Good News: Arsenal Gets Massive Squad Boost As Arsene Wenger Welcome The Return Of Midfield Star From Loan.

Preparations for our vital Premier League clash with Newcastle on Saturday has received a very considerable boost with versatile midfielder, Francis Coquelin, immediately recalled today from his loan spell at Charlton Athletic according to Arsenal’s official website.

The 23-year old Frenchman has spent the past six weeks at the Valley, having departed in October on an initial one-month loan, but had been extended to give him a run till January. That won’t be the case now as the vicious cycle of injuries have left us so bare. Wenger was shown on TV unfolding a sheet of a paper on the training ground today, followed with a worrying hand on his temple, and it is hard to imagine he saw enough on that list to face Newcastle, hence prompting Coquelin’s return.

The immediate thought is that Coquelin has been called to replace Ramsey, who could be forced out with that hamstring injury till the New Year, but a look through the options in defence could prove otherwise. Wenger will be without the suspended Calum Chambers, while Nacho Monreal and Laurent Koscielny are unavailable due to injuries. It means Wenger would have no ready partner for Per Mertesacker at the heart of the defence, leaving all sorts of problems and possibilities open.

It credible to think that Debuchy could be made to pair up with the vice captain – if you read much into that picture of both players in the training photos on the club website – , while Bellerin and Coquelin are made to take each of the full back spots.

Coquelin’s solitary appearance for the first team before departing on his loan spell had been as a left-back in the defeat to Southampton, where Bellerin had played as a right back. Another possibility could be that Debuchy keeps the right back position – which must be the best for him – while Isaac Hayden (who also played in that League Cup game) would be a second successive 19-year old partner for Mertesacker in defence, handing Coquelin the left back position.

Throw all that away, and it could yet be to fulfill his designation as a defensive midfielder that Wenger has recalled him, as some sort of a double pivot with Mattiue Flamini, or as a replacement if he is deemed not completely ready, given he had been strained on the calf in the first half at Istanbul. Coquelin, though, has not had many opportunities to play in his preferred midfield role, and has been used more as a defender.

It all boils down to the fact that Wenger must delve heavily into the market in three weeks time. It won’t be enough to rely on taking up that option of recalling on-loan players, considering the interruption it creates in their consistency where they play, as well as the consequent instability it stirs in the loaning club.

For now, though, this is nothing but good news as it appears we will have a team good enough for Pardew’s team afterall.

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  1. Delford Magaya

    There is one thing Arsene Wenger should put into consideration, supporters do not want to lose games, year in year out, to a team like Arsenal losing games the at that level, which has not happed, for so many years, he should know that even if he is a board member, the most important thing is not to please the management and the board by making a lot of profit while those who pump out the most expensive tickets are always not happy. The patience for the supporters is now at the level where Arsene Wenger will have no excuse to convince the supporters anymore, because there is an excuse from Wenger every year and he should also take that into consideration, he is not doing well for the supporters, that is the main reason why supporters are so angry with Wenger. Here we see a man not worried about winning the games, but the abuse will continue if Wenger does not change his attitude of under mining the supporters of Arsenal, the club is not for the board and management only, I support Arsene Wenger very well but he should learn from what is happening in football, if Arsenal continue to lose games, even supporters will begin to be reduced at the stadium, if Arsenal were in top form for the past seasons, they could have attracted more supporters, but with the way the team is playing, they will not attract funs to come and watch football, that is the other reason why supporters are so angry with Arsene Wenger, he should know that without supporters, the club will not function well. Wenger should open his mind and start buying the required numbers of quality players in case of injuries, Arsenal is not about Wenger, and the management only, it is about balancing both sides, not one sided. Wenger at times is irritating supports who have been supporting him for so many years and every supporters use to have confidence in Arsene Wenger, that is the reason why supporters use to say “IN WENGER WE TRUST” he was doing the right things, even beating big team he was doing that, and now he is more on the business side only, he is only concentrating on the finance side, that is not football, if he want to continue being an Arsenal manager, he should have an open mind not only to the players, to the supporters of Arsenal because as well, that is the most important thing in football. He should not practice economics in football, it is not bad but he should know supporters do not want to lose games at the level Arsenal is losing. I am one of the supporters who have been supporting Arsenal for 40 years and to see Arsenal losing at that level do not please me as well, Wenger should change his mind, because this is football, were you attract revenue through supporters not only in England but all over the world. If Wenger continue to ignore supporters, one days he will walk out without finishing his contract and supporters are not worried about him anymore, now they want him to change, that is the main point of the supporters, he should convince the funs. We can talk about what he has archived but that is now history. Alex has been with Man United for so many years but he never went for two years without winning something special, that is good history, and we expect Wenger to do the same because he has been with Arsenal for many years and he is still battling to win games especial with big team, I am not sure why he do not feel shy. Wenger should apologize to the supporters about what is happening, if it is the problem of injuries he should explain, to make sure the supporters will be on his side, he did not buy the required players before the season starts but everyone has been talking about buying one strong defensive midfielder and one strong CB defender, but Wenger chose to keep money, thinking everything will go well.

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