Szczesny’s silly tweet could cost Arsenal dear

Wojciech Szczesny is a brilliant keeper and with a bit of luck and hard work could become a legend at Arsenal, right up there with the likes of David Seaman and Bob Wilson.

However, his rash challenge on Ashley Cole betrayed a lack of maturity. He has done that a couple of times before and while his decision making is not quite up to scratch, I’m confident it will improve with experience and he will go on to become a superb keeper.

Another example of immaturity came in the aftermath of the game when he tweeted the following:

“I don’t know why I stayed on the pitch but WHAT A GAME!! Great spirit, great atmosphere and a great win!”

Now there’s nothing wrong with celebrating the result and I understand he was excited and buoyant, but was it really necessary to comment on the potential red card incident? The decision has been hotly debated with opinion split down the middle — for example, Graham Poll said it was a wrong one in his Daily Mail column while Dermot Gallagher claimed a yellow card was the right call on TalkSport.

So as the incident is not clear cut, why risk annoying Mariner and other referees by seeming to mock the decision? He may not have meant it to be a derogatory comment, but “I don’t know why I stayed on the pitch” could easily be interpreted as “What a terrible decision by Mariner!”

Szczesny in goal for Arsenal

I love you Szczesny, but some opinions don't need to be tweeted

No ref likes to hear someone say he got it wrong, least of all a player he’s just given the benefit of the doubt to. Szczesny’s tweet has been read by his numerous followers and picked up on by the media, including Gary Lineker reading it out on Match of the Day, so almost everybody in football has now heard his comments. My worry is that referees are a tight-knit bunch and they won’t take kindly to a fellow ref being criticised unnecessarily by a seemingly ungrateful young player.

I know it’s not like he’s racially abused Anton Ferdinand or called the ref a twat, but the next time Szczesny hares out of his area like a rabid dog and takes out a fellow pro, his comments will be in the back of the ref’s mind as he decides which card to reach for. That’s not a situation we really want and I think young Szczesny has made a rookie error and should’ve kept that particular opinion to himself.

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  1. Kit Man

    Yeah I was thinking that, he shoulda kept quiet about it

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  2. Man U

    He was not mocking…. Twitter is for quoting things which are in your (their) own mind. I’m sure this was not intended in any way harmful, just honesty.

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  3. Ston

    I really don’t think that it matters and that it’s going to influence any future decision for a similar challenge.

    I am more bothered by the lack of focus on RVP’s fantastic hat-trick or Walcott’s best game in an Arsenal shirt. Typical that Mr Defence should be given all the analysis time! Would have been a different story had it of been their darling Rooney!

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  4. mattafc

    Don’t be silly, was only making a joke and this will in no way cost Arsenal dear whatsoever

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  5. Bracknell Gooner

    What a muppet post!! A player is honest and says he could have walked and some johnny come lately blog does not talk about the game, or the players and fans re-building the love that was lost over the past few years. Or even remembers the suicide rushing of the crazy German. Grow up and understand that cheating is NOT a good way to view life.

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    • Gooner Steve

      I just think if Szczesny finds himself in a similar situation in the future, his tweet certainly won’t have helped and might even harm him. So why make the comment? It was a case of not really thinking in the excitement of the victory and I said he probably didn’t mean it to sound detrimental, but it could easily be construed that way.

      And I’ve already talked about the game, players and fans in my match report — click here to read it. From your tone I’d think you’d probably enjoy it!

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  6. Millz

    What a load tosh. Do you really think his tweet will be harmful to him? Get real and post about something with substance cos this certainly doesn’t make sense. All this “refs are a tight knit bunch” and basically pretty much everything that’s written is purely speculation to create substance to a non-existent story. Waste of time.

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  7. James

    Those decisions are usually split-second, the referee will not have time to think about Szczesny tweet.

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  8. Nicokoli

    He is stil maturing and will learn from this – I dont think he meant it in a piss taking way – knowing his charactor I think he was being honest and showing his surprise in not being sent off when, in my opinion, he should have.

    What a great Goal Keeper he is becoming!

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  9. s.o.c.

    oh man

    relax, it’s not that serious

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  10. bobbyp

    Ridiculous article. As if it will cost us dear!!!!

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  11. Cabbie

    I agree there was no need for him say it. It’s unlikely it will cost us dear but it could do, which is what the article is saying

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  12. boney m suck

    Us fans have long memories about players who mouth off about arsenal. We don’t like Evra for saying we’re boys and man u are men for example. It’s no different for refs, they’ll remember who has mouthed off about them and this will be in the back of mariner’s mind next time he refs arsenal. So I think szczesn should have been more discreet.

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  13. Donkatron

    He was not mocking the referee just expressing his opinion about what he felt about the tackle like most of us some people thought he should have gone others think it was the right decision

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  14. timao

    szczesny was in no position to see the covering defenders, therefore he doesn’t know why we stayed on the pitch. then he watches the replay and he finds out. simples.

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  15. naz

    You’re over thinking things. Even if he didnt say this, other refs may have believed that he should be sent off and will bare this in mind for the future. I dont think we should worry about it, these things happen in football.

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  16. Huh?

    I don’t think he was saying he was surprised about not being sent off, I think he meant he doesn’t know why he stayed on the pitch after the game because usually they just walk into the dressing rooms. The atmosphere was so good after, that he stayed on.

    You are all reading WAY too much into things.

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  17. Tai Obasi, Lagos

    Come on, that was absolutely stupid of Szczesny. Our goalkeeper was simply saying the ref got it wrong, however you twist it. Ref Mariner could have given red, sure, but if he did it’d have been a wrong call. Thanks to Koscielny, Cole wouldn’t have been clear on goal had he successfully evaded Szczesny. The Pole should be educated it was the French who kept him on the pitch and not the ref. And Wenger should do well to fine him after twitting that absolute rubbish.

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  18. joke of an article

    What a joke of an article!

    There is absolutely nothing in Szczesny’s comments that suggest anything derogatory or disrespectful to the referee, and to suggest anything otherwise is reading WAY too much in to his statement.
    All he did was express his surprise at only recieving a yellow card ‘cos he clearly thinks and acknowledges it should’ve been a red. There is a huge difference between considering yourself lucky as opposed to going so far to suggest he is mocking the referee! If it was an opposition player who posted a comment like this then that might be more reasonable and understandably so.

    What a pathetic, ridiculous article!

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  19. kris

    What a ridiculous point to make!!! He has been faultless all season and he makes 1 mistake which by no means was a clear red card by the way! And your questioning his maturity!

    Yes he is young but so far he has been the best goalkeeper in the league this season and by far the most consistent, he may make the odd mistake due to his experience not being great yet and dont be suprised when that happens but for god sake dont wait for it!

    Im not going to get started on the Twitter thing because that is a joke! Do you think the Ref’s sit in a little shed drinking tea and gossiping all day? and if they did do you honestly think those comments above all the other abuse they get every week will offend them enough to cloud their judgement next time he makes a mistake!?

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  20. Olumide

    People are saying he was only voicing his opinion & it doesn’t mean anything. Do you think the refs & chelsea players will see it like that? No one wants 2 be found incompetent @ their job whether it’s a joke or not.

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  21. Erik

    Refs get criticized all the time by everyone since refs were introduced so IMO your blog entry was a waste of your time and ours reading it. You are over thinking too much, way way way too much.

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  22. Lovemola

    What a twist of a statement. He was far from saying that, all he was affirming is that he did not know why he stayed back after other team mates has gone to the dressing room. Mind you, Theo was also behind with his celebration kind of. That was what he actually would be staying, not the other proclaimed quote. I very much believes that most if not all arsenal players are well thought manners and well schooled by Arsene Wenger and unless when provoked, tends not to initiates issues like this very one. We should be careful of what meanings we ascribed to players comments unless we are breeding malice and rancor.

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