Milan 4-0 Arsenal | That was a bloody disgrace — no excuses

The moment Boateng scored the opener on 15 minutes, Arsenal gave up. You could see they didn’t believe in themselves. It doesn’t matter how many times Wenger tries to instill confidence in them by praising their mental strength, they know they’re not good enough and tonight an ageing Milan side proved it with embarrassing ease.

As somebody who pays over a grand a season to support this lot, what annoys me even more than not being good enough is not trying hard enough. The very least us fans deserve (especially the 5,000 travelling Gooners who shelled out hundreds to cheer them on tonight) is commitment and passion from the privileged players entrusted to wear our beloved shirts. But that didn’t happen and unfortunately it’s not the first time I’ve said that this season.

I watched Milan pass the ball around and then through our fragile defence with embarrassing ease. And so did our players — watch, that is. There was no pressing, no hassling and no real effort to win the ball back. Where was the leadership? Why didn’t somebody — anybody — take some responsibility out there?

Here’s the match in a nutshell: a Milan player gets the ball and an Arsenal player stands two yards off him, jockeying but not tackling. The ball is passed to another Milan player and a different Arsenal player stands two yards off him, jockeying but not tackling. And so the cycle continues until Milan play the ball to Ibrahimovic or Robinho who rip our inept backline to shreds.

Nobody got stuck in. Our players went through the motions and frankly, 4-0 flattered us. Our over-paid, under-motivated players were hopelessly outfought and you have to wonder how long this can keep happening.

When we had the ball we passed sideways amongst ourselves 30 yards out, had no idea how to penetrate and eventually the attacks petered out. Pathetic.

Only Koscielny and van Persie offered any sort of resistance. Losing the former with a knee injury is a serious blow as he was the only one Szczesny could rely on to thwart some of the waves of attacks crashing in on him. Captain Fantastic showed some nice touches and flashed a couple of volleys close, but he was starved of service and looks completely wasted in a mediocre outfit like this.

Thomas Vermaelen battles Kevin-Prince Boateng

Even the Verminator had a 'mare

We lined up with proper full backs, our best two centre-backs, first choice keeper and first choice defensive midfielder. And still we couldn’t even do the basics right in defence. So if we can’t use injuries as an excuse, why can’t we defend properly?

Because we’re not good enough. We’re going backwards with our ludicrous transfer strategy and Wenger’s increasingly poor decisions both on and off the pitch.

Do you know what, I can’t be arsed to write anymore because it’s the same stuff I’ve been writing all season. It’s one step forwards and two steps back again. Beat Blackburn and Sunderland, paper over the cracks and get some confidence back, then see it all undone by another woeful performance which makes us a laughing stock. Again.

Now we need to pick ourselves up for another tricky trip to Sunderland. After that performance — and with Koscielny already ruled out and Henry back in New York — I’m not very confident.

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  1. rellends

    i cant believe the nerve of the club with the vote for your motm on the official website. you’d have thought they had learnt the lesson from the old trafford debacle. utterly abysmal.

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    • Gooner Steve

      The club have no idea about PR. They are so out of touch, charging an extra 6.5% in the middle of a recession to squeeze £3m out of us, and then making a £17m profit from summer transfers a few weeks later.

      They had better wake up before season ticket renewal time otherwise there’ll be lots of empty seats at Emirates next season.

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  2. chas

    Like you , i could not believe how much space we gave them off the ball, its almost as if they have been instructed to stand off of the opposition when they have possesion.

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  3. walkpass

    How far and fast has Arsenal sunk… the football is boring and predictable. Cant believe people like Rosicky cant pass properly. The Milan players can hold the ball better than any of our people, who kept losing them. Cant understand the decision to start Ramsey and Rosicky together. No width at all…
    This group just cant make it, a midtable team in disguise…

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  4. Mark

    Yes, a sad performance. You said it. We’re not nearly good enough. Why would any top rated player come to play for Arsenal these days? Why would they? I am not surprised that Hazard is going to the Spuds. Under Redknapp they seem to be going places. And it pains me to admit it. They are sure to clinch a top 3 spot. I am sorry to say. Arsene is 2-3 years past his welcome. He has taken a “Liverpool” of the 80s and is turning it into a team that is no longer guaranteed Champions League football. We used to have 3-6 world class players in our side. Now we have just one that would be guaranteed playing time at any of the top teams in our Premier League. We used to be able to win competitions. Now, there is no one left in out side that knows what it is to be a winner, or indeed what it takes to be a winner. We all know what the issues are. And given this performance and the lack of ambition at the Director level at our beloved I am not surprised that you can’t be arsed to write anymore!

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  5. DanS

    The problem starts at the top. The board expects to make money off transfers, treating the team like a fucking orchard, waiting for the apples to be ready for harvest. Arsene expects a group of young players to play like men, when they don’t have any role models around. It’s just a sad state of affairs. They played like kids against men today. Milan was hard when they needed to be, sneaky when necessary, and generally more mature. Arsenal expects things to happen, Milan made things happen.

    I think they finish high mid-table, no champions league next year, and more sales to make up for the lost champions league revenue. RvP has had a hell of a demo year though, he should do very well when it comes to his contract at Real.

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  6. gunnerbill

    there was very little you could say about the first goal it was class ,but the 2nd ibrahimavc was offside and couldnt believe his luck the flag never went up,still sagna shouldnt have stopped ,the third was so unlucky verm slipped at the very moment ribena was winding up to shoot ,still shoddy defendig,and the penalty that was the most ridiculous refereeing error of all time ,that big nosed Swedish cunt should hang his head in shame to call himself a professional footballer ,he dived about all night and intimidated the ref ,still italian clubs have no shame !
    2-0 would have been fair ,we were shit end of! 2-1 at a push for rvp pen shout!
    when will our luck change ?

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  7. daveafc

    Regarding the previous comment – fair enough, Boateng’s shot was awesome, but Sczesny’s poor clearance gave possession away far too easily in the lead-up.. We were all over the field defensively, and god only knows what Wenger’s tactics were (starting Ox down the flank on the left would have had Mexes in all sorts of difficulties)…passing to our own players was non-existent – I would like to know Arsenal individual player stats on stray passes tonight…..

    Bit unlucky re the penalty we conceded and another not gived for foul on RVP .. but hey, we fully deserved to be destroyed. Here’s hoping it can’t get any worse, but I have my doubts….. :-(

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  8. Gerg

    I’ll repeat myself, we have a team that can win games but the manager is a stubborn, tactical novice whose team selection baffles me. Ramsey and Walcott again. They should only be used against the bottom ten teams in the EPL. Against top flight clubs, we need players with desire, purpose and skill like the Ox. Even Benayoun should get a chance. I would also let Coquelin replace Song who is playing poorly of late. And believe it or not, I’ll take Squillaci over Djourou any day of the week. Djourou has at least two costly mistakes per game in him. I am not going to be too harsh on Rosicky, who like Arshavin never get to play in the role that made them world class (behind the striker).

    I’m just disgusted with Wenger at the field level.

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  9. Happy Spud

    Oh its great being a spud rather than a goner…………

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  10. wrightydenhenry

    Is any coincidence that we have been conceding so many goals this season, our defence is inept we had no defensive plan it was as if we just expected Milan to let us play our game. No tactics, no plan and total failure. This is a symbolic end to our Champions League experience. The team had no heart the last time Rosicky played at left wing was when he came on against Newcastle. Wenger is stubborn, arrogant and unable to coach a defensive strategy. This was not a young team Sagna, Vermaelan, Song, Arteta, Rosicky and Van Persie are over 24 and have playéd hundreds of matches between them. You don’t need the best players to win things as many premiership teams have shown us over many seasons I feel totally embarassed to be an Arsenal fan today.There was no pride or desire time for Wenger to admit his faults and fall on his sword. I have my ticket for Sunderland but go in fear!!

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  11. Essien Isaac

    Its time for a change.. I pray walcot doesnt sign, hes not gud enough to wear dat jersey. I pray wenger gets tired of d insults and walk away… We need a coach wit ambition… RVP, WE WIL miss u! Pls choose real madrid! WENGER IS OLDSKOOL! What a disgrace!

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  12. Romeo

    I was non or the less shock with the squad selection and formtion….why did Wenger use the tactics that Arsenal never play with….he should have started with the same Blackburn squad and formation 4-3-3 van persie-walcott-chamb-song-arteta-Ramsey-gibbs-sagna-kloci-verma
    And subed Henry – walcott, Ramsey – Rocisky, Kloci – Cocoq….or with any other Defender but bringing Djorou in UEFA finals is a complete disgrace !!!….i m sure we would have a complete different game if we had done this..or atleast have 1 goal deficit which would have easily achievable with Gerviniho’s return..and FYI – this was average and incomplete Milan…at emirates Gattuso, Yepes, Pato all will be there

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  13. Romeo

    I kinda feel sorry for T.Henry….he had to end his career at Arsenal this way…i wanted to give him a huge applaud in front of my T.V screen

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