaving the roads clear. With the strike there will be a few more cars on the road and we might have to park a bit further away from the ground (meaning leaving half an hour earlier than usual) but surely this is less disruptive than moving the game? And don’t forget buses will be running.

The statement went on to say:

The Club has been liaising closely in order to make this decision, with all the relevant agencies, including the Metropolitan Police, Transport for London, London Underground, The Premier League, Wolverhampton Wanderers FC and Islington Council.

What about the fucking supporters? Ever thought of consulting us?

Interestingly, Chelsea also have a home game that day and have taken the sensible decision of allowing the match to go ahead as planned, realising that to move it completely would be even more inconvenient.

Especially as the strike isn’t even definite and may not go ahead anyway.

Chelsea’s statement recognised that supporters had this date in their diaries for ages and will have planned around it:

“We are conscious there were existing and publicised travel restrictions on this day and that many supporters will have made long-standing plans to attend the match over this holiday period. Supporters are advised to monitor transport websites and to allow plenty of time for their journeys.”

So now I have four tickets that will go to waste as my fellow season ticket holders and I will all be at the same family do on the 27th, crowded around a computer trying to watch the game on a stop-start stream. Will I get a refund from Arsenal for such a late postponement? Will I heck.

Thanks for nothing Arsenal. Merry fucking Christmas to you too.

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  1. Paul C.

    Although I sympathize with your dilemma, it isnt Arsenal you should be blaming. It is London Transport. You may not be able to go on the 27th, but if there is a train and tube strike, there would be many others unable to go on the 26th. It is a no-win situation for the club. People will complain either way. All the club can try and do is make a decision that will affect the LEAST number of people, but no matter what some will be screwed by this. Chelsea took one decision, Arsenal took another. Neither are right or wrong.

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  2. Potter

    I am unable to use my season ticket for this one now as will the two others that travel with me. It would be refreshing if the club actually announced the actual attendance for this one as opposed to tickets sold.

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  3. Chimaera

    I think you’re being a bit naive, you mention that the roads will be empty and you might have to park a bit further away…i’m pretty sure the local area doesn’t have parking capacity for up to 60,000 cars, plus the buses are running a Sunday service, it would be irresponsible for the club to allow that.

    In matters such as safety i can’t see how consulting the fans will matter when they’ve already been advised by the police and transit authorities.

    Stamford Bridge has a much smaller capacity so what is ok for Chelsea might not be for Arsenal.

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  4. Jeff S

    I am in exactly the same position – so that I could attend the Boxing Day match, a family event was organised for lunchtime on the 27th rather than Boxing Day itself. My seat (season ticket) will also now be empty, as will the seats elsewhere in the Stadium of two colleagues from work who are now also unable to attend the rearranged match.

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