Santos is the latest bad buy Arsenal can’t sell

So news is emerging that the much pilloried Santos is being loaned to Gremio in his native Brazil for the rest of the season. A panic buy just 18 months ago, he is a perfect example of just how badly Wenger has bought in the last few years.

So why haven’t we sold him instead of postponing his inevitable departure? Well, I reckon the conversation with Gremio went something like this:

Wenger: I understand you’re interested in Santos.
Gremio: Yes, what would you be looking for?
Wenger: We payed £6.8m for him but you can have him for half that.
Gremio: Sounds reasonable, you have a deal. What wage is he on?
Wenger: £50k a week.
Gremio: YOU WHAT?! Are you insane?!
Wenger: Of course not. I have a socialist wage structure where every squad member gets paid roughly the same.
Gremio: (covers phone with his hand and sniggers)
Wenger: Hello? Are you there?
Gremio: Um yes, yes. Listen, we can’t pay him anywhere near £50k a week. The deal is off.
Wenger: Ok. How about you take him on loan and pay 10% of his wages. We’ll cover the rest.
Gremio: Fantastic! Put him on the next plane. By the way, I thought you had an economics degree?
Wenger: I do. Why do you ask?
Gremio: Oh, no reason. Very nice doing business with you!

Wenger will have had similar conversations regarding Djourou, Denilson, Chamakh, Bendtner and Park who are also out on loan. We put these mediocre players on long contracts for ridiculously high wages which means we’re unable to find buyers for them once Wenger finally realises they are rubbish, so they are loaned out until their contracts expire. The aforementioned loanees and now Santos are probably each costing the club about £40-£45k a week despite them not being available for selection.

So we are wasting roughly £250k a week on six squad players we no longer need and would like to sell. Three are six month deals and three are season long, which works out at a staggering total of £9.75m we’re paying them to play for other teams! That’s the reason Arsenal don’t have money to pay top players like Nasri and van Persie what they’re worth.

Other clubs don’t handle their wage bill so badly. I remember reading that while Wes Brown was at Man Utd he never earned more than £18k a week. That’s about right — he was only a squad player after all. By paying squad players and youngsters relatively low wages, Ferguson could afford to pay the likes of Rooney and Ronaldo the big bucks. After all, you have to pay your top people the going rate if you want to keep them, that’s true in any business. For 2012 Man United’s wage bill was £162m and ours was £143m, only £19m less — not as big a difference as you might imagine given how Wenger likes to bleat on about how financially disadvantaged he is compared to the big boys.

Santos swaps shirts with van Persie

You stupid boy Santos.

There are some players so bad that we can’t even recoup money by farming them out on loan because no-one will take them. Squillaci is one, Almunia was another. The Spaniard ran his contract down and I don’t blame him for hanging around and picking up his wages. Would you move jobs and take a 50% pay cut? I blame Wenger for running the club so badly.

Think I’m being harsh on him? Consider this — exactly one year ago, Wenger handed fourth choice centre back Djourou a three year contract extension. He is one of the deadwood we should be getting off the wage bill, but Wenger did the complete opposite despite him having no chance of ever being good enough for Arsenal. He’s 26 for goodness sake, not a promising kid like Miquel. Fast forward 11 months and he’s off to Hanover on loan.

So let’s work that out. Since February 2012 we gave him £50k a week for 11 months, then probably £40k a week until the end of the season (let’s assume the Germans are paying 20% of his wages). That’s a total of £3.4m, during which time Djourou will have contributed absolutely nothing to the Arsenal cause. And we’ve got to pay him for a further two years when he returns this summer as well! What a shocking waste of money.

Anyway, rant over. At least we’ve dug out a couple of good wins over the last two weeks and are still hanging in there for fourth, although as I’ve said many times before I just can’t see us overhauling Spurs, despite their poor performance and lucky win over Newcastle.

Regular readers may have noticed I haven’t posted much over the last month, which is mainly due to a busy time at home and at work, but partly down to the apathy I feel about Arsenal this season. I didn’t even watch the match on Saturday as I was at a family function.

I really don’t like feeling indifferent about the club, but my view that we will not progress until Wenger has gone makes it hard for me to get excited about the team anymore as I know in the long run nothing will change, even if we manage to sneak into the top four. This latest ‘he’s rubbish but we can’t sell him’ deal for Santos only reinforces how badly we are being run and deepens my Arsenal depression.

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  1. Philbet

    What a load of rubbish, you cannot post anything positive, after two very good and tough wins what do we get from you just pure garbage and bile, its bad enough you only post after a poor result or a loss but to come out with the above takes the biscuit, I have said it before you are not an Arsenal fan and should stop pretending to be rather you are simply a professional moaner and groaner, infact this blog should be renamed ‘Ooh to be a groaner’. Have a happy life. Goodbye.

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    • Gooner Steve

      One of these days you’re going to surprise me and actually debate the article instead of just slagging me off.

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    • Shanzuman

      The garbage is from you my fellow Gooner!!! Why can you not argue the case as presented rather than slagging the writer off? I don’t entirely agree with his article but I think I know where he is coming from. I am also not all that enthused about our present form in the league and fully support the sentiment that Wenger must go before it is too late for him and us. I have made my feelings known on this blog many times and I will carry on doing so BUT THAT DOES NOT MEAN THAT IAM NOT AN ARSENAL FAN!! I have supported the club since 55 years ago and will always be a fan irrespective of what you and others like you think!

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  2. jenkinson

    So you’re a moaner.We don’t need you.
    What a pity you missed our fantastic performance on Saturday.

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    • Shanzuman

      Fantastic performance? What the f–k are you talking about!! We were lucky to have gotten away with the 3 points! I am sure you were dreaming of the days we were winning all season – 8 years ago!!!! Wake moron!

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  3. Joseph

    Spot on, everything you say is correct. I notice the two peopple above me have nothing to say about how much money we waste on players like santos because their heads are buried too deep in the sand.

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  4. gee

    All clubs make poor signiNgs at some point or other because there is always the element of risk that the signing might not be a good fit. You could look at all the clubs above and below and pick 1 or 2 “what the f@ck” signings.

    Bebe, torres, sahin,carrol, henderson,bentley,tosic, etc

    No-one gets it 100% right and even fergie,wenger,dalglish are all vulnerable to the odd bad buy. And considering he cost 7 mill and contributed to our champs lg and finishing 3rd last year then like Benayooon before him, all I can say is respect for representing and thanks for helping out in our darkest hour. The money we get from playing champs lg should cover his wages.

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  5. indian gooner

    You say the right things….but youll have to wait until we lose a couple of matches since only then will the doom army come out of the woodwork.till then everyone is in happy “rose tinted specs” land…….am not an Anti-AKB, but neither am i a blind follower of Arsene. Just love arsenal and feel sorry for some of the genuine followers led down the garden path by AW…

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  6. GoonerDave

    I agree that we have been far too kind to mediocrity in the squad – we overpay far too many under performers. But you will find that every club has its unwanted deadwood.
    My gripe is your assumption that we are paying most/all of the wages. This is a vital part of your argument yet its all conjecture. You have no idea how much the loanee clubs are paying in wages, nobody outside the club knows.
    Your article consists of poor satire, followed by guesswork.
    Appallingly amateur. Try to back your opinion up with facts, then people might be more interested.
    A rant is fine, debate is fantastic, but without facts your article is just filler.

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    • Gooner Steve

      Arsenal are notoriously secretive about deals. They never even reveal transfer fees, always saying “undisclosed fee”, so it’s up to the media to ‘guesstimate’ the fee from quotes from the other club involved or their sources.

      So you are right, I don’t know precisely the details of each loan deal, but it’s possible to arrive at a ballpark figure from various sources on the net to illustrate a point, which is what I’ve done.

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  7. jack

    absolutely spot on article, ignore all the stuff the idiots are posting, as Joseph said no one has laid out why they think your wrong (because you aren’t)

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  8. Tom

    Being an Arsenal fan and critical of Wenger’s transfer policy are not mutually exclusive . Loosing five best first team players in the last two seasons ( no top club had to endure that ever) wasn’t down to building a new stadium but precisely was due to Deeply flawed transfer and wage policy. Hoping Arsenal qualify for next year CL and knowing they have no chance of wining it is not mutually exclusive either , thus rendering it insignificant from any other than accounting stand point . Wenger already has 50 to 70 mill available to him , so having additional 30 mill isn’t going to make any difference. Does anyone think Wenger is going to spend 80 to 100 mill in the next transfer window? Of course not. Part of the reason he isn’t going to spend big is because of his frugal ways ,but the other part is because his transfer dealings have been mediocre at best. Mentioning that shouldn’t be seen as unbecoming for a true Arsenal fan, even after wining two important victories in a row.

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  9. byron

    Chamack- free
    Djourou- youth player
    Denulson+bendtner+park = < 10mil!

    Explain again how he has bought so badly? Giroud+santi+arteta+mertesaker+podolski I even feel the need to see more gervinho before labelling him a flop!

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  10. GoonerDave

    Jack –
    I have pointed out why this article is made up rubbish.
    And people are not idiots just because they dont agree wth you. When you mature a little bit, you will understand that.

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  11. Parlour is God

    What really annoys me is it was people like you, i would say arsenal fans, but i get the impression that you are not, were the reason Wenger went out and ‘panic Bought’ players like Santos. You complain that were don’t buy international players then when one turns out to be a flop you are up in arms about it!!! you’re point about Wes Brown is completely untrue, do you research or just make stuff up. it is true Djourou has not been great but to say wenger can’t buy decent player any more is plain stupid. Cazorla, vermalen, giroud poldski all top top players. I find it hard to read such a depressing view when we have now won our last 2 league games. Get behind your team!!!!!

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    • Shanzuman

      NO, he panicked because he knew that non-doctrinated Arsenal fans (otherwise known as passionate fans who truely care!) were up in arms and a lot were not going to renew their season tickets! Don’t forget that, because of his greed to sell and make more maoney for his non caring Directors, he gifted the title to MU this year for a mere £24m!! Ever think about that one my fellow Arsenal fan!!Ferguson is still smiling as he did at the start of the season! Thanks for that Wenger and thanks for Podolsky and Giroud who are no near, not even close to Van Persie’s quality.

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  12. GoonerDave

    Care to show how many clubs have built a new stadium, while remaining competitive?
    If you spend hundreds of millions on a stadium, its obvious that theres less to spend. Thats more precise than your flawed argument.

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  13. GoonerDave

    Exactly Steve – you guessed. And you guessed hugely in favour of your own argument, which is unfair.
    We dont know the facts, so why not use your time writing an article with some facts in it? A real one.

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  14. Dave Highbury

    So Santos is gone and Monreal is in, so that has been well and truly dealt with and you should be happy then. So that is Giroud, Pod, Santi, and Monreal and Ramsey,Wilshire,Gibbs,the OX and Jenkinson this season… with fair play kicking in. If you haven’t noticed, since the start of last season the squad has been re-vamped, we now score from everywhere with many different entertaining flavours. If you’re worried about spunking money, you need to look at Man U, Man City, QPR Tottenham and Chelski.
    I’m happy….. you’re blind. My advice to you is this: oooohhh shut yer mouth shut yer mouth put yer hed back in the clouds and shut yer mouth. You sound like Harry Rednap who rapes clubs banks, sucks them dry and moves on. A shallow short term quick fix weak minded sad person. Just as well our NEW squad isn’t as weak minded eh!
    ps thanx for the moral boosting support DOH!
    pps Big up the away crowd

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  15. The font

    You know the wenger similar conversation you talk about did he also have one when he sold Anelka hleb petit overmars Viera fabregas Henry van persi adebayor song. Neting. Over £200 million for the club I think you forget to mention that this is not a debate it’s a deliberate attemp to destabilise the club

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  16. Zee

    LOL, what a load of horseshit. You have absolutely no clue on the loan deals and transfer amounts yet you draw conclusions as if they were cast in stone. To make it worse you admit that! Ballpark figures? Can you refer to ONE semi-reliable source that quotes Hannover paying 20% of Djourou’s salary? Of course not, because there isn’t any.

    Another blog to hide from newsnow.

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  17. Tom

    Gooner Dave . I guess it depends on your definition of competitive. Does getting beat by Bradford City qualify? Wenger’s spotty transfer dealings go back way before the new stadium was built. Oleh Luhzny, Igor Stepanovs, Pascal Cygan, Phillippe Senderos to name a few are all players signed before new stadium was built , and these are just defenders. I could give you many other names of goal keepers and other position players who never made the grade, signed by Wenger before the new stadium era . If these are the facts then how is my argument flawed?

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  18. Tom

    Gooner Dave- Yes I would care to give you an example of a club building a new stadium and remaining competitive. Bayern Munich moved into Allianz Arena in 2005 and won the domestic double in 2005-06 season.

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  19. Tom

    Gooner Dave – Barcelona moved into camp nou in 1957 and won the la liga title next year. These are just two clubs I looked up to show how baseless your argument was .im sure there were more.

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  20. Ro

    If your facts were true it would be understandably annoying. But I don’t believe the source of your figures. For such a small saving it would be better to keep the player.

    Before the stadium started being built Arsenal were 1st and 2nd for 8years. After the stadium was finished we have been 3-4 (for 7years).

    Our left back is a great new signing. We have two world class players in Jack and Cazorla. Walcotts bettered any of his seasons(at last!), Giuord is improving and Podolski has stopped being invisible in matches.

    Get behind the team, Sunderland was only difficult once we lost Jack and Jenkinson was sent off.

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  21. Gooner Steve

    So many people in the comments haven’t got a clue what is going on at the club. They lap up the spin Wenger gives them like good little puppies and then angrily turn on anybody who dares to question club policy.

    Here’s a quote from respected journalist and author Myles Palmer, who wrote a Wenger biography called “The Professor” and has numerous contacts inside the game:

    “About four months ago, I was told that Denilson’s Brazilian club only contribute £4,000 of his £40,000 a week wages!”

    The full article is here:

    I don’t just make things up. Philbet, Jenkinson and Gooner Dave, read his blog once in a while and learn something.

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    • Shanzuman

      Yes, just visited this blog and it does make interesting reading!! Goes to show what management can do when under pressure they panic and buy without due dilligence.

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  22. Sultan

    I was trying to find some gooner blogs hoping there would be some constructive criticism going on… But this is pathetic, I didn’t think most Gooners would sulk a lot

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