Stoke 3-1 Arsenal | No pride, no passion, no ideas

I’ve waited over three hours from the final whistle so that I could calm down and try to write a balanced, objective piece, but I am still seething at the spineless performance and complete lack of effort today from everyone except Wilshere and van Persie.

How the fuck can we be so lackadaisical and poor when the title was still mathematically possible?

How the fuck can we be outfought by a team with one eye on the FA Cup final next week?

How the fuck can we have learnt no lessons from the abysmal defending of set pieces all season long?

And how the fuck can we let Pulis and his talentless oiks pull down our pants and smack our arses without so much as a whimper?

The chance to pull ourselves back into the title race – no matter how improbable – should’ve been motivation enough for a performance along the same lines as last week’s against Man Utd. Throw in the desire to avenge the Shawcross assault on behalf of Ramsey and that’s more than enough fuel for a spirited, determined display. I know I was up for it watching from my sofa, brimming with rage as the inbreds from Stoke booed Ramsey for having the temerity to have his leg broken by their neanderthal captain (for that I hope City stuff them in the Cup Final and they cry all the way home from Wembley – wankers). Yet instead of that, we produce an exhibition of monotonous sideways passing and a comedy routine at the back.

Stoke's neanderthal fans

Shame on you wankers for booing Ramsey. Classless pricks. How can that not have fired us up?

I am SERIOUSLY questioning Wenger’s motivational skills now.

Enough is enough. We are up for the big games, but matches where we’re favourites seems to bring out the worst in us. Stoke sat back in numbers and allowed us an astonishing 74% of the possession, but apart from our goal and van Persie hitting the keeper when it looked easier to score, we did nothing with it. In fact Stoke looked more dangerous and 3-1 flattered us more than them.

Do you know what, I’m not wasting my time writing the same match report I’ve done time and time again this season. To read about today’s lack of verve, tempo and will to win, read the reports against Blackburn, Sunderland, West Brom, Liverpool and Bolton. We are approaching games with the same wrong attitude over and over again, making the same defensive mistakes over and over again and it’s becoming a joke.

I can’t be bothered to write any more – the players clearly can’t be arsed, so why should I?

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  1. Shropshire Lad

    Yep that’s how most of us feel.
    Time to boot the arrogant French wanker upstairs.
    Performance was a disgrace by all except the two you mentioned. Extraordinary that he keeps believing in shit like Bentner
    If we had signed Cahill, Given and Parker in Jan we would be home and dry by now but no Wenger knows best!
    A sad demise of. Great but floored man.
    Oh, and what does Pat Rice Doooooo – another floorless arm folded performance!!
    Pity we re not coming 5th because then the pressure would force the wanking board to do something

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    • Jason X

      Agreed. There is still time to sign Parker in the summer.

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  2. Chiedozie

    This was a spineless Arsenal side, and i was not surprised because i know this team needs a serious rejigg. It was good for those thinking that this team just needs a tweak to see and have a rethink. It was also good for those who have already started talking about Ramsey replacing Fabregas to see that there is a light year between both in terms of their creative abilities.

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    • Gooner Steve

      I agree there is light years between them, but it won’t matter to Wenger – he has earmarked Ramsey as Fabregas’ replacement for over a year now. Fabregas will go in the summer and he won’t sign anyone to replace him.

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  3. MickTheGunner

    This reminded me of the carling cup final, no commitment, no desire, no urgency (wilshire and van persie apart)… Wenger out, today’s pathetic performance was the final straw for me

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  4. patrick

    It is time to ask questions of the team. Why the headless chicken routine on set pieces? Why has this been the case all season? Who are the coaches? Are they any good at all? If not, why do we as a club persist with them? Come to think of it, the players should also have a good look at hemselve! What is the real prolem? Why is it that on being confronted with a little bit of physicality, our players pick up their balls [footie that is] and walk home in a sulk? Why are we so predicable? Why oh why?!?!?!?!?

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  5. patrick

    This has just wiped off the achievement of beating Manure on our last outing! They has moved on and won the league while we continue to stagnate! What have we got to brag about?

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    • Jason X

      Yes, it shows how inconsistent we are. Lose to Bolton, beat the champions, lose to Stoke. Not much to shout aboutt :(

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  6. Innocky

    Since Arsene Wenger and the Board that agrees with him are more interested in saving money and relying on 2nd grade or young players that do not cost them much, the best way for us fans to be heard will be to hit them also where it matters to them. Let us mobilize the supporters not to buy any annual (seasons) tickets until they buy strong and mature players especially in defense and at least two world class strikers.Talking to Arsene Wenger is worse than talking to a rock.So friends: Action Speaks Louder than Words. If we boycott the matches and sacrifice to watch on T.V for sure the message will be heard faster. HELP AND SPREAD THIS NEWS BEFORE MANY PEOPLE BUY ANY SEASONAL TICKETS” We are fed up of this total disrespect to the supporters.

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