“It Was Not The Best Of Decisions” Wenger Takes Blame For Injury On 24-year Old Arsenal Star.

Arsene Wenger has chosen to take the bulk of the cross for the consequence that resulted from Aaron Ramsey’s ill-fated nine-minute cameo against Leicester on Tuesday.

With Arsenal being dominated in possession by the opposition, Wenger had a call to make to add more presence in the middle of the park for the Gunners but at the same time not having to relinquish offensive potential to them entirely, a mid-scramble which led him to choose the Welshman as his substitute for match-winner, Theo Walcott.

As it happened, Ramsey appeared to do an over-stretch and had to be subbed of with hardly much done within the short time he had been on the pitch. It is Ramsey’s THIRD hamstring injury of the season and while the manager remains at a loss as to the reason why it has recurred, he has admitted to have maybe played his cards wrongly at the time.

“…Visually, it didn’t look good. When a guy stops straight away and sits down, that’s not good news.”  said Wenger when commenting Ramsey’s injury

“There’s a recurrence now of a few muscular injuries and it’s difficult – we haven’t found out why. I basically left him out today because I wanted to be cautious with him. I had to bring him on – I had a hesitation between Flamini and him – because we lacked a bit of offensive power. It was not the best of decisions.”

As far as Ramsey had warmed up well and had no previous concerns in training or before the game, you have to say Wenger actually did make the right choice in bringing him in at the time as he looked the right option. Leicester were clearly too dominant in the game, with their midfield quartet squeezing possession away from the Arsenal players most of whom looked exerted from Saturday’s game. Ramsey’s role would have been as an aid to Coquelin to help win the ball back and at same time offer some form of threat going forward.

What Wenger will have to sort out now is why the player has developed a third muscular injury within the past seven months despite being very well managed in his games. The injuries have affected his general form, being not able to replicate his goal-scoring form from last season.

Perhaps it is his training regime or some misnomer relating to technique and tactics, Wenger has a real job on his hands to fix a real problem that can go some way to limiting a player’s capacity to be a regular.

It’s safe to assume he will be out for Sunday’s game as well as the Champions League game against Monaco.

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