Stoke 1-1 Arsenal | Idiotic Stoke fans steal the show

Most of the headlines this evening are to do with the behaviour of the Stoke fans rather than the match itself. That’s down to two reasons — firstly, the game wasn’t really much to write home about as a lively opening 20 minutes slowly petered out into a tame draw. And secondly, the home supporters managed to plumb new depths of idiocy with some bewildering booing and jeering.

Some of it was aimed at our manager and to be honest I have no real problem with that. Wenger infamously called their side “a rugby team” and whilst I know where he’s coming from, you’ve got to expect some stick back for that.

What really annoyed me though was the jeering of Aaron Ramsey. Seriously Stoke fans, have you no shame? I have never heard anything so ridiculous in my life. It’s like the family of a mugger gathering round the little old lady whose handbag was snatched and hurling abuse at her.

As if to demonstrate that he shares the same lack of decency as the Neanderthals who worship him, Tony Pulis said of Ramsey’s treatment:

“I was more concerned about the Arsenal supporters booing Shawcross so I didn’t hear the ones on Ramsey.”

Well you inbred little twat, that’s because your knuckle-dragging centre-half assaulted our player with a tackle so horrific that Shawcross himself broke down in tears as the realisation of what a terrible thing he’d done filtered through his thick skull. Whereas Ramsey is, was and always will be completely innocent of ANY wrongdoing. So trying to shift the attention onto Arsenal fans booing Shawcross, which we’re quite entitled to do, shows what a classless cretin you really are.

Anyway, now that’s off my chest I suppose I should talk about the match. We had the better of it, especially the first half, and should’ve been 4-1 up after half an hour. The reason we weren’t is because once again we showed that only van Persie can be trusted in front of goal. Gervinho bottled a header after a terrific cross from Sagna, Ramsey drove just wide from the edge of the area, Koscielny headed over when well placed and most glaringly of all Benayoun shot weakly at the keeper after good play from van Persie.

Stoke's idiotic fans

Care in the community is thriving in Stoke

So thank goodness it was our reliable Dutch maestro on the end of Rosicky’s perfect, teasing cross to level things up a few minutes after Crouch had nodded Stoke in front.

I was pleased with our response to going behind against the run of play. Ignoring the disappointment of losing a goal to a bread and butter ball into the box, we didn’t feel sorry for ourselves and resumed taking the game to Stoke, causing them problems that resulted in the aforementioned chances. The best one fell to RVP when his far post header was smartly blocked by Begovic and it was something of an injustice to go in all square at the break.

Hearing the halftime score from Wigan made 1-1 look like a point gained rather than two dropped, and perhaps that was on the players’ minds in the second half. Although we again dominated possession and looked more interested in winning the match than Stoke, we failed to create many decent chances as our slick passing game wasn’t as well-oiled as it could be. van Persie aimed a close-range header straight at Begovic but that apart our best opportunities came from free kicks and penalty shouts, of which we had two. A handball from Shawcross may have been outside the box anyway, but the shove on Benayoun looked a clear penalty and we can consider ourselves unfortunate not to have got the decision for one of them.

In injury time Stoke almost scored when they hurled the ball into our box from their lineout throw-in and Sagna had to be alert to hook it away from very near the goal line. A win for Stoke would’ve been rough justice on our lads who I thought played with a lot more spirit than last week despite not being at their fluent best. In fact if we’d have been as up for the match with Chelsea as we were today we’d have beaten the chavs quite comfortably — that missed opportunity still annoys me.

All in all I’m not displeased with a point today. It’s always tough up there, they hate us and work their nuts off to try and beat us and considering none of the top six have won at the Britannia Stadium this season it feels as though we’re a point nearer to third place rather than slipping back into the chasing pack.

Both Chelsea and Spurs play twice now before we take to the field against Norwich next Saturday. Most people look at the table and mentally add six points on for our London rivals because they have two games in hand, but it rarely works out that way. I don’t think Spurs or Chelsea will win both their next games, but even if they do, victories against Norwich and West Brom would guarantee us third place.

Who else would’ve signed up for that in early February?

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  1. Tom Jones

    Don’t forget Ramsey refused to accept Shawcross’s apology, numb-nuts!!

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    • Gooner Steve

      As is his right as the innocent victim you mug. Get back to shagging your sister and stop talking such bollocks.

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    • Max

      Sure why not!?Next time you get robbed and then later the robber comes and apologizes to you, would you feel sorry for him!?Numb nuts!!Ramsey was robbed two years of his developmental stage. Its tackles like these that could make or break a player’s career. Thank God that Ramsey is back to playing football. I would be ashamed to call myself a potters fan if I were one.Pathetic manager and pathetic players.

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  2. Pilsbury

    Ah – the apology… You need to be a devout christian to accept one of them.. Isn’t Wanker Wanker a word not commonly used by the clergy?? Sorry equals “please accept my guilt”.. Worthless when u continue to carry out the same actions! The drunk driver apologising to the guy who’s legs have been smashed in a wrong side of the road accident.. It”s hollow…

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  3. Russ

    Even the BBC think Wenger is a tit. I’m afraid you Arsenal fans dont understand a thing about Stoke. We dont care however but what you had better start realising is we dont take shit thrown at our club and lie down and accept it.

    If you are still hung up about Ramsey’s broken leg after watching the footage of it then we all pity you. We all know what really happened from the still footage. However the reason Ramsey started getting booed (not prior to it at all) which any honest travelling Arsenal fan will accept followed a chant from your support aimed at Shawcross.

    Then it was open season i’m afraid upon your manager who behaved like a demented schoolboy, and had the piss royally taken out of him for the remainder of the game.

    I notice he says nothing inflammatory about us now in fact he is complementary however i’m afraid his comments about the ramsay incident and many others that could be listed are not forgotten and never will be.

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  4. Scott

    Tom,your problem is this…..Stoke never,ever get players of decent quality at 18 or 19 years if age,so just don’t understand what its like to see a career put in jeopardy at that age.
    Even Stoke fans,the intelligent few,said after the game they don’t blame Ramsey at all,as he probably didn’t take too kindly to fans like you Tom chanting “he’s only got one leg” while being stretchered off.

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  5. Gman

    Russ. Thanks for your random collection of sentences. Can you now put them in a coherent order so that they make sense?

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  6. joe

    Fuck me a Stoke fan who can string a sentence together. I think we’d all behave like Wankers if we had to watch shit football like that every weeks, they’ll be down soon enough just like Bolton thank goodness

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  7. Pilsbury

    Even the bbc… You mean A spurs fan and 2 ex Liverpool Players – 1 of whom lost on that infamous 1989 evening in which he tried to claim a free kick when Alan Smith had the temerity to score at Anfield! That is not a reflection of the NBC – unless thy are all Rascist anti French and Arsenal types…

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  8. Afc

    Is it me or do all stoke fans look like those guys out of That film deliverance.. You no that one where those two guys get raped in the woods. Fuck me they look backwards. Seriously tho can you imagen actually being a stoke fan? Watching that shit week in week out.

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    • bedfordstokie

      Thanks for your thoughts. Please persist in generalising and spouting complete nonesense if it makes you feel any better. Perhaps though, your time would be better spent either learning to spell or learning how to use spell checker on your computer. It is relatively straight forward, even for you I would imagine.

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  9. meaner

    Tony Pulvis had deliberately lost his game to Castle. Both these managers are anti-wenger. Luckily Wigan’s Manager is a spanish.

    Infact Stoke are my most hatred team, way above the rest. Tony Pulvis is the master of cunt, including his fans.

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  10. DanS

    Early February I was predicting 7th in the table, I blew that one. However, I still think we need a bit more toughness from front to back. We can’t rely on Chelsea making a hash of things year in and year out. I’m happy with third for this year, considering the shambles we were in earlier. But next year I hope we’re competing for t least the FA cup.

    Regarding Stoke, they are a rugby team. Which is why we need a bit more toughness, because we can’t rely on the officials to actually officiate. I wouldn’t mind seeing us bringing on some less talented, but much more tactically physical players in the summer for these types of opponents.

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  11. stokeisnut

    Russ said,
    April 29, 2012 at 12:21 am · Reply
    “Even the BBC think Wenger is a tit. I’m afraid you Arsenal fans dont understand a thing about Stoke. ”


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    • bedfordstokie

      And you mocked a Stoke fan for not being able to string simple sentences together? Whatever.

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  12. Shanzuman

    Enough said about the unsporting behaviour of the Stoke fans and their Manager this is well documented. I am more interested in our performance and of the pathetic attitude of the Arsenal players on the pitch. Stoke were there for the taking if only our final ball was good enough and we played with a bit more determination, hunger and confidence. We now have to make sure we beat both Norwich and WBA to guarantee 3rd place and the way we played yesterday this will not be an easy task. As for the substitutions, Arsene has no idea – he brings on Chamack who has no interest in Arsenal any longer and Diaby who was not well and in any case is not in my opinion a first team player. Why not the Ox who can run at them and who can shoot! I will reiterate my previous comments that we need a complete change in our style and tactical play which means new management/coach staff and a few new creative world class players. If not than we will get the same up and down results as this season ie beating the top teams and losing to the QPR’s, Wigan’s etc.

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  13. Arsehole Whinger

    Hahaha call us a rugby team all you want, we take points off you every season, you hate us and we think it’s hilarious! I will look foward to watching us bully you next season, especially after RVP moves abroad! And as for mocking Wenger, get a sense of humour for god sake!

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  14. CB

    BBC’s response (my view is that it is the same fans/idiots booing Ramsey as Wenger so Lineker is encouraging them and that Lineker wasn’t funny – he isn’t even laughing or smiling):

    Gary Lineker’s closing line was a light-hearted reference to shots of Stoke fans behind the dugouts imitating Arsene Wenger’s mannerisms. A clear differentiation was made between this and the booing of Aaron Ramsey which Gary Lineker and Alan Hansen strongly condemned.

    In addition, Gary was not being xenophobic nor was he unfairly singling out a manager who has the admiration and respect of the whole ‘Match of the Day’ team and who has been the subject of praise on the show on many occasions.

    Shots of football managers and their behaviour on the touchline have long been a source of good-natured humour across our output and elsewhere. However, we are sorry if we have inadvertently offended you.

    I’d like to assure you I’ve registered your complaint on our audience log. This is an internal report of audience feedback which we compile daily and is available for viewing by all our staff. This includes all programme makers and presenters, along with our senior management. It ensures that your points, along with all other comments we receive, are considered across the BBC.

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    • Gooner Steve

      Interesting, thanks for posting the BBC’s response.

      I thought Lineker was a tit trying to imitate the fans. It wasn’t necessary or funny and just reinforces the portrayal of Wenger as a comedy figure to poke fun at.

      Yes he’s a bad loser, but taking the piss is taking the piss and the BBC shouldn’t be seen to take the piss out of someone ten times more intelligent than any of the cretins in the Match of the Day studio.

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  15. Lou

    Stoke fans didn’t boo Ramsey because he had his leg broken at the Britannia Stadium.

    They booed him because they always boo opposition players. It’s a part of their hostile atmosphere, like it or not. They weren’t singling him out for special treatment, they weren’t abusing him or making light of the injury he had. They were treating him like they treat everybody else.

    At the time of the injury, the majority of Stoke fans applauded him off the pitch, were sympathetic and wished him well (and those that weren’t were the kind of scummy so-called fans that, regrettably, every club has).

    Two years later, he’s made a full recovery and is playing well.

    What do you want them to do, welcome him back with open arms? Applaud him every time he has the ball? Treat him like a long-lost brother?

    They weren’t attacking him, they weren’t making any sort of comment on his injury, all the were doing is what they do week in, week out: trying to intimidate opposition players. You may not like it, and it may not work, but it’s what they do and it’s not special to Aaron and it’s not special to Arsenal.

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    Are you Stoke born and inbred ???

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