Is Henry Now Closer To Arsenal Job As He Joins The Club’s Hale End Academy?

Gunners’ legend, Thierry Henry, has taken another step towards succeeding Arsene Wenger as Arsenal manager as the Express reports he has been invited to work with the younger cadre of the club’s players.

The 37-year old Arsenal record goal scorer, now a Sky Sports pundit has been working on earning a UEFA B License over the past few months and has been pictured in Wales where he supposedly worked with technical director, Osian Roberts.

Henry has always indicated his desire to return to the club he loves one day in a managerial capacity and while most of his appearances at Emirates recently have been either to keep fit or to see a game, the French World Cup winner may now have an office at the club’s Hale End Academy from where he will work with the youth teams.

Henry is every bit what is described as a legend, and for Arsenal, he is definitely the club’s greatest ever player. Not just because he managed a handy 228 goals in 377 games, with League and FA Cup titles, including never losing to Tottenham in all of his eight years tearing them apart in the North London derby, but the Frenchman is a true Arsenal man and it would seem only a matter of time before he gets to be duly considered for the job.

It may not be immediately upon the departure of Arsene, and it need not be. The pressure of stepping into the very shoes of the one who gave him his career may be too much to overcome. Perhaps he would want to spend a year or two with some of the lower clubs in his native France before assuming the Arsenal job sometime later.

What we know for certain is that he is as passionate about passing on his vast knowledge of football as he was about playing it. Henry was magic and though we do not substantially get that instant hit of magic from managers as players would do with the swivel of a hip or a step over, he should be an interesting character to view on the sidelines for Arsenal someday.

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