Is “derisory” Cahill bid Schwarzer saga all over again?

Bolton are furious that after months of speculation, Arsenal’s long-anticipated opening offer for Gary Cahill is so low that “derisory doesn’t even cover it” according to manager Owen Coyle. Wenger claimed the figure was not as low as the £6m that has been widely reported and even seemed to offer Bolton chairman Phil Gartside ‘outside':

“You can believe Gartside or you can believe me. It’s not right. It’s not the truth. If Gartside can say I am lying I am ready to confront him.”

Personally, I don’t care who is lying and that’s not the point anyway. The point is that the offer was low enough to anger the owners of a player we desperately need, which is not a good idea.

Now I understand that an opening offer is always low, the seller turns it down and eventually a compromise is reached somewhere between the two figures. That’s how negotiations work in all walks of life. But what you absolutely must not do is come in with such a low offer that you insult the seller. All that will achieve is getting their back up and increase the chance of them turning round and saying “How dare you. Do you know what? Screw you, we’re not selling.”

Gary Cahill

Wenger's antics could cost us any chance of signing Cahill

This is exactly what happened 12 months ago with Wenger’s tedious pursuit of Mark Schwarzer. We desperately needed him at the time, but because Wenger was trying to be clever and save a couple of million quid he refused to pay anywhere near the asking price and annoyed Fulham so much with his dithering that manager Mark Hughes got fed up and refused to allow Schwarzer to leave.

The upshot is that Wenger’s arrogant offers and penny-pinching haggling cost him his number one target last season and if he continues to annoy Bolton the same thing will happen again.

It seems he’s learned nothing from Schwarzer-gate and his negotiating skills evidently leave a lot to be desired. Bolton aren’t stupid, they know we’ve got £70m from player sales this summer and that Cahill is a young England international with a good re-sale value – why insult them? Sit around a table with them and do business properly, the way Liverpool and Manchester United do.

My big worry is that instead, he’ll take this all the way to deadline day, miss out at the last minute and end up empty-handed. And we simply cannot afford that if we’re to finish in the top four.

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  1. jensen

    Quite right. Wenger must offer what he is wort and buy him, time is running out.

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  2. JP

    I think the optimum word here is arrogant. Wenger’s arrogance has no bounds and is seriously undermining his legacy. It shows little disregard for the other party.

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  3. jack

    most of the arsenal blogs know better than arsene wenger.wenger is absolutely right when he says,”i have been flying a plane for 30 years and suddenly a person enters the cockpit and says i can do it better than you.”everybody on internet seems to be an expert.did any barcelona fan ridicule pep guardiola when they submitted a bid of 25m for fabregas.they did the business their way and got fabregas.arsenal fans are being so unreasonable to arsene wenger.everywhere we see the chants of wenger is a miser,loosen your pockets or wenger is fool,has lost the plot etc.thats the way we treat the most successful manager in our is not that all the fans are like that.but a large majority have themselveslost the plot.ideally when arsenal moved to emirates they should have told the fans that for next 10 years we should not expect arsenal to be a force they were in the past.but they were brave and competed fiercely for all these years.still in return all wenger got is hatred of fans.even when he is negotiating for a player he is ridiculed for not doing it right way.some pricks at bolton played a game to rise the prices and bring in more suitors and all the arsenal fans got carried away.even the negotiation skills of wenger are being taled about.COME ON show some respect people..!

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    • Gooner Steve

      Explain to me why we didn’t sign Schwarzer last year then? Why couldn’t he find £4m for a man he was chasing all summer? And what happened when he failed to sign him – we had to play Almunia who cost us the points that ultimately saw us finish outside the automatic Champions League places.

      Just because a manager used to have an excellent record doesn’t mean we can’t question him when he makes mistakes that he keeps on repeating.

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    • Gooner Steve

      So Jack, I’m writing this a couple of hours after losing 8-2 to Man Utd – do you still think we should ‘show some respect’ to the way Wenger is running the club?

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  4. aljarv

    Jensen and JP I am not sure what you are thinking, but think about this, football is a business. would you go in guins blazing for a defender who has 1 year left on his contract or would you be taking shrewedly. and sure “Sit around a table with them and do business properly, the way Liverpool and Manchester United do.” with no accountability. Cau you justify Hnderson for 20 million pounds. Give me a break.

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    • Gooner Steve

      You have missed my point. My point is why does he have to insult Bolton (and Fulham last year) with ‘derisory’ offers? It backfired last year and I’m worried it will happen again.

      My comment about Liverpool and Man Utd doing business properly doesn’t mean who they bought and how much they spent. It relates to them not annoying potential sellers, which is not a good way to do business.

      Have you ever heard a club selling to Man U or Liverpool say they felt ‘insulted’ by a ‘derisory offer’? No, because only Wenger makes those arrogant offers.

      Now who was it that bid just £10m for Jagielka a few weeks ago…

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  5. David

    I think we’re not going to get cahill
    Wenger offered him 6m when bolton are looking for 17m

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  6. bakrima

    Schwarzer and Cahil are for sure better for Arsenal than Fabregas and Clichy let us force greedy Wenger to spend the money and get those players .Time is running short
    and greedy Wenger cares about money more than he cares about Arsenal reputation and credeblity .

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  7. Matt

    It’s just how football is. Big clubs make derisory offers to smaller ones.

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  8. Biscuitbum

    The Schwarzer busines was annoying, and it`s said we missed out on Ashley Young for want of the extra £2m Villa were prepared to pay. Unfortunately, Arsene doesn`t inhabit the real world like you and me. He sees a player in the last year of his contract, notes that Bolton are £100m in debt, and thinks he can therefore get the player for next to nothing. The offer was not for £6m, Arsene is right on that; it was probably £6m + add-ons, marginally better but still a waste of his and their time. You can only say that he didn`t want Cahill enough to put in a serious offer. I expect he will go to Liverpool or City now. Rather sad since we already have a defensive injury crisis brewing. A dereliction of duty Arsene.

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  9. bye bye

    long time coming 8-2 i hope it gets worse,most Arsenal fans saw this coming years ago, started when he sold Gilberto Silva and bought Silvestre sounds even worse now ive wrote it, Wilshire to be sold soon to lol

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