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Arsenal vs Middlesbrough: Player Ratings, MOTM, FOTM.

Arsenal cruised to the FA Cup quarter-finals in a rather easy fashion, seeing off Championship high fliers Boro in a 2-0 victory at the Emirates. A game in which many Arsenal fans expected more goals, considering the way the Gunners played

Arsenal vs Leicester City: Player Ratings, Surprise MOTM & FOTM.

Ospina: 6 He’s getting tested more and more and has not been found wanting as much, could do nothing about the equalizer. Every fall seems like an injury waiting to happen Bellerin: 5 Will need to resolve his positioning not to

Tottenham vs Arsenal: Player Ratings, Surprise MOTM & FOTM.

David Ospina – 6.5: Made some decent stops, but crucially his weak hand allowed Spurs to level. Was really a shame to have his cleansheet run ended. Overall, still a very good performance from the Arsenal number 2 goalie. Hector Bellerin –

Arsenal vs Aston Villa: Player Ratings, MOTM, FOTM.

A quality five star display from 11 players, this must be the best Arsenal team of the Emirates era. Ospina: 7 Three League games and Three Clean Sheets, That is as many as Szczesny and Damian Martinez have kept in the

Man City 0 vs 2 Arsenal: Player Ratings, MOTM, FOTM.

You’d have to go back to the Bernabeu nearly a decade ago to see the last time 11 Arsenal footballers played so well against a great team at their backyard, but even this City team was bigger, dare I say. Three

Arsenal 3 vs 0 Stoke: Player Ratings, MOTM, FOTM.

Ospina: 7 He was begging for work to do and Stoke did not offer much. A second clean sheet kept; his first test will come at the Etihad. Debuchy: 6 How unlucky is this man? Maybe there’s something about the way

Arsenal vs Hull City: Player Ratings, MOTM, FOTM.

It was not the feisty rematch we may have expected; we were not behind after 10 minutes. Ospina: 6 Not bothered much by Hull’s long distance shots Bellerin: 6 Still relies more on his speed than his true defensive ability to

West Ham 1 vs 2 Arsenal: Player Ratings, MOTM, FOTM.

Bang! 2014 ends on a high, but it did not look so when Song had stroked an absolute belter from 25 yards only to be ruled out by the linesman. Arsenal physio, Colin Lewin couldn’t even look up for Cazorla’s penalty

Arsenal vs QPR: Player Ratings, MOTM, FOTM.

Ever had to take your Christmas gift from a hollow, cracked bottle, from a hot water bucket? Newcastle’s goal reminded us of Anderlecht, Alexis’s penalty brought shivers of the Bayern Collapse. Twenty frustrating minutes will follow, but the bull will get

Liverpool vs Arsenal: Player Ratings, MOTM, FOTM.

Not much to praise in any department today, from defence to attack. A generally disappointing performance by the team in general, but moreso by a couple of players. Wojciech Szczesny: 7 (MOTM) Kept us in the game early after denying Markovic