Right & Wrongs. 6 Important Things We Learnt From Anderlecht Draw.

Same ol’Arsenal
You’ve seen it happen at St James Park and at Wigan, and so you know that it could always happen. But then, those were away games and we supposedly have a better team, but the mentality appears to be the same. Players could be blamed about complacency but the manager could force it on them to be cautious. Not that we should agree with Paul Merson, but we seem not to have changed much.

Bayern? Madrid? PSG?
So then, it’s second place then? It was to be our opportunity to keep ourselves in the fray to challenge Dortmund to first place and at 3 – 0, it seemed we could even catch them on goal difference. Now, we have to play with the calculators in hand. Dortmund are already through and will seal first place with a draw against us nest time out. Leaving us with the prospect of bettering Liverpool at the Bernabeu, or a third successive date with

Bayern Munich.
Defense still VERY uncomfortable
If back-to-back clean sheets in the League were a sign of health in defence, the careless manner with which we shipped three goals was a confirmation of the issues which still litter the defence. Monreal forgot he was at center back while Mertesacker was left flat footed again. Chambers had no help on the right, while Gibbs was open. Arteta’s injured substitution may have been pivotal to the eventual collapse as he left when we still had a two-goal advantage, so we still need a defensive midfielder. Nothing much has changed then.

By the Bull… and the Ox
Alexis Sanchez is Arsenal’s undoubted hero of the season and if we are to go all the way to have a say in May, he will be the one to take us there. But he won’t do it alone, as we saw against Anderlecht. The other Alex, Oxlade-Chamberlain must be the other ‘bull’ in the jungle. He needs not imitate Alexis actually as the ‘Ox’ has his own special set of skills which are quite unique from the other quick powerful players in the team. perhaps he’ll benefit more from having Giroud for his crosses as he seems not have any stress blitzing past defenders. Gibbs, who really should have scored, chose rather to render an assist to the Ox perhaps acknowledging that his performances have deserved it. Duly, he got it in the most emphatic style.

Bitter Pills are good too
For a team of young players, still trying to knit themselves into a firm fabric, it is necessary that they get the taste of the bitter sides of things too. After getting away at Anderlecht a fortnight ago, they may be needed to be reminded that things will always not be their way in the future and must never get carried away as long as the Referee still has the whistle. Calum Chambers euphoric celebrations of his professional goal won’t go on into the week but he must now return to the training room to learn better how to keep track of quicker players from beating him for crosses.

Give him a break
Since his deadline day move on the first evening of September, Danny Welbeck has been fearured in every Arsenal game except the League Cup. The pressure of proving to the World, to van Gaal especially, that he was indeed a goal scorer meant he had the drive and motivation to work and strive in his first few games and though it didn’t happen in the first two despite coming so close, outstanding showings against Aston Villa and Galatasaray silenced all his critics. But now, it appears Welbz has began t o sink again and this is not due to a loss in confidence but a need to do some recovery on the strength already burnt. Never before has he been a striker for so long a stretch, perhaps it wasn’t as easy as he had always imagined.

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    the problems of this arsenal team ranges from transfer managements, tactics, team and individual psychology,lack of drive and motivation,management and players lack of respect or regard for loyal fans who pay highest to watch mediocre performance for a whole decade.The list is endless. Its excuses upon excuses. I pity these arsenal fans.

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