I know his leg’s hanging off, but it was my first offence ref!

John Terry getting booked

"You can't book me ref, that's the first time I've elbowed him in the face all day!"

I need to get this off my chest because it’s the most annoying fallacy in football. Tonight Torres made a foul on a breaking Copenhagen player, bringing him down clumsily on halfway and receiving a yellow card. The idiot commentator Alan Parry said: “That’s a bit harsh, it’s his first offence.”

So what?

Where in the rules does it say a cynical foul shall be deemed bookable unless it’s the player’s first foul of the match? Nowhere. It’s the same when a player who’s just committed a bad foul protests incredulously at the referee, brandishing his index finger in the refs face to signal it’s his first offence, as if to say “I know I chopped him in two and almost killed him, but it’s my first legbreaker of the match so you can’t book me surely!”

Utter bollocks. A foul worthy of a yellow is bookable if it’s your first or fortieth (in the case of Joey Barton) offence of the game.

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  1. Billy Bob

    John Terry is a wanker, he’s always moaning. 馃榾

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    • Jason X

      Yes he is, the whole lot of them are.

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  2. Anonymous

    I hate Chelsea scum

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  3. tom


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