Benefits Of Protein For Football Players

Professional athletes, like football players, go through a number of physical activities that test their endurance and strength of will. Overtime, these activities can take a toll on their muscles and general physical well-being.

This cannot be helped, however, and it’s actually necessary to make sure that the pro athletes are kept at the top of their game. Only physical exertion can guarantee that they keep their bodies at optimum condition. Football players, who stay in a match for 90 minutes at a time, need to be really fit.

Good thing that the protein powder for football players available at Supps R Us comes in different formulations so the athlete can choose which one best complements his workout routine and objectives.

There are many benefits that come with drinking protein shakes or at least raising the level of protein intake. First of all, protein is the building block of our muscles. As we exercise, our muscles go through wear and tear. In order to repair muscle groups and to replenish the  muscles lost, athletes must increase their protein intake. Furthermore, high quality protein helps build muscles when taken in proper amounts at proper times.

Another thing is that protein raises the level of growth hormone in the body. This is the hormone responsible for complex physiologic processes like growth and metabolism. The presence of the growth hormone increases the retention of calcium which strengthens the bones and increases muscle mass. In other words, protein can help make football players stronger and durable during matches.

Athletes also cannot afford to gain excessive weight. Luckily for them, protein can help by way of increasing their satiety levels. People who eat foods with higher protein levels are reported to feel fuller than people who ate foods with the same caloric level. Protein slows down the movement of food from the stomach to the intestine. Slower motility means that the person feels fuller for longer and will get hungry later.

Lastly, protein has the highest “thermic level” of any food. This means that foods containing high levels of protein can boost the level of your metabolism by as much as 30%. This is brought about by the fact that the body is required to utilize and process protein-rich foods harder than those that are high only in fat and carbohydrates.

Football players need to be agile, strong, and have a formidable reserve of stamina. With the right frame of mind, a persistent determination, and the right supplements to back them up, football players can rise to be the star athletes while being healthy and fit.

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