How a New Generation of Apps are combining Social Media and Gambling

Gambling has come a long way over the years. Gone are the days when punters had to make their way to physical casinos to place bets and enjoy the benefits of well-placed bets. These days, anyone with a knack for placing bets, access to the internet and a PC can join the world of online betting and gambling.

However, users no longer have to have a laptop or desktop to access online betting games according to the popular 888sport bookmaker Instead, they can indulge in the latest brand of ingenuity on the gambling market: mobile apps with all the benefits and none of the downside offered by betting websites.

Mobile Apps to replace Websites?

Mobile applications are so prevalent at the moment that apps for betting might not seem like a big deal. However, the fact that these sites combine the social media aspect and gambling when engaging users makes the apps distinctive from their web-based predecessors.

For this feature, let’s take the example of the Ladbrokes mobile app. Ladbrokes has always been a big name in the gaming industry. Known for sponsoring sports races, the company has made great strides in bringing their brand of leisure to the open market.

In the past, users of the Ladbrokes site had to log onto the website to place their bets and indulge in online casino games. The main drawback to the site was that you had to be near a PC to operate it – not convenient when users want to access their games in transit. However, the mobile app is the developer’s dream site, solving that problem for the average punter and piling on a few extras.

Mobile Apps and Online Casino Gambling

The Ladbrokes mobile app is listed on the Google, Apple and Windows stores. Users can access it from there. However, while the attraction of the app might lie in its gambling capabilities for a user, one can’t help but admire its functionality and sophistication as a developer.

Ladbrokes really outdid themselves with this app. For one thing, they were able to combine an online and mobile casino with a sports betting site onto one mobile platform. The app allows users to place their stakes all the while exposing them to online casino games such as Bingo and Live Casino. The graphics on the games are top-notch, showing just how much thought the company put into staying relevant in the competitive digital gaming niche.

The games are placed side by side on the screen, which is a clever way of drawing users in the minute they log onto the app.

But what’s more, the app allows users a secure login, meaning that they can input their password across multiple devices. It’s an admirable move on the part of Ladbrokes – when users are switching from the PC version of their bets and games to the mobile app, they don’t have to go through the entire process again. It makes it easier and more convenient to use the mobile app.

With social media to avail and control reward systems and online casinos to promote gambling, apps like Ladbrokes’ may become the future of internet gambling.

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