Chinese Consortium Could Purchase Hull City For $159 Million

The Chinese are making considerable gains in the soccer arena. The Nation’s wealthiest individuals have been looking to expand their reach by investing in Western business opportunities; they haven’t had nearly as much luck, primarily because of all the suspicion surrounding China’s government and their intentions. Until last year, most online soccer betting odds had rejected the idea of the Chinese actually succeeding in the EPL.

The rules governing the purchase of a football club in the English premier league have always been tight, especially when the interested party is foreign; however, those rules have tightened rather drastically in recent years primarily as a reaction to China’s growing interest in the EPL.

As many fans as soccer has in China, the government recognizes that their soccer industry doesn’t have nearly as much luster as European leagues, which is why some of the nation’s clubs have endeavored to draw popular talent from European Soccer leagues.

Purchasing English Football clubs would give China a powerful presence in the soccer arena. For a while now, rumors have been flying around about a Chinese Consortium that has been vying for the opportunity to purchase Hull City for $159 million.

And it seems like those rumors were not so foolish; an agreement was finally struck between Hull City and the Chinese Consortium, though, nothing is going to happen until the English football authorities actually approve the purchase.

There were two Chinese companies fighting for Hull City; one is based in mainland China while the other is based in Hong Kong. Both companies have been named as potential buyers of the English Premier League Football Club Hull City.

The idea of a Chinese Consortium purchasing Hull City probably sounds a little ridiculous to some people. And analysts might have brushed the idea off if Chinese Group Trillion Trophy Asia hadn’t completed its takeover of the English Club Birmingham City on Monday. So clearly, the Chinese are not only pushing for these takeovers of English premier league football but they have begun to succeed.

The agreement with Hull City stipulates that the Football Association and the Premier League must consent to the purchase; there has been no legally binding contract between Hull City and the Chinese Consortium.

Rather, some very broad terms have been discussed and outlined. Last month, another Chinese consortium (led by a brother and sister) tried to take over Hull City but the partnership collapsed.

Trouble for Hull City begun when chairman Assem Allam attempted to change the club’s name to Hull Tigers; the FA and Hull fans as a whole rejected the move and the Club was eventually put on sale in 2014.

The companies that are vying to purchase Hull City are Greater China Professional Services and Camsing Global. Greater China is an investment holding company while Camsing global provides comprehensive promotion management services.

Both companies are seeking to expand and diversify their business and revenue streams. Chinese investors are working hard to snap up as many European coaches and players as possible. West Bromwich Albion, Aston Villa, and Wolves were all bought by Chinese companies in the last few months and years.

China just might be the future of the EPL.

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