Predictions for Arsenal in the 2016/17 Premier League

Last season, Arsenal disappointed fans when they missed out on a huge change to win it all. This year, the team is talking about curbing their spending, so it could mean that they will suffer even more losses this upcoming season as well.

Like anything else, the way that a team will perform in any given season of Premier League football can be difficult, if not impossible, to predict. But if you are a huge football fan and you are into sports betting, continue reading to check out some Arsenal predictions for the 2016/2017 season, as they can be helpful. In addition to keeping your expectations in check, the information below may help you successfully place your football bets, especially if you are first getting started and you are taking advantage of offers like the Betfair free bet for an upcoming Arsenal match.

Strengths and Weaknesses at Play

Arsenal is one of the most popular and beloved teams in the Premier League, with plenty of history to prove that they can do extremely well. They have, after all, experienced a whopping 20 consecutive top 4 finishes in the past. Plus, the team’s players are top-notch and super talented, as well as a pleasure to watch.

At the same time, though, Arsenal is a team that also has its weaknesses. Turbulent could be the word to describe their upcoming year, with manager Arsene Wegner getting ready for his final season, along with a major division between the fans of this team and the club itself.

A Possible 5th Place Finish

Telegraph’s readers predicted that this team would end in 5th place at the end of this upcoming season, even though the team came in 2nd place last season.

Fans are concerned about some of the players, such as Olivier Giroud, a centre-forward. Although he is indeed a good player, fans fear that he simply isn’t powerful enough to actually lead the team to the title. And even though Wenger can try to get the best centre-forwards around, the problem is that they are not readily available to join the team. When they are available, they are very expensive, and fans question whether Wenger will offer what is necessary to get the best players on the team.

Players That Can Make a Difference

Still, there is hope that some of Arsenal’s best players will come through for the team. Alex Iwobi, who is a forward, was definitely a great player last season, and fans are looking forward to what midfielder Jeff Reine-Adelaide has to offer as well. Plus, Xhaka seems to be a wise addition to the team, and Ramsey had an excellent performance at the Euro Cup of 2016. It is also possible that Cazorla will be able to play like he did before his injury, especially since he was missed during the second half of last season.

When you take these talented players into consideration and you really start to look at their potential on the field, even though there seems to be a lot of factors that are working against Arsenal this year, there is the possibility that they will surprise everyone and do extremely well after all.

Ultimately, these are just predictions and speculation from both fans and experts. No one will really know what will happen this season on the Arsenal front until the players head out onto the field for each game and scores and wins (or losses) start to happen. It is sure to be an exciting season and one that you shouldn’t miss, but hopes for Arsenal going to the top are very slim.

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