Hypocrite Wenger makes his annual excuse for not spending

Here we go again. I’m now more convinced than ever that no big signings will be made despite all the promises from Wenger, Gazidis and Hill-Wood that we’d be prominent players in the transfer market. Our main involvement in this summer’s market will be selling Fabregas, Nasri and Clichy.

Here is Wenger’s latest excuse reason for not spending the millions Arsenal have at their disposal:

“When you see all the fees around you become dizzy. We do what we want and we look first at the quality of the player and after if we have the money we spend it.”

The key phrase there is “we do what we want,” effectively saying he refuses to pay the going rate for a quality player because he thinks transfer fees are too high nowadays. I have just run his quote through my Wenger Bullshit-o-meter and the English translation is: “The transfer market is inflated so I prefer to live in the 1990s and refuse to pay the current market value for any top quality players, even if we desperately need them to stay in the top four.”

So forget Cahill, Jagielka or Samba. They are all valued at £15m – £20m in today’s market but Wenger has decided they should be worth £10m – £12m (as highlighted by his laughable bid for Jagielka last week) so that’s all he will pay. Which means he won’t sign them and we’ll end up with a nobody centre back from the Norwegian third division for £5m.

The irony is he’s happy to charge Barcelona market value for Fabregas, demanding £40m, but he won’t fork out the going rate to other clubs for new signings. What a hypocrite!

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger

"£17m for Cahill? No, I won't pay it, you can't make me"

Wenger doesn’t understand that you have to join in or get left behind. Look at Liverpool’s dealings in January. If you found out they’d bought Andy Carroll for £35m you’d be rightly incredulous – £35m for a raw hothead with half a good season behind him? King Kenny has gone mad! Yet when you put it into the context of their overall transfer strategy of selling Torres for £50m and buying Suarez for £25m, the picture is different. In effect Liverpool spent £10m plus Torres for Carroll and Suarez. I think that’s excellent business, getting rid of an unhappy, off form striker and bringing in two hungry forwards who have proved in just six months they will get plenty of goals next season.

Yet if Wenger was in charge of Liverpool, he’d have taken the £50m for Torres, complained that Carroll and Suarez were too expensive and entrusted David Ngog to replace Torres, saying how much he believed in Ngog and what a great player he is.

On the flip side if Dalglish was in charge of Arsenal this summer I reckon he’d take £35m for Fabregas and buy Cahill for £17m and Parker for £10m. A net profit of £8m with the addition of two quality players in problem positions for us that Wenger has overlooked for years. Wenger wouldn’t do that though because he doesn’t pay big for anyone over 30 and probably rates Cahill at around £10m.

I fear Wenger’s short-sightedness and stubborn refusal to join the real world and get involved at the top end of the transfer market will cost us dear next season, because our rivals play the game and spend big to strengthen their squads while Wenger moans and dithers on the sidelines.

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  1. Tim

    And if you consider the fact that this has been going on for more than 5 years, I simply cannot understand what are these people after? They have amassed a lot of profit in the past years. Selling high and buying almost nothing but for how long do they want to carry on doing this? Maybe Arsenal fans should start complaining in a way that brings an impact?

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  2. Rocky

    I agree with this article, you make some good points. We need to spend or we’ll get left behind.

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  3. rvpgunners

    The club has decided to develop players through youth system because they cannot compete with the likes of Chelsea and Man City.

    The answer is with Kroenke and Ivan on the annual transfer fee available. This may not be Wenger fault in not buying expensive well known players. Go to the ground and hold a protest for Ivan’s resignation and stop being an arm chair critic and start publishing negative things.

    If you are a Liverpool fan then write about Dalglish.

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    • Gooner Steve

      Our youth system is good but it doesn’t need to be relied on exclusively. We should use the youth system AND buy one or two experienced players every year. We have the money to do it as Gazidis, Hill-Wood and even Wenger himself have said.

      Nobody is saying compete with Chelsea and Man City to buy Torres or Aguero. But if we put £17m on the table for Cahill and £10m for Parker we’d have our men.

      Wenger won’t buy because he’s a stubborn hypocrite, not because of Chelsea, Man City or Gazidis.

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  4. guuner Lou

    Hi gooner steve I agree with you. But are you prepared to anything about it.
    I have some exciting ideas on how we can put pressure on our beloved club. The
    problem with gooners is we underestimate the power of organised fans. We complain
    a lot put take little action. If a group of serious fans got together with a good
    plan you would be amazed what can be achieved. I invite you and any other concerned True Gooners to contact me at llu3z3@yahoo.co.uk Leave a phone cantact
    and I will call you. All we need is DETEMINATION and I brilliant plan and I have
    both. Hope to hear from as many Gooners as possible !!!

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  5. diamond dave

    i am getting sick and tired of the B**lls**t of wenger and the board, it has prove they are not committed to strengthening the team but more intent on selling our best players, if anybody went to asia or cologne let me tell you the defense was worse than ever, yet this idiot wenger has not got a clue about defending, i have said for many months we will be fighting relegation, and i have bet on this, because last year without fabregas and nasri we could not win a game, but arsenal football club have shown what succeess means to them as long as they stay up they are happy, i would really would like to give my total honest opinion of the board and wenger but i must keep my tongue in cheek, but it is obvious they are ripping off arsenal fans inflated ticket prices to watch a mediocore team with no chance of finishing top four or a trophy, but did not wenger himslef say in may it is becoming increasingly more difficult to stay in top 4 i wonder why

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  6. Dave Highbury

    Shut it. Is the spending season over yet? Have the Arsenal finished all their transfers yet? Don’t you like the two signings he’s made already? I do! They’re great. (plus the Barca youngsters and Ryu) Don’t you think he’s off loaded the right players?
    Don’t you support this team? you wind-up merchant! Do you want us to win or not? eat your moany words when the window closes you impatient spoilt brat.
    Big up the Arsenal. Big up the away crowd

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    • Gooner Steve

      Just because I’m disillusioned that Wenger no longer signs experienced players and is pursuing a transfer strategy that will see us slip out of the top four does not mean I don’t want us to win.

      Just because I support this team (which I was doing for a long time at Highbury while you were crapping in your nappies) doesn’t mean I have to accept everything that goes on. Questioning Wenger does not mean I’m an impatient spoilt brat, but having blind faith in a flawed genius losing grip on reality does make you a mug.

      So you shut it you moron.

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  7. Donnyfan1

    Put a sock in it!

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    • Gooner Steve

      Donnyfan1 this isn’t the first time you’ve slagged me off – why do you bother reading my blog, it only seems to upset you!

      Be sure to come back here with the eloquent Dave Highbury on September 1st to gloat about all the signings we’ve made. I really hope you’re right and we’ve signed the players we need whilst hanging on to Cesc and Nasri – I’ll gladly eat some humble pie.

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  8. mystic

    Guessing you want Wenger out, so keep up your rantng.

    Mind you if you had any commonsense you would remember that, a) there are 5-6 weeks before the transfer window closes, b) the season doesn’t start for another 3 weeks and buying in any proven Premiership players will not require the same bedding down as imports, c) 6 years without a trophy, when the club is about to celebrate 125yrs, is extremely short-term.

    I’ve been a supporter over 40yrs, guess I can wait a bit longer for the next piece of silverware (though I’ll be quite honest and say I wish it would happen bl**dy quickly).

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    • Gooner Steve

      Wrong, I want him to stay and amend his transfer policy by signing two or three experienced players so that a) we can win the odd trophy, and b) he can hang on to stars like Nasri and Cesc.

      Is that so much to ask?

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  9. David

    Arsenal are good!

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  10. David

    I think gervinho is going to be a class player

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