Clear evidence that Koscielny is just not good enough for Arsenal

To single out just one defender for criticism amidst Arsenal’s disastrous start to the season might seem churlish, but I am staggered at how often Laurent Koscielny makes the same basic error and feel it needs highlighting.

Yes he does, considering he’s a defender that in the past I’d bet my money on Stan James and on Bet365 Australia for. Take a look at this series of incidents I’ve noticed.
Dortmund cut through Arsenal
The image above is taken from our Champions League game with Dortmund. The player on the ball is about to thread a pass between Mertesacker (M) and Koscielny (K) for Kagawa to run onto. Mertesacker is holding the defensive line, but Koscielny is a yard too deep, playing him onside. You can see him apply the brakes and try to step up but it’s too late, Kagawa bursts through and thankfully blazes over. Very poor defending.

A few days later we played Blackburn and Koscielny was guilty of the exact same simple mistake — not staying in line with his defensive partner and not being aware of who is around him.
Yakubu scores against Arsenal
This time it was Yakubu who was played onside and the Nigerian ran through to equalise, changing the course of a game we were dominating. I know Santos at left back is also playing Yakubu on, but that doesn’t excuse Koscielny’s error.

Then came the Sunderland game. Arsenal are coasting at 1-0 and Kieran Richardson is about to play a hopeful through ball. The back four are playing a tight line and have caught Sessegnon offside, but wait a minute… who’s lost concentration and been caught a yard too deep, desperately scrambling to where he should be so he doesn’t play the striker onside?
Koscielny's poor defending
That’s right, our friend Koscielny. This was the build up to the incident when Szczesny came haring out of goal and was dribbled past by Sessegnon but luckily for Koscielny his cut back was intercepted by Song.

A few minutes later, Jenkinson is caught dallying on the ball and Larsson spies an opportunity to put Sessegnon through again…
Koscielny plays Sessegnon onside
Notice that Mertesacker is in the correct position, playing Sessegnon offside, but Koscielny is ball watching, casually ambling in the centre of the pitch unaware of any danger until it’s too late. Not only is he too deep and playing the Sunderland striker onside, but he’s not close enough to Mertesacker to cover him.

There is nobody else for Koscielny to mark as Sunderland only played one up front, so there’s no need for him to be so far away. Unfortunately Koscielny didn’t realise this because he doesn’t have a football brain. So Sessegnon scurried clear, crossed for Cattermole to head goalwards and Szczesny made that incredible point-blank save. One of his teammates bails Koscielny out again.

How is poor Mertesacker supposed to settle into English football when he has this buffoon alongside him? In all four examples I’ve shown the German has been in the correct position. To the layman watching in real time it looks like Mertesacker is too slow when in reality he’s read the situations perfectly and has positioned himself correctly, only to be let down by his inadequate partner.

I accept that Koscielny had some good games last season, most notably against Barcelona at home when he was outstanding, but he had some stinkers too. His consistency is just not good enough and if he’s still making such basic errors after a year at the club something is very wrong. He’s not a young rookie like Jenkinson — he’s 26 and has played over 50 times for Arsenal now.

This not only raises serious questions about his concentration levels and awareness, but also of the manager who picks him. How can Wenger think this is acceptable? And if he doesn’t, why does he continue to play him?

The answer is that once Wenger has signed someone he considers promising, he will play him regardless of how many mistakes he makes in the hope the potential will eventually be fulfilled. It works sometimes. Look at Alex Song — he was justifiably criticised for some terrible performances early in his career but Wenger stuck by him, sent him out on loan and finally developed the Cameroonian into a top drawer midfielder.

The trouble is, a lot of Wenger’s young signings never fulfill their potential. For every Song there is a Denilson (153 Arsenal appearances), Eboue (132 appearances), Bendtner (98 appearances) and Phillipe Senderos (64 appearances) who all got too much playing time when most fans could see they were never going to reach the standard required of a top European club like Arsenal. This means mistakes are made like the ones I’ve highlighted above and points are lost.

In conclusion I fear Koscielny is just not up to it and worry that Wenger will stubbornly persist with him as he did with the likes of Denilson and Senderos. We should have signed Cahill in the summer as well as Mertesacker and can only hope Wenger now realises his mistake and goes back to Bolton with a proper offer in January.

I’m not holding my breath though. I think we can look forward to more errors from Koscielny when Mertesacker or Vermaelen are injured as Wenger desperately tries to prove himself right by stubbornly persisting with yet another player not good enough to wear the shirt.

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  1. MnM

    Ever thought Mertesacker is not in line with Koscielny.

    Also, the second photograph is an embarrassment. Clearly the Left Back is the reason he is sitting back.

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    • Gooner Steve

      Then they would both be playing him onside. How would that help?

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    • Jamie Landan

      Mertesacker is in line mate, Kos is the one keeping players onside. Except in the second pic where Kos and Santos are keeping Yak on.

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  2. athlon

    What an idiot this thing is. Clear evidences are the number because they don’t lie: Check it at the ‘defensive’ tab. How many clearances did he make? How many interception did he make?

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    • Gooner Steve

      Those statistics are all well and good, but they don’t show that he played Sessegnon onside twice in instances that could easily have cost us two goals, as I illustrated.

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  3. Joelio

    I think you are harsh on Koscielny here. If anything your pictures just go to show how the ENTIRE defense is undisciplined and unorganized. Mertesacker’s lack of pace is well known. Other teams clearly are targeting his lack of pace as a weakness and targeting it. We don’t protect Mertesacker whatsoever. We still play a high line, leaving huge gaps in behind our defense. In all of these pictures Mertesacker is too far forward. We need to play a deeper line, not scapegoat Koscielny.

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  4. serious

    u cant be serious u blame koscielny, what planet u on!!!! he make great interceptions, tackels he won 6 out of 7 headers in the sunderland game!!!! arsenal team pushes way to far up and are always caught out. so u have a couple of pics showin him play ppl on side one of them santos he even deeper then him but u totally ingore the great this he has done like arsenal vs barca where he had messi in his back pocket. there are many instances where u could say szczney could be at fault like the second spurs goal, him running out to collect a ball he never gonna win against sunderland, against swansea where he go to punch the ball completly misses and graham nearly scores, he let in 8 against man utd!!!!!!

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  5. F u

    Don’t be a bitch out there. It’s easy to pin point someones mistakes. At the moment he is our best defender so shut the fuck up and let him do his job you stupid son of a ding dong

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  6. Zipper

    Very silly.

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  7. dan1

    What a ridiculous piece by someone with delusions of punditry. Seriously, get a life mate! What are you 12 with this rubbish? Koscielny’s progress has been outstanding since his arrival. Your absurd ‘stats’ are so childish they are frankly embarrassing. Get yourself a girlfriend and leave the keyboard alone. There’s a big world out there, sonny. Get some air and maybe your spots and your virginity will go away. Bless.

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    • Nicokoli

      Mate if youre going to respond then be constructive and dont take the piss because with the language and comments you are making YOU look childish and immature.

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  8. silentstan

    pathetic biased ‘article’

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    • Jamie Landan

      Biased? I dont think so…

      Look, I dont agree with his conclusion that Kos may not be good enough for the Gunners. I think he’s done very well since his arrival. What is undoubted is his form of late, which is statistically soild, but lacks knowhow especially when defending counters.

      I agree with people who put this down to collective failure to protect the back-four or lack of defensive discipline.

      However, Mertesacker has actually impressed me in his reading of the game and general steady-eddy performances.

      His lack of pace is not an issue for me, technically he’s a very capable defender. Plus, he doesnt panic, which is ver unArsenal tbh.

      Koscielny is a very good cover but we need Vermaelen quick.

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  9. yiannis

    So much nonsense in so little space.

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  10. gooner

    Disagree with your analysis. Sounds as though you just don’t like the guy and are looking for reasons.
    As somebody else already pointed out, if anything it shows the lack of communication/organization between the entire defense and if I were to pick a single player most culpable for being out of position from your pictures it would be Mertesacker. Picture 1, my opinion, he’s too far forward knowing he has speed issues. Picture 2, take Santos out of the equation and Koscielny is in fact playing Samba offside. Picture 3, same as Picture 1..Mertesacker too far forward. Koscielny is actually doing the right thing by trying to play him offside, but Gibbs is actually the one that looks like he’s caught ballwatching. Picture 5, I believe was a defensive cock up from Jenkinson. You say Mertesacker was doing the correct thing by playing Sessegnon onside but he’s clearly in a position of scrambling back, NOT attempting to play somebody offside. And Koscielny is in a fine position to provide support for Mertesacker had he the speed to get back.

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  11. Max

    No!….somebody who believes that defenders play that straight – no way buddy, the defender nearer the ball always goes towards it and the other covers. Standard pendulum defending…

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  12. Cabbie

    Wow, a lot of people are being too harsh I think. The article makes some valid points, he did play those guys onside after all. I don’t think he’s good enough for Arsenal either.

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  13. johan

    absolute rubbish

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  14. Dco

    What a load of shit, he has been one of our brightest players since being thrown into English football

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  15. pedantic george

    Clear evidence that this blog is just not good enough for Arsenal.
    Absolute unadulterated drivel.

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  16. Jeff

    Hogwash really.enough ppl b4 me have explained just why.i’m sure u wouldnt need to look too hard 4 five still pics of vermalen playn smbody onside..aside frm the fact u totaly ignore all his other qualities re tackling,interceptions,clearances,passing etc..

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    • Gooner Steve

      Show me the Vermaelen pics then. You’ll be searching a long time.

      I wrote this article because it’s something I noticed over the last few weeks, how deep he was playing and how it was causing us problems.

      He may make some good tackles, interceptions etc, but how about the Carling Cup final and him giving away two penalties in the 4-4 at Newcastle?

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      • athlon

        How long will you still claim this fricking CC-mistake of him? Anyone can make mistakes, it was unfortuante that it happened on the most cruical match last season.
        You know who the referee was against the 4-4 N’Castle match? Chris Boyd is a sh*t ref those were not penatlies, I hope you’re aware of it.
        Vermaelen is a good defender, but he can make mistakes, too. Just to say one by heart: let’s watch the Barcelona-Arsenal 4-1 from the 2009/2010 season and our third conceded goal. It was Vermaelen’s fault to go up thus giving space for the attacker of Barca. But I don’t want to say that Thomas is a bad defender or he is not good enough to play for Arsenal…

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  17. Gooner Steve

    Guess I’m on my own on this one then, lol!

    Thanks to the commenters who used reason in their posts (Joelio and gooner) you make a couple of fair points, although I stand by what I said – Mertesacker is correctly positioned in all the pictures and Koscielny is not.

    I don’t think he’s good enough for Arsenal, but I guess time will tell.

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  18. MRM

    Here’s a suggestion:
    It is far better to remain silent and let people think you a fool,
    Than to write an “article” like this and confirm everyone’s suspicions.

    Honestly, if you don’t know that you don’t know, then there’s little hope.
    Maybe you can advance to a state of knowing that you don’t know, then at least you can look to listen to those that do.

    Agree or Disagree?   Thumb up 5 Thumb down 9

    • Gooner Steve

      Thanks for your pearls of wisdom. If you ever grow the balls to write a blog yourself and put your opinions on the line, do let me know and I’ll be sure to check them out.

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  19. MRM

    Kozzer gave away TWO pens vs toon in the 4-4?

    I’m open to correction, but apart from them both being poor refereeing decisions, I’m pretty sure one of them was given against Rosicky.

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  20. bt62 gooner

    If you think Kos isn’t good enough,what do you think of Theo?

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  21. MRM

    Here are some more “pearls of wisdom” for you:

    There are quite a few things it takes to write a blog. “Balls” is not one of them.

    How’s this for a pearler:
    “for every Song there’s a Denilson”

    Followed by:
    “Who all got too much playing time when most fans could see they were never going to reach the standard required of a top European side like Arsenal”.

    Here’s a little reminder, if these “fans” you speak so highly of had ever got their way, Song would not be anywhere near Arsenal right now.

    That’s the problem. Bloggers and “fans” like you are completely blind to how little information you have, let alone how misguided your “judgement” is, but you steam in, boots and all, slagging off our players, breaking down confidence within and outside the club with your misinformed bile, and then have the audacity to claim you require “balls” to put your opinion “out there”!

    Bloody hell, you REALLY lack self-awareness in truckloads.

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    • Gooner Steve

      All I did was voice my opinion that Koscielny is not good enough for Arsenal. Yet apparently I’ve broken the “confidence within and outside the club.” I think you’ll find whoever was responsible for the summer transfer strategy did that, not me.

      I like the way you put “fans” in speech marks, implying that anybody who dares to criticise Wenger or the team isn’t a proper fan. Tell me how it works then — are proper fans supposed to shut up and watch in silence, not questioning anything that happens at our club, or criticise any players, just because we are not privy to every board meeting or training session?

      I pay a grand a year to go and watch Arsenal, so I think I qualify as a “proper” fan and am entitled to my say. If I think Koscielny isn’t good enough for Arsenal, I’ll bloody well say so. If you disagree with me that’s fine — in fact that’s what the comments are for, to encourage debate.

      But don’t imply I’m not a proper “fan” with your facetious, pompous comments. It betrays a distinct lack of class on your part.

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  22. davi

    Yes, I think you’ll find that images like this where koscienly is playing with either vermaelen or djourou are harder to come by. His partnership with mertesacker needs time. They are very different types of defenders, and need to get used to playing together.

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  23. Mike

    I promise I’ll never read Ur blog again. Full of f*****g shit!

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    • Gooner Steve

      I’m devastated Mike.

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  24. Kit Man

    Ha ha, the over reaction in these comments is a joke. The guy said he doesn’t like koscielny and made a decent case for his view. Agree with him or don’t. From the reaction you would think he wanted to burn down emirates and kill van persie!! Some of you lot need to get a grip.

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  25. Calm Down

    Yeah some people needa relax eh, he makes some valid points and points out the weaknesses in Koscielny’s game. Personally I like Kos and think he’s a decent enough cover for Vermaelen and MErtesacker, but there is nothing offensive in this article whatsoever.

    Agree or Disagree?   Thumb up 9 Thumb down 2

  26. gundown

    showing someone’s weaknesses is gud…… u hav rite to do so as a fan…. but saying he’s not good enough for Arsenal is bullshit….. no player is perfect…… give me the statistics of the game koscielny had played in Arsenal shirt n show me the pictures of him playing in wrong position…… is this five pictures that u got??? a defender should be good at air, tackling and his position…… i think koscielny is good at air and tackling….. no dispute in dis…. mayb sometimes he’s wrong in his positioning… but hey if he’ll b good at everything then he’ll b a world class player :P……… at last final words to u……. plz respect the efforts players put into the game….. show their weakness for improvement but don’t say he’s not good enough to play….. ru trying to take down the confidence of players????

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  27. Doc Brody

    Unfortenetly, Koscienly is one of our better backs. That says more about the quality of our defense than it says about Kos.

    I’d ignore the comments about you knowledge of football. It’s pretty obvious that Kos has the habit of playing opponents onside. Anyone who disagrees with that isn’t very credible. Frankly it doesn’t take a deep knowledge of the game to see. It’s also pretty commonly accepted that Mer has a good positional sense. All you’ve really done is attempt to find some images that underscore the point. I can’t really imagine that anyone would argue otherwise, but video clips may have been made a more compelling case.

    So I agree with you, tho I’d put more stress on poor communication (and poor coaching).

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  28. Steve of Chiang Mai

    “All I did was voice my opinion that Koscielny is not good enough for Arsenal….”

    Well, except you referred to him as a “buffoon”. You seemed to take offence at name calling in the comments but it seems it’s OK in the article. The article has a basic flaw that many have picked up on. You have highlighted 3 or 4 mistakes and sought to define a player who has done 30 or 40 good things during the same period, by those few instances. It is little wonder you have been panned.

    You have suggested Wenger go back to Bolton (I am assuming it was for Cahill) Steve even the media has seen how poorly Cahill has performed this season and has stopped suggesting he is a serious Arsenal target. I would suggest you get some videos of Bolton this season and submit Gary to the same scrutiny you have applied to Loren – you might be surprised who the better centre back is.

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  29. Steve of Chiang Mai

    Of course that should have read Laurent……

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  30. MRM

    Where did I say Wenger was not up for criticism?

    And thanks for interpreting what my “fans” reference meant.

    Just like your “most fans” assumption (exactly how did you arrive at that, by some sort of universal poll?) arrogantly assumes that any sort of majority agrees with your viewpoint. They might, they might not, I don’t know, but sure as sh!t, neither do you.

    I think you’ll find that your article is littered with “Facetious pompous comments”. It seems that for you, what’s sauce for the goose just isn’t sauce for the gander.

    As for your claim that you pay money, therefore you are entitled to say what you want, there are a few things wrong with that statement.

    Firstly, luckily for many, the club doesn’t follow it’s “right of admission” rights to their full extent. There are many reasons for that, obviously, but it does rather negate your claim in that regard.

    Secondly, if we talk money, what about the damage done to a players confidence and even market value as a result of the bile you write?

    Do you honestly think your measly contribution comes even close to compensating or covering that?

    You could buy as many hamburgers, pies, beers et al as you want and your “contribution” would still be negated totally.

    I love how bristly you become when people treat you the same way you have treated Kozzer in your article.

    Typical, people like you love to dish it out, just not so much when you’re on the receiving end.

    And my point stands, your hero Song wouldn’t be anywhere near Arsenal if people like you had had their way.

    Looking at Denilson’s play and stats, what gives you the right to slag him and others off? Did he pick himself? What intelligent basis do you have for your dismissal of him and others like Kozzer in this article?

    How about packing away that rampant ego of yours and go in search of a smidgen of wisdom.

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  31. Koscielnyfan

    Some arsenal fans are fucking shameful…vidic gets sent off every day and he’s still the best!koscielny is a fucking beast!SO KEEP UR OPINION TO URSELF!and i suggest u try kicking a ball one day n play in defence,u’ll appreciate how difficult it z!

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    • athlon

      Laurent is the most underrated defender, get used to it, mate. If he were British, and played for another club, everyone would like to bring him to Arsenal -.-

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    • athlon

      What’s more, everybody would pay more than ?15m for him…

      Agree or Disagree?   Thumb up 4 Thumb down 5

  32. Gooner Steve

    Steve of Chang Mei — “You have highlighted 3 or 4 mistakes and sought to define a player who has done 30 or 40 good things during the same period, by those few instances. It is little wonder you have been panned.”

    This seems to be the crux of the widespread condemnation, perhaps I didn’t explain my reasoning properly. If you do 30 or 40 good things over a few weeks, but repeatedly make the same basic mistake 3 or 4 times that results in a goal or one on one situation, that’s not good enough in my book. You have undermined your previous good work. It’s like a keeper who is an awesome shot stopper, but can’t catch any crosses. What use is a few good saves if he has a fundamental flaw in his game? Koscielny’s lack of awareness is a fundamental flaw in my opinion.

    What’s more, I chose a relatively short period of time to illustrate how often he does this. These examples come from his last four appearances. I haven’t trawled through his entire career and this is all I could find. If I had the resources and time to examine every one of his 50+ appearances I reckon I’d find others, though it’s not certain of course.

    I was also trying to make the point that he obviously hasn’t learn from it and/or the coaching staff haven’t picked up on it. That’s alarming.

    gundown — “showing someone’s weaknesses is gud…… u hav rite to do so as a fan…. but saying he’s not good enough for Arsenal is bullshit”

    I have high expectations of our players — we’re a top European club. I simply think if someone’s making the same mistake repeatedly and obviously not learning from it, he lacks the awareness/concentration/positional play (whatever you put it down to) to play for Arsenal. If he was as good as people are making out in these comments Wenger wouldn’t have bought Mertesacker to play alongside Vermaelen.

    MRM — “How about packing away that rampant ego of yours and go in search of a smidgen of wisdom.”

    I don’t want to argue with you all day, chill out a bit.

    athlon —- “What’s more, everybody would pay more than £15m for him…”

    Are you being serious?! If he was made available for transfer today, do you think Man City, Man Utd, Chelsea, Liverpool or Spurs would be on the phone to Wenger? He is a decent Premiership defender, but in my opinion not good enough for Arsenal or the clubs I mentioned above. I sought to illustrate why I think this, with images that back up my viewpoint, but it seems I’m in the minority. Fair enough.

    Agree or Disagree?   Thumb up 7 Thumb down 2

  33. Doc Brody

    Gooner Steve,

    Don’t reply to the negative comments, and least of all to the personal insults. When you allow yourself to get dragged down into the mud, it really detracts from the quality of this blog and undermines your credibility (in my opinion).

    It can be hard to let the cutting comments go unanswered, but trust me, there is nothing more frustrating for these people than being ignored, particularly if you reply to legitimate questions or comments further down the thread. For the ranters, they will begin to feel they are shouting into the wind and eventually just go away – or better yet, alter their tone.

    Agree or Disagree?   Thumb up 10 Thumb down 1

    • Gooner Steve

      Thanks for your encouraging words Doc.

      You are right, it is extremely hard to let some of the negative comments go. I will try to take your advice or I’ll be on here all day! 😀

      I’ve stated and then defended my opinion — time to move on and look forward to the match tonight now.

      Agree or Disagree?   Thumb up 8 Thumb down 0

  34. maldivian

    i think that you have been very biased and harsh on passing judgement. frankly i think you have a bug up your arse about kos. did you watch last seasons champions league match against barca at the emirates? he tied down messi like a whimp and that is not an easy thing to do! i can point out many more of these outstanding performances. and besides he has grit and that has been missing from our defense after keown and adams… he is the kind of player to get up and tackle to win the ball even if his head was bust open. he deserves a lot more praise than you are willing to give!

    Agree or Disagree?   Thumb up 3 Thumb down 6

  35. maldivian again

    and as for your comparison of kos to mertesacker, the latter is more like a long bean sprout compared to kos. no offense to mertesacker, but he cant use his height or body nearly as much as he should. but unlike you i think if we give mertesacker time to gel and adjust to the english game he will do much much better! and if verminator and kos could partner up for a whole season without injury problems i think you will have your head up your arse after what you’ve written about him!

    Agree or Disagree?   Thumb up 3 Thumb down 6

  36. Shanzuman

    You see Maldivian, I think it is you who should have your head up your arse for writing such rubbish. Now how do you feel when somebody is being abusive towards you!! Not nice is it! Why can’t you be constructive and intelligent with your comments rather than being offensive and abusive. This applies to all the other morons above who have acted in a similar fashion with their comments on this blog.

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  37. Law

    Champions League game againsts Olympique Marseille. Clear evidence that Koscielny is good enough for Arsenal.

    Agree or Disagree?   Thumb up 8 Thumb down 5

  38. lp

    i just came back to read the comments after the vs. Marseille game..

    Agree or Disagree?   Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

  39. Nicokoli


    Agree with your analysis of Kos but give him a chance and he will prove himself as he has done yesterday against Stoke and last week against Marseille – There are a lot of players not good enough to play for Arsenal that we have in our squad but we have no option right now so lets get behind who we have (except for Squilachi!!)

    Agree or Disagree?   Thumb up 5 Thumb down 1

  40. julien

    Well, just go surf around some other popular Arsenal blogs or forums and see for yourself what “the majority of fans” think about Kos and Mert. Many of them are suggesting to drop Mert to the bench after his serie of unimpressive (though understandable – as he is adapting himself to the team and the league) displays, and most of them agree that Kos is our best defender right now, including Sagna and Vermaelen. Martin Keown, Nigel Winterburn and a lot of other notable football figures share this view. I would even go as far as saying he is one of the best defenders in the Premier League, definitely better than Cahill or Jagielka on current form.

    I agree with you that he has problem in offside trap, but that’s about his only weakness. His tackles, interception, distribution, heading, determination… are all great. Suggesting that he is not worthy for Arsenal just goes to show your bias against the player or your lack of judgment, or both.

    Agree or Disagree?   Thumb up 4 Thumb down 3