SAD – Arsenal At The Risk Of Losing Two Of Their Best Players In The Summer

It could be rash to let one miserable week cloud our mindsets and keep us on a default mood of pessimism. Just a week ago, it had looked as though we had finally ticked as a team with Alexis Sanchez proving the biggest Wenger bargain of the past decade. The Chilean has been in imperious form since his £33m summer arrival from Barcelona, seemingly shouldering the whole Arsenal duty on his own from scheming to scoring. That’s been like doing both his duty and Ozil’s – of course, the German is absent due to injury – and as it appears, his goals have bailed us out time and again.

But not against Swansea, and it may soon become a problem whose solution may lie outside the walls of the Emirates.

Ozil and Alexis were – and still are – undoubted World Class talents who probably would still be enjoying the Spanish Coliseums in Madrid and Catalonia if their values were placed over club image and publicity. Wenger took advantage of the opportunities in both cases and pounced decisively to bring both players to England, a move which gave many fans just about enough reason to hang on in trusting him. Wenger, though, seems to have decided to rest on his laurels forgetting that the outcry to “spend! Spend! Spend!” was not limited to the attack alone but in all facets of the team. As some have rightly put it, Ozil was no good without a World Class running poacher ahead and in a repeat of events, having Alexis as the prong of the attacking fork is useless if the man to raise the rear end of the support is Flamini.

Both players must be frustrated that their efforts have not been quite maximized by their ailing teammates, and we may not be shocked if they began to ponder looking elsewhere sooner than later.

‘MiaSanArsenal’ was a good way to give hope to us amidst the rumours that Pep Guardiola was looking to rescue Ozil from his Arsenal ‘misery’ (as some had put it) but if Arsene Wenger continues to play his change of role pun with the German, how can you prevent him from moving to a manager who is all to renowned for playing players in their best wings. What must be his thoughts while making his recovery from knee injury? Would he really be so eager to come back to help this team or will it be the final few months of a journey which has not quite worked out, even with the FA Cup?

And as much as Alexis loves football a whole lot, he must have a desire to be successful and having tasted some glory at the Camp Nou, it won’t be long before the stench of mediocrity begins to repel him. There is not a better sight at the moment than seeing him make the jump-and-fist-pump whenever he scores, but a continuous regression of things could lead to zero celebrations soon – afterall, we would still lose, won’t we?

City, United and even Chelsea have shown neither fear nor shame in approaching Wenger for any one of his star players, and the manager has inexplicably been all too ready to let go. All three surely have the power to spend a lot to land whomever they want, and seeing they generally how more ambition on the market than we do, it won’t be long before they possibly come knocking for either two.

City have just Aguero and they’ll love a complement of his animalism; United may fancy a Di Mari reunion with Ozil – Mourinho, may want to have an opinion there.

Unless something changes quickly, it could all be happening.

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  1. Cleophas Katuuo

    I just don`t understand the Media and most of the Arsenal critics. Arsenal is just a point behind Man U, four below City and even above Liverpool, but you will never see or hear the Media say something negative about them. Man U for instance did not make it to the Champions league but you will hear nothing negative reported. The English Media must just clearly come out that they have something against Wenger or having a strategy to destroy the Gunners.
    I agree that Wenger did not signed a replacement for Thomas and neither has he replace Song when he left as a DM.
    Your criticism on Arsenal is so much that a reader will believe that the Gunners is a useless team that has achieved nothing and that is not the case. Also take note that for the past five years the Gunners were paying off the debts of the Stadium and as such they could not maintain paying high wages.
    I in person do not agree with Wengers tactics but Arsenal as a team has not failed and will never fail.
    Arsenal must swallow their pride and go for Song and the Southempton holding midfielder in the name of Sch…… also Arsenal must look for a central defender I belief if possible Marco Reus should do the trick and also a proper Left back that can either assist Gibs or replace him if need be cause he is also an injury prone player.
    Then Arsenal must do away with the following players, Arteta, Flamini, Diabi and Natcho.
    When possible also with all due respect Mr. Wenger have to go.

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