Five Worst Injuries Suffered by Arsenal Players

As Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool prepare for a season without Virgil van Dijk, how do the worst Arsenal injuries compare to that suffered by the defender?.

There is an injury crisis basically every season, and at least two players goes from three weeks out to three months or longer. Even though the situation has improved in recent seasons, it’s one that Arsenal still can’t manage to shake off.

Given the huge media coverage of Virgil van Dijk’s injury, it’s worth reflecting on some of the worst injuries Arsenal stars have suffered, and remembering that as hard as it can be, there’s always a way back into top level football.

Worst Arsenal injuries

Santi Cazorla

Arsenal’s injury list can certainly be a bit of a lottery and if you like the thrill of a random chance, try

November 2017 was the day Arsenal fans discovered the true extent of Santi’s injury. “He [the doctor] saw that I had a tremendous infection, that I had damaged part of the calcaneus bone and it had eaten the Achilles tendon,” Cazorla told Marca. “There was eight centimetres of it missing.”

An seemingly not-so serious knock he picked up against Ludogorets in October 2016 was initially meant to keep the Spaniard out for three weeks. Surgery ended up being required as it turned out to be an Achilles injury. Still, he was expected to return during that season. He didn’t.

Going forward, weeks turned into months, and news of his struggles gradually became clearer to everyone. Gangrene, nine surgeries, skin grafts, and the very real threat that he might never play again, Cazorla truly had an exceptionally difficult couple of years.

It’s really not fair that such a happy and wonderful player has to suffer in this way.

Abou Diaby

Honestly, almost any Arsenal supporter could write a whole book on Diaby’s injuries alone.

The skillful star midfielder suffered a long and difficult career at the Emirates Stadium due to an astonishing number of recurring injuries he had to endure, and they can all be traced back to one afternoon in the Premier League against a notoriously dangerous Sunderland in 2006.

A certain Sunderland defender named Dan Smith made what the media described as a “horrendous” tackle that left Diaby, then only 19, with a severe ankle fracture.

The young and highly rated midfielder underwent three operations and was warned he might never play football again before making his comeback in 2007.

From that point, it was a story of series of setbacks and recoveries and fans could bet on his career not being the same anymore just as you can French fans can use jeux de casino en ligne. Still, Diaby kept getting injured and hit with outrageous tackles that largely went unpunished, but he kept trying to come back with the full support of former boss Arsene Wenger.

He refused to let his footballing career be ended by a tale of injuries, and with the help of Wenger, held on to his Arsenal career until 2015, when he was released by the club.

Diaby eventually gave up and announced his retirement at the start of 2019, but the midfielder had been without a club since the summer of 2017 when he was also released by Marseille. By then, he had made just six appearances for them in two years, amassing just 335 minutes of football after leaving Arsenal.


Generally as a football lover, there are just a few things more horrifying than watching a footballer’s ankle hang off at an very odd angle, held on by only his sock.

The entire football world felt the same way when they saw Eduardo’s leg broken by a certain Martin Taylor of Birmingham City in 2008 Premier League season. You knew immediately it was very, very bad when the commentators on the day said no replays of the incident would be shown because the injury was too gruesome.

The striker was in red-hot form and firing Arsenal to their first title challenge in as many years, but his season, and Arsenal’s in general, was brought to an abruptly disappointing end.

Eduardo was out for a whole year with a broken left fibula and an open dislocation of his left ankle.

The forward fought his way back to fitness, and returned to action in February 2009 against Cardiff. His Gunners career continued, though briefly, but he was never able to reach the heights he was so clearly destined for before the horrifying injury.

Aaron Ramsey

A certain highly rated midfielder Aaron Ramsey was in red-hot form in the country until a horror collision with the notoriously known Stoke’s Ryan Shawcross took a year and a half off his career and changed everything going forward.

Scan showed that the midfielder had suffered a double fracture in his right leg, an injury equally too graphic for TV to replay.

Ramsey eventually made a comeback towards the end of the 2010/11 campaign, but took about a year to get back to the level he was playing at before the injury.

He went on to become a regular in the Arsenal team and scored in two FA Cup finals, but he was never able to maintain the levels of fitness required.

The major difference between Aaron Ramsey’s breaking of leg and those suffered by Eduardo and Abou Diaby, which had a huge negative impact on their careers, was that Aaron’s, thankfully, didn’t involve any joint damage. However, it was still enough to have a lasting impact on his career going forward.

Tomas Rosicky

At the beginning of 2008, highly-flying Arsenal attacking star midfielder Rosicky picked up what he would later describe as a “rare” tendon injury.

The sensational midfield star thought his career was all over as the same injury kept him sidelined for the rest of that campaign and also the next season being 2008/2009.

Tomas did make a return for the start of the 2009 season, but yet again struggled with several minor injuries and setbacks.

Unfortunately, while Rosicky did go on to become a valuable player for Arsenal in his 10-year-stint at the club, the end of his Gunners career was hit by more series of serious injuries.


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