Arsenal to Spend 10 Million Pounds for Besiktas Star

The story Arsenal goes through with Oguzhan Ozyakup is no new thing in football. Many other top-class clubs made similar ‘mistakes’ by not being able to recognize sheer talent when they saw it. In this case, the Turkish star that was Arsenal’s player until 2012 when he was sold for only 400,000 pounds and now the gunners are willing to pay up to 10 million to take him back. The most recent mishap of this sort was Real Madrid’s juggle with Morata, selling him to Juventus and then paying 4 times the amount to get him back.


Costly Comeback

The days of Mesut Ozil with Arsenal are closing to an end, so the managers have to think fast and find a solution for his replacement. Well, as the say goes, thinking fast is not always equal to thinking wise, the main option for Arsenal right now is Besiktas’s star Ozyakup. The funny thing about this possible transfer is that Arsenal themselves sold him to Besiktas five years ago for the sum of 400000 pounds since he did not really fit the team, according to the standards that were imposed. Now, with Ozil unable to agree with a new deal and one foot already out the door, Arsenal is willing to pay up to 25 times the amount they got for Ozyakup in order to get him back.

Things Might Get Nasty

The situation couldn’t be worse for Arsenal as along with Ozil they will also lose Alexis Sanchez and that means they need a new star and fast. This situation is the best possible outcome for Besiktas that can really twist Arsenal’s hand for even a bigger sum than the 10 million that is speculated the gunners are willing to pay to get their player back.

Even if they secure Oguzham, the problems are far from being over at Arsenal. As you can’t replace two valuable players by bringing in just one, Arsene Wenger needs to keep looking If he wants his team to remain in the battle for the Premier League.


Ozyakup Stats

Ever since Arsenal sold him to Besiktas without having at least one Premier League appearance, Ozyakup that is now 25-years-old grew a lot in the Turkish Championship and is now a key player at Besiktas. Not only that, but he played a decisive role in their smooth Champions League campaign this year, a thing that convinced Wenger that the 10 million they are willing to pay is totally worth it. Approached by journalists, the young Turkish player said that a return to Arsenal is not out of the question even though he might still have some bad feelings from the period when he was so easily discharged. Even so, everyone agrees that Arsenal could be the place where he can really show off his skills and make a step to even a larger club in the Premier League or other strong football championship.

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