Arsenal sign another cheap teenager *YAWN*

Exactly three years ago today we sat in 5th place, five points adrift of Aston Villa and that crucial Champions League spot. Cesc Fabregas was injured, the team was playing poorly and the first murmurs of anti-Wengerism were being heard.

So the gaffer went out and spent £15m on a little superstar named Andrei Arshavin. It was the high-profile signing supporters had been yearning for and the first finished article Wenger had signed for two years (William Gallas in case you were wondering).

Arshavin had a devastating effect, weighing in with six goals and seven assists in 12 league games as we comfortably finished 4th. His signing not only added proven quality to a young squad, it was also the morale lift the players needed to go on a brilliant run and claim the final Champions League place.

Fast forward three years and we have a similar scenario. As the transfer window shuts we are six points behind 4th placed Chelsea with a game in hand. We are short of creativity in midfield and have no adequate cover for the prolific van Persie, so has Wenger repeated the trick and spent some of the millions at his disposal today?

Yes, he did!

Excellent! Was it Podolski? Gotze? Hazard? Or even Saha?

Erm, no. He spent £400,000 on a 19 year old German called Thomas Eisfeld who hasn’t even played for Dortmund’s first team yet. He will be of zero use in the next few months as we fight for 4th position.

Once again Wenger is planning for a tomorrow that will never come.

This is the same tomorrow he bought the likes of Fabregas, Adebayor and Nasri for, but they realised Wenger’s tomorrow was a dream and so off they went. It’s not really Wenger’s fault that their heads were turned by more money and/or joining clubs which can actually win trophies, but it is his fault that he carries on pursuing the same pointless youth policy regardless. He is still ignoring the fact that you need to sign some proven players as well, probably because they cost money that Wenger and/or the board have but don’t want to spend.

Arsenal sign Thomas Eisfeld from Borussia Dortmund

The missing piece in the jigsaw? Hmmmm...

I wonder what van Persie makes of all this. I can imagine the conversation when Mourinho comes calling in the summer: “What’s that Mr Mourinho, come to Madrid and play with Ronaldo, Kaka and Benzema? But haven’t you heard, we have Eisfield here now.”

So Wenger has gambled our whole season on van Persie playing every game for the next four months. Let’s face it, if he gets injured we won’t even qualify for the Europa League. Chamakh is not good enough and if Park was, Wenger would’ve played him more by now. Henry won’t be here long, so the January transfer window was a lifeline for us to get some quality in.

Seeing Spurs nab Saha on loan makes me wonder if he wouldn’t have been a perfect addition. An experienced pro who knows where the goal is. Proven Premiership experience — three words Wenger shies away from like the plague. In fact the only time he’s done it was with Arteta, who’s been fantastic, so I just don’t understand why if he won’t take a big gamble and spend millions, he won’t even take a little gamble on someone like Saha.

Don’t get me wrong, I expect Eisfeld will turn out to be a good player as Wenger knows how to find a talented youngster, even if more of his recent signings have been flops than they used to be. But the point is Eisfeld won’t help us this season when we desperately need it. I think Wenger has missed a trick by ignoring the impact a good January signing can have and I worry that those first anti-Wenger murmurings three years ago will be deafening in May.

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  1. John

    Mourinho will not be at Real Madrid next season or have you not been listening closely. Plus the only club RVP will leave Arsenal for is Barcelona.

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    • Jesus was gay

      And you know this how?

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  2. Andy

    Remember when we signed Amaury Bischoff!
    So we are effectively a training ground for overpaid kids. The clubs only ambition is to maintain a ‘self sustaining’ model by investing in youth, finishing in the top 4, and compete in the cup competition (which we won’t win…even if we play the likes of Birmingham!)

    So tell me, did we have to move to the Emirates to only sign youth players. Where is all the money going? Whats going to happen when the club announces that they have to increase the ticket prices.
    When we don’t qualify for CL football and the club incurs losses, then surely the ‘self sustaining’ model has failed.
    Nobody is suggesting we compete with Chelsea, City, etc, but invest in the squad. Every season we have slowly lost our best players instead of strengthening the squad. The writing is on the wall for Arsenal FC and the fans know it.

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  3. LJB

    This kid was not regarded as one of Dortmunds best young players,and he has never appeared for Germany at any age group.Could we not find a young english player with a similar resume and give him a chance? They know their youngsters at Dortmund,and this one doesn’t appear particularly special,whats the point? oh well he can always be Jack Wilshere’s replacement when Arsenal decide to cash in on him,best to plan ahead eh?

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  4. CyrilG

    Podolski = injured
    Goetze= injured
    Hazard= will only leave this summer, price around 40 M. Euros
    Saha= always injured.

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    • AFC supporter

      So apart from those 4 there was nobody else better than Eisfeld? And what about decent cover for RVP? Podolski not the only striker in the world.

      It’s a typical Wenger signing, the author is right, too much buying for tomorrow and not enough buying for now.

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  5. stonroy

    John you speak with the certainty of a fu#kstick… Well done.

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    • Harold

      Ha ha, very true! John obviously believes every transfer rumour he reads on the net.

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  6. killer22222

    i want to trust wenger in what his doing…. but at least show some result……!!!! at least win a cup this season please…!!!! FA or the champions league…!!!! yes i hope that ryo and park will play a big role next season if RVP decide to leave arsenal…!!!!

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  7. bradguns

    I am having trouble understanding the logic

    send our current 19 year old out on loan only to buy another – i don’t understand

    we have no fit full backs at the moment – i don’t understand

    ramsey playing shit let him start every game – i don’t understnad

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  8. Leon

    The excitement never ends. I believe the only hope we have of getting shot of Wenger is by flunking out of the top four this season. no champions league equals no money for the board. Wenger is an arrogant, washed up fool. He is killing the club and the latest signing is just a kick in the teeth – what a completely rubbish signing.

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  9. sam

    Agreed – I can’t see RvP staying. He seems like the type of player to leave so he can try and wins things rather than leave for money. He will prob end up at either Barca or Real. Looks like Mourinho will win the league this year so he may get another year to try and win the champs league.
    As for not signing players….I’m not even shocked anymore. Wenger actually thinks returning players are like new signings (he prob gives diaby a tour of the training ground 3 times per season).
    I would love for wenger to be successful but seems like we are only small changes away from being a top team but he is holding us back.

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  10. munkeygoon

    saha,i think not how many does he score a season..a full back on loan should have been signed a left sided one..but wenger didnt bother…and you just knew we would sign another f**king kid…wenger has lost the plot he is now duplicating the last 4/5 seasons but now we even have a less talented and paper thin squad than ever..prediction out of the top 4 and out of the cups.Who could blame RVP for wanting away?does he want to play in a team of proven class players or a mixture of not good enough senior pros and promising kids?.i despair because the team is just mid table, no player can play more than two games without making basic errors,song thinks he is pele so does not defend or provide cover for a weak back four,the heart of the defence should be verm and the big kraut(we should have bought cahill 2 seasons ago)we still need a keeper and a striker to cover for RVP..wenger has lost it and a pain induced season of nothing will hopefully hasten his departure..bye bye wenger thanks for the past but iam looking too the future…………

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  11. Dagsofoz

    Yes I agree with Sam, those players returning from injury have been out so long, AW can’t remember their faces so he considers them as new players, image when or if Wilshere returns, (Hello I am Arsene Wenger, where did you come from).
    If we are not going in for transfers why do we need all those scouts?????

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  12. Danish Gooner

    I am certain this Eisfeld signing is another one down the toilet.

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  13. CyrilG

    ok, give me a cover for Van Persie that’s available and injury free , because PSG with their qatari billions haven’t found one?

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  14. Premier League Transfers

    I’d have liked to see us sign Ravel Morrison from United, especially as we always go for youth over experience! Saying that, Fergie was never likely to sell him to another Premier League club. Hopefully Henry will be fit again soon to inspire us a bit. As long as we have some decent players in mind for the summer transfer window I’ll happily wait ’til then rather than panic buying a player who won’t make the grade. Fingers crossed our scouts will finally deliver this summer and give RVP a reason to consider staying.

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  15. david

    I think we should buy good quality players ,instead of buying useless young players

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