Sky Super 6 tips and predictions

Setting out your football betting tips for the weekend is something to be expected with so many football fixtures being played.

Another part of this has been forming Sky Super 6 tips, where many see it as being equally as important as picking their bets.

The Sky Bet Super 6 is a weekly predictions game where you need to work out the final scores in six fixtures chosen by the bookmaker.

These will tend to feature matches from the Premier League or the Championship, with other variations occurring all over the week for the FA Cup, EFL Cup, Champions League and even the Europa League.

Entering Super 6 predictions for the first time

As there’s so much hype around making tips and predicting the Sky Super 6, it’s crucial that you make sure that you’re aware of how the game itself works, heightening your chances of sealing the jackpot on offer.

Most weeks see a prize of £250,000 up for grabs, often moving as high as £1 million when the bookmaker is feeling especially generous.

If you’re unable to get all six score lines correct but nobody else is either, a £5,000 prize goes to the person with the closest Super 6 prediction, so it’s worth having a go even if one game appears to be hard to call.

Making your Sky Super 6 tips a reality by entering them into the game is easy to do, with links on the Sky Bet app and a dedicated app devoted to the Soccer Saturday Super 6.

When you’ve reached the Super 6 page, all you need to do is select the final score for all six games – even if you’ve chosen a 0-0 draw – and include your Golden Goal Prediction before pressing enter to lock in your attempt.

The Golden Goal Prediction is a tie-breaker in the event of two players achieving the same winning score, where you’re guessing the time of the first goal scored in all six games.

There aren’t any hidden catches or necessary funds in order to take part in the Super 6, making it even more worthwhile as you have nothing to lose in taking part in each round.

The process of picking your Sky Super 6 tips mostly consists of the same sort of planning that would go into picking football tips. If a favourite is playing an underdog, it’s likely that they’d win, also assuming them scoring more and the opposition possibly failing to score at all. It all depends on the teams playing, the past form, and current player availability.

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