Ex Arsenal Striker Confirms Alexis Sanchez Could Leave Arsenal This Summer

Call it panic, call it preparing for the worst, or –  as some who replied to the tweet put it – looking on the bright side of things, but whatever way you look at the situation at the moment, you cannot but agree with Ian Wright on Alexis future at Arsenal.

It appears to be already at the END.

That could be quite a ridiculous thing to say if you only looked at the numbers. Could he really be contemplating leaving just after 4 months at the Emirates? A player of such quality revels in scoring and being a regular on the field and 8 League goals in just 10 games are more than a sufficient reason to imagine that life in London must be doing the Chilean so much good. Remember the tweet with his dog in the sunshine? And with a few, albeit hardly significant, individual recognitions, you couldn’t really support any debate that Alexis was bothered about anything negative at the moment.

Unless you fail to notice the straight walk down the tunnel after the final whistle on Sunday, accompanied by a frustrated shake of the head and a few meditative thoughts of frustration. Wrighty doesn’t suggest that Sanchez would leave because he wasn’t scoring enough goals, but that the plenty he scores almost always counts for nothing. And that could be reason enough to see him take a good look at the exit door. Or at least, it could be the signal for some suitors to come through the entrance.

“It is not fair that we let his talent rot in that rust, why not we make him an offer?”

That could be the musings in some board rooms at Manchester, Munich, Turin, Monaco and Paris, and knowing full well the fact that the clubs in these cities are more than able to cease a good opportunity with the sufficient funds and potential to lure, the little boy from Tocopilla could be made to look elsewhere already.

Never before has Arsenal quite been a one-man team as we are now with Alexis. We rely on him to score the opening goal in most games as he done against Leciester, Hull, Sunderland, Burnely and Swansea, or at least provide the spark to a comeback or a victory (all other games). As much as players like to be seen as being at the core of events, there must be a wish on their part that someone could show up on their off days, as Neymar would do for Messi and Bale for Ronaldo. Perhaps Oxlade-Chamberlain has been head and shoulders above all others but seeing he is still only budding, Alexis has pretty much been left on his own to depressing and catastrophic consequences, from Anderlecht till Swansea.

The probability of this trend continuing is closer to one than point five, and it could be any one of the above five looking to rescue him from what is becoming a honeyless beehive.

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  1. Victor Thompson

    I have already shared this conclusion myself. Moreover, I think it will get worse. Arsenal are unlikely to qualify as a top 4 team this season. I say that based on the performances so far. There are certain changes Wenger could make to steady the defence, but he will not make them. There are changes he could make in the tactics he uses, but he will not make them.

    The other challenging teams for a top 4 place have more potential than Arsenal because most of them are on an upward curve. the morale at Arsenal is low. It must be bad in the dressing room because stories are being leaked that certain players are blaming their team mates for their mistakes.

    If we do not qualify for the Championship next year, no top player will want to come to Arsenal. Several of our current best players will be wanting to go, and our status as a top club will be irreparably damaged. Other elite clubs already see Arsenal as a soft touch, so we cannot actually claim to be an elite club. We are a huge club in the PL. We have the best stadium, a world class capacity and fans who are prepared to pay the highest ticket prices in the world. They will not do that if we descend to being a mid-table club.

    Given the above assets, which I will admit, are there thanks to AW, if our manager cannot preserve our place and status which a club like Arsenal should have, then we have to get one who can. Time is shorter that you think before it is too late.

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  2. Babiito Michael

    The problem with arsenal we always panic. all other teams are not playing well apart from chelsea but for us we are already pressing the panic button.

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  3. harry nwana

    what do your mean panic. AW has made the club the cheapest to beat in EPL with same lame tactics, style of play, No winning mentality, No leader, No drive, really what do you wants us to say about this club, If the club plays well like they did against L. city and lose we will have cause to say it will be better. Arsenal is not just any club. We are very BIG in all ramification and manager, players must preserve this at all times.

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