The Return Of Thierry Henry? Big Things A’Gwan For Arsenal!

Welbeck connects to Ozil's cross to find the net against Aston Villa.

Welbeck connects to Ozil’s cross to find the net against Aston Villa.

“He makes the game simpler for us”.

That would be an ordinary statement of flattery if it had come from a defender, or goalkeeper, or even Wenger himself. Such words come from those who are mostly involved in the game, who are saddled with the task of making the game easy.

Those were the words of Mesut Ozil.

Our star playmaker was so pleased with Welbeck’s assist and goal that he did not mince words or make up fake compliments to express his delight with the youngster. In the German’s words, Welbz words are in his always visible movements and his accurate positioning.

Welbeck may not (yet) be in the class of Ronaldo or Benzema, but Ozil’s pleasure must mean absolutely delightful times ahead in the future.

The stats seem to concur with him too.

According to Squawka, Welbeck completed 97% of his attempted passes meaning that we mostly always held on to the ball whenever he was in possession.  He has a great ability to pick the ball from deep positions and make use of his speed to advance towards goal, with an acceleration that reminds you of – Thierry Henry. His heat map from the Villa game showed more greens on the left side of the attack, attesting that though he has been given the center-forward role, he does not turn himself into some log of wood that must always be in the box, especially while play is still building up. Having won all three of his attempted tackles, Welbz has also not slowed down on his work rate for which he had been so appreciated.

He, obviously, is a different type of player to Giroud and considering the way we play, probably an option with a little more variety. Giroud has served us well according to the best of his abilities. His link up play is just as superb while his hold-up play which relies on his big frame cannot even be matched by Welbeck, for now. That said, the Arsenal Way relies on mobility more than sturdiness, and with Welbeck, there is a player who will run his socks off all day and still will manage to hold his own in the ‘Kompany’ of any defender. His pace especially, as Ozil kept repeating, in combination with those of Alexis, Theo and Chambo would be one Olympic relay team to beat, with the mercurial playmaker the man to chisel the baton.

With the good news that Theo is very likely to return in few weeks, Welbeck will now learn more how to combine with his team mates even better, understanding their runs as well as making better judgments on how to time his to perfection.

Any recollection of Henry, Bergkamp, Pires and Ljungberg is always one of a band of runners who would not stop until the ball ends up at the opposition net. That gang had Henry as its spearhead. The modern Gunners may, as the Manger has suggested, found one in Danny Welbeck.

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