Free Betting Just Got Good.

Have you tried any of the free betting sites online?

If your answer is No, you are lucky!

For the most part they are terrible and a complete waste of your time. If you have found a decent one, chances are it was just “ok”.

Well all that has changed. What if there was a free betting site based on a real sportsbook? What if it offered all the Premier League action you love? What if it was 100% free to play and you could win weekly cash prizes? That would be something you would be interested in, right?

Enter FanBet, the webs premier free betting site, now available on your mobile. FanBet uses the same live odds found at major Bookmakers like Bet365, and has built a betting environment every bit as good as any top level Bookmaker. Sounds great, right?

Here’s how it works.

Sign up for free. You will get 5,000 credits to bet with. Place bets on Premier League games and if you finish in the Top 10, you win cash paid directly into your Paypal account. That’s surely the best free betting deal online!

To get started with free betting at FanBet visit the site and signup for free. In addition to free betting you will be able to see live scores, fixtures, tips, odds, bookie bonuses, news and more right on your mobile phone.

FanBet is the leader in zero risk betting entertainment and already has 2,500 members. Sign up below to get started.

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