Reasons Why Wenger’s Shoving Of Chelsea Manager Jose Mourinho Is Justified!!


If you can’t beat them, you BEAT them?

That game with Chelsea was Arsene’s dozenth attempt to get one over Mourinho, and it’s safe to say it wasn’t quite working out as planned after Hazard’s penalty. So they were winning and Wenger was already not in the mood for more infuriation. Then Cahill remembers that Filipe Melo hacked into Alexis on Wednesday evening and got away with it, and decides to have a go knowing the Referee wouldn’t be bothered. So the Manager is concerned about the health of his player, and impulsively attempts to go over to the place where Alexis lies on the floor and, all of a sudden, is bumped into by the “Annoying one”. But for Neil Swarbrick’s intervention, Wenger would probably have given Mourinho a “choke-slam”.

So was it right for Wenger to launch an attack on Mourinho?

Wenger himself has acknowledged the moral position of his actions, but he certainly does not regret his action. He went over the line, sure, but was that just Wenger acting or a culmination of what many other managers would have loved to do, not least the chairmen at Aston Villa. Chelsea were coasting home with a 3 – 0 lead towards the end of the game, and arrogantly went over to the other side to shake hands with Paul Lambert and Roy Keane. Now that was classic crossing from A to B, and it is certainly against the rules to do that. But he did it without feeling he had taken any offence. Rightly though, he was snubbed by both (indeed, he should have got a shove there!).

Same Mourinho crossed over to whisper something to Pep Guardiola while he was handing instructions to Zlatan Ibrahimovich. Same Mourinho pushed Tito Villanova during their time in the El Clasico confrontations. Same Mourinho had suspicions over his own player’s age, later making a fuss about private conversations being made public. Same Mourinho had the nerve to shamelessly call someone a voyeur. Same Mourinho who took out his anger on a dog…

And he should really be allowed to go on uncautioned?

FIFA are yet to consider a foul-mouth technology for people who go out of order in their utterances made in relation to football, but while we wait for such to come into place, it seems Wenger was probably without many options in putting the man in his place. it’s probably the success which he has managed that has got into his head, but he must remember that many have had much more successful careers and have not made noises about it. He plundered Roman Abramovich’s millions in his first stint at Chelsea manager without the Champions League trophy the billionaire wanted, only for Roberto di Matteo to defeat the team who had knocked his Real Madrid out to clinch it within few months of his tenure. What he couldn’t do in three seasons at the Bernabeu was done in 11 months by Carlo Ancelotti. Even the much hated Rafael Benitez managed two trophies in 9 months for Chelsea, Mourinho has gone 15 months without one. So who really is the specialist in failure?

As much as it is hard to justify Wenger’s action, it may really be the first of many upcoming reactions from managers – and indeed, the whole football world – who are becoming sick of Mourinho’s anti-game antics.

Big Sam, Pellegrini, we don’t know who will be next.

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  1. Phil robins

    Ha, Ha, get over yourself! You lost to us as usual….

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    • Dobmesieter

      Ha,ha, ha, couldn’t find a chelski website so you came to post on an Arsenal one

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  2. Ali

    For as long there is this arogant is coaching Arsenal, there will be chance of winning prenmium league. Specialis in failure or specialist in 4rth position will also be facts. AW just wanted to distract Arsenal supporters attention away from being booed.

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  3. Bamidele taiwo

    Sad we loss….but happy we played it well wit wot we have

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  4. myepay

    Your write up stink of jealousy and weakling. How could Arsene be wrong and justified. If it were JM we will all condemn the act so same for ÀW. To be frank JM suprisngly acted matured and instantly played it down. Had it been AW at the receiving end he and his hypocritical sympathizers would have been calling for JM’s head by now.pathetic FA will also find reasons to punish him despite their claim of ref having dealtwith it.

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    • Tokimi

      Find soething doing. Idiot.

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  5. goodaz

    These aint no points fO??????? justification. You r looking for a specialist in failure, pls ask around.

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  6. Ibeto Mekus

    Pathetic writer,pathetic Wenger, pathetic Arsenal fans worldwide!!! Specialist in failure. Let Wenger carry champions league 4 Arsenal if u think his Mourinho level..Shame on you guys and remember,we are coming for the remaining 3 points of the season in front of many gunners fans….. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

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  7. Godwin Rehoboth .J

    Nobdy wants to say the truth, bt we al dt, JM is d best!

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  8. Oguntuase Amos

    Sometimes most of you people make comments without crictically analyzing the situation. Personality wise, Wenger is known as a well refined and educated person who has been very mindful of his conduct. Mourinho on the other hand is more of a thug and rascal in football management. Go through all his utterances here and there, you easily see a man without decorum. He has been trying to insult Wenger all along even the issue of Fabregas and I dont know the law that says a player cannot play any where he likes. Is it an issue for a manager to be concerned with the welfare of his player more so as referees and press alike all want Arsenal players maimed without taking any deterrent action? Success in not about bying expensive players and coaching rich clubs. Success is better measured by how many talents you have produced. Mourinho is a destroyer of talents and football. Since his first incursion into English Football, the league has been bastardized and now the highest bidder takes the crown. I am sorry because it is England Nationsl team that will suffer for Mourinho Syndrome. Wenger has done a lot for English football and players but Mourinho is destroying all. I can’t blame Him but the society that loves money more than National ethos. Nothing matters again in the English Society but money irrespective of the source. We would wait and see. Wenger will go one day but the England team will continue to suffer because you preferr expensive imported mercineries over development of local talents. One day Mourinho would be taught how to treat people with respect.

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  9. Ary

    You could see..mourinho was really startled and scared,had it went on a bit he may have been punched as well!!
    Wenger is showing his players,stop wailing,its time to bully and get on opponents nerves!
    And yes i dont think wenger lost the plot.This is just the start,there wasnt a lot to separate the two and come the emirates home game chelsea will be on the losing end.
    I think one thing the team may have learned is that the longer it stayed 1-0 or 0-0 the more chance arsenal had to punish chelsea!

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  10. Tokimi

    Find soething doing. Idiot.

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