[VIDEO] Is ref Mike Dean celebrating Spurs’ goal against Arsenal?

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Watching Match of the Day 2 I noticed referee Mike Dean’s odd reaction to striker Louis Saha’s goal. I have to say if I didn’t know better it appears as though he wants the ball to go in after it deflects off Thomas Vermaelen!

Many would argue that the rather experienced Mike Dean looked as happy as though he received a fortuna promo code going into the fixture against the Gunners, as his perceived celebration did little to save his “impartial” job description.

Click on the video below to play the short clip and keep an eye on Mike Dean towards the right side of the frame:

PS: You must have Adobe Flash Player downloaded, installed and enabled on your browser to watch the short video clip.

He seems to react much like the Tottenham Hotspurs fans did or should I say like some that just got a Ladbrokes promo code — jumping up excitedly as the ball loops off Vermaelen before urging the ball in with his hands as it trickles towards the line. Then he appears to start a little ‘Mr Bean-like’ celebratory jig (watch his right leg) before remembering he’s supposed to be impartial and composing himself.

This is not the first time the referee has been accused of ruling against in favour of Arsenal, or better yet ruling more in favour of the Tottenham Hotspur fans, with neutrals also perceiving his bias nature, especially against the Gunners vs other teams in the Premier League .

This is not to say Mike Dean has not been perceived by many as a Tottenham Hotspur fan and supporter.

Maybe this explains why he gave Spurs a penalty after that blatant dive by the cheating tosspot Gareth Bale.

Joking aside, I’m not really questioning Dean’s impartiality. He probably got caught up in the excitement of the moment, but it does look funny. I’ve never seen a ref so animated as a goal goes in!

I will be posting more serious thoughts on the match much later on today. But for now, I would really like to know your thoughts and opinion on this issue in the comment section below.

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  1. Freddy

    Ha ha, he looks a right prat! What is he doing?!

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  2. gentle goon

    you certainly dont need to be Freud to see that…s
    but it is a fair reflection of pretty much all the referees… biased… sad that it is acceptable behavior…

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  3. Anonymous

    this is fucking shameful
    He should be punished

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  4. stonroy

    People he’s a midget, he was jumping up to see if it went in is all. Still is a cunt though.

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  5. Czarsenal

    If you look at highlights of the Carling Cup final, he does the same thing in that game at the final whistle.

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  6. bill

    wtf ,he looks like hes willing it in for them!
    just one word “UNFUCKINGBELIEVABLE”

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  7. ryan

    your all fucking pricks if you think bale dived he was caught open your fucking eyes you stupid fucking arsehole supporters we may have been beatedn fairly yesterday but we are still 3rd & still 7 points ahead of you arseholes

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    • james

      Yeah caught paying Dean a Bing before the game, it was a shamefull dive heir lost control of the ball going away from goal and left his foot in on Schezney and took a dive when the hands raise before he falls he’s looking to go down

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    • looneygooner

      four points when you lose to the Mancs as usual you Tiny Tott, forever in our shadow, Monkey face Bale dived, it’s his trait, the look on your fucking faces at the final whistle was great, your best team for years thrashed by the worst Arsenal team for years, forever in our shadow

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      • YidDan

        God we must be very talented to manage to be in your shadow while simultaneously being 7 points ahead! Listen to yourself mate.

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        • Rhyle

          When even Spurs fans are acknowledging that “mines white with one sugar, chimp face” Bale dived even the hardcore spurs fans should hold their hands up…but I’m never going to expect mentalists like the above to be bigger than their bias – their limited intellect prevents this…

          As for “our shadow” SHOW US YOUR MEDALS…and by medals I mean ONE’S THAT MATTER…

          it says a lot that your twitchy, head-like-it’s-been-carved-from-soap-and-been-left-under-a-running-tap-for-too-long manager’s ambitions are beating us. THAT is the definition of someone trying to get out of our shadow – and you’ll never do that without matching what we’ve achieved. You’ve won the league how many times? SHOW US YOUR MEDALS…!

          61 and never again…61 and never again…

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        • tommyt

          The only gap you got now is the one in your bagel yiddo!

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  8. Kay

    Let us be serious, this guy is a disgrace to the Ref association.He should be ashamed of himself.I have always suspected him anyway.He must not be allowed to ref Arsenal match again this season.What a disgrace?

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  9. Rogue

    Ryan u r a real tosser! Just cos Spurs is third does not mean they are a better team, I mean they have woken up from their slumber after how many years?? Ah well, next season Spurs will go nyty nyt again…

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  10. Anonymous

    Let’s think about this – how can anyone, even referees and commentators, be into football yet not support one particular team ? Everyone who grows up liking football has a favourite team ! It’s just that some people, such as referees and commentators, choose ( out of expedience ) to keep their favourite team a secret ! We are not fools, are we ?

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  11. mike

    Ryan ur crazy and u talk rubbish…arsenal are the kings of north london

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  12. Drew

    He should have been celebrating after his assist for the second goal.

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  13. matt

    Good win for the Arse yesterday, but let’s be honest they’ve been SHIT all season.

    Mind the Gap!!!

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    • Jon

      Is that the gap of 11 that you get when you take 2 away from 13? I would generate the other gap starting at 1961 but I haven’t got an end point to deduct it from…

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  14. Vieira4

    Damn that Sheldon Cooper lookin motherfucker Mike Dean you spuddo cuntfuck. OR maybe he just likes seeing goals?

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  15. Gooner

    @matt: yeah mate mind the gap…

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  16. aleksi

    A referee in Holland was punished for celebrating an Ajax goal a few years back! Can’t remember how long he was banned for but it still happened.

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    • Ted

      That referee was Eric Braamhaar and I can not find that he was disciplined for the incident…

      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sBc__YSdO7Q (wait for second camera angle)

      He explained later as saying he was celebrating that the advantage he called just before was justified with a goal.

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  17. Michael

    Bore off arsenal fans.

    It’s a sad day when the ” bigger team” see this as the biggest game off their season.

    It’s astonishing to see how far arsenal have fallen. I wonder how next season will pan out when your only decent player leaves.

    Hahahahahahah fucking losers

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  18. Rogue

    Yeah, there’ll be others, but lets see how your shit team does when your only ever decent manager leaves! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Fucking knob!

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  19. Essien Isaac

    Hahahahahahah! Nice one rogue! Lets see how they will fair without rednap! Its like spurs fanz werent meant to be happy! Their first ever decent manager is going to be taken away from them! HAHAHAHA! Stupid sp**ds!

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  20. James Allen

    No question that Dean is biased against Arsenal is there another top 6 team that can find a ref under which they went 11 games without a win – it defies belief. We could have won 7 – 1 yesterday with another Ref the 2nd half yesterday was so one sided even he couldnt stop us winning & his little goal celebratory victory jig just provides further proof.

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  21. Michael

    Hahaha you lot had one decent 45 mins all season and now all of a sudden your world beaters again?

    Do me a favour!!!

    Now I’m not suggesting for one second we are a bigger team now or that we have closed ” the gap”.

    What I am saying is arsenal ARE on the decline and spurs are 100% on the incline.

    Any thick arsenal fan can see that.

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    • J

      Mate you just got seriously bummed by the Arse, stop whining and lube up that shitter, ’cause there’s gonna be no rest for that Totty ass come this weekend when the manc gorillaz sodomise you into next week, four points ahead of us. You will capitulate, it’s in your history. Ho ha heee haaaa!!!

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  22. Rogue

    Well, the same goes for the season actually. Its been one AWFUL season but it doesn’t necessarily mean that Arsenal are on the decline.

    In fact Spurs haven’t finished above Arsenal for 17 years and all of a sudden they are on the incline?? PLEASE! LMFAO!!!

    You are right in saying that Spurs are NOT the bigger team and neither are they closing the gap but then again..

    Any thick Spurs fan will admit that…

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  23. Michael

    The fact that arsenal are now pushing 7 years without a trophy is surly a sign of decline.

    And the fact you can go to Milan and get beat 4.0 against the same players (with the exception of van bommel) you beat 2.0 two seasons before.

    Now that to me is a massive decline to a club that once went a whole season un beaten.

    So WHEN RVP leaves I can’t see Walcott leading the line. Hahahahah

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  24. Rogue

    Sure u can point fingers at Arsenal who haven’t won any trophy in 7 years.. But then again when last did Spurs actually win a Premier League title??? My goodness if Wikipedia is correct then its been 50 years since Spurs last won the First Division title (1960-61)! WOW! its your anniversary season!!!

    U actually wanna go there and compare stats? HAHAHAHAHAHA! Pls save yourself the embarassment and go post on some worthless Spurs site where u can garner some sort of pity support from fellow fans who are crapping themselves silly for when Redknapp leaves LMFAO..

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  25. you're all idots

    Use your brains idiots…!!!

    Mike Dean played a cracking advantage because an Arsenal player was offside only moments earlier. Tottenham had the ball, played the advantage and scored a goal.

    Mike Dean was probably quite excited as it vinidcated his decision, showed great awareness and ability early on in the game and will have shown everyone that he was on form right from the off..

    Referee’s are only human, we like it when something works out well just as much as we regret it when we fluff up from time to time :-)

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  26. Michael

    Yes we can point the finger at 7 years without a trophie.

    All I have read on your laughable websites for years is how spurs fans always cling onto the past well now it seems the tables have turned.

    Clinging on to former triumphs such as the double winning teams and the “untouchables” will soon fade into the forgotten past, just like the last time we won a league title.

    And everything you won since wenger took over was with someone else’s defence! Ie George Graham.

    I think I will post on a spurs site from now on at least I can talk to realists and not a bunch of deludide has beens. Hahahhahahahaahahah

    Agree or Disagree?   Thumb up 6 Thumb down 25

    • Rogue

      You go bro! One less uneducated opinion wont be missed.. (Is deludide a word?? LMFAO!!)

      At least you’re honest about Spurs league title fading into the past..

      By the way is Tottenham planning on coming out with the ’50-year STILL NO TITLE’ anniversary kit anytime soon..cos I’m sure it will eclipse Arsenal’s meagre 7 years…

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      • neutral supporter

        Is LMFAO a word?
        is cos a word?

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    • Ralph

      “And everything you won since wenger took over was with someone else’s defence! Ie George Graham. ”

      Do your homework before making up facts!
      The Invincibles had a defence made by wenger…
      Campbell(remember him?)

      now go and cry elsewhere you thick spud

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  27. seagoon

    Ryan (deluded Spud), your feeble defence of Bale’s dive could have afforded him (Bale) the benefit of the doubt apart from the fact that this is the 3rd such blatant dive this season by said Welsh “wizard”.

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  28. ryan


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  29. Gooner

    LOL so mike dean is just like what howard webb is to united, a scum. That’s okay even with his biased ways we still managed to win it. happy birthday ADEBUYWHORE:D

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  30. Dom from red action

    im a gooner, so dont get angry with me guys, but he clearly just trying to see the ball and whether it is going to cross the line.

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  31. jonny gunner

    @Michael at 10;12
    It was the Invincibles……..
    The defence that season was
    ALL Wenger purchases.
    Get your facts straight,get a history,get a life on a spuds site.
    You’ll still be watching Coronation Street on a Wednesday night next season,mark my words

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  32. amour

    Why Arsenal has turned out to be an enemy of the most Referees not only in Engalnd but also in Europe is beyond my understanding!

    Something really has to be addressed by Ivan or PH to the refs association! Pretty sure they might have bagged couple of trophies in those 7 dark years if all refs would have been fair to them like they have been to Man Utd, Chelsea, Barcelona etc…

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  33. Michael

    Ohhh they all pipe up now.

    Cheers for that jonny I’ll be sure to let you know next time I have trouble sleeping.. YAWN

    Oh and more thing jonny I’m sure cole came through your youth system. Oh dear

    @rogue fair play to you your the first gooner I can actually have good banter with… Hats off to ya

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    • Rogue

      No worries mate!

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  34. Ginger Gooner

    This is laughable and a very very funny reaction. As a previous post has stated it does look like the first time he jumps its to get a better look, but god knows what the Mr Bean hop was for afterwards.

    In fairness though I actually think Mike Dean had a pretty good game yesterday. He gave the penalty too quickly and should have consulted with the linesman first but overall he allowed for a free flowing game by not needlessly blowing up for a number of challenges from both sides that would have usually been fouls.

    Sitting with two spuds yesterday watching the game, how sweet the result was, I haven’t heard them so quite all season!!

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  35. Gary

    I am probably the only Arsenal supporter who does not hate Spurs. I have 2 reasons for it: 1. My brother and his family are Spurs fans and one of my daughter is married to one. 2. I have never looked at Spurs as a threat to Arsenal superiority. Arsenal seemed to me so far ahead that Spurs did not matter and still doesn’t. World stats shows that Arsenal has 100ml fans more then Spurs.
    I agree that Arsenal is in decline compared to 7-8 year ago, but don’t forget what that decline is from. It is from the best team in the world at that time, The Invincibles. To assemble a team like that might take years. I can not see any team going unbeaten for a season. Even Barca can not do that in the much easier league.
    Yeas, they did not win CL, but it happened before: Hungary – 1954, Brasil 1950, Holland 1974 and 1978 ect.
    I wish Spurs a lot of luck and success. I wish them to finish 4th when Arsenal is 3rd, 3rd when Arsenal is 2nd and 2nd when Arsenal are the champions.

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  36. DogFace

    Dean has form: http://blog.emiratesstadium.info/archives/18918

    Also did you notice how gutted he looked when he had to send of Parker?

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  37. Gf60

    Re Dean…at least I didn’t see him giving the ball a blow job to get it there a fraction faster.
    Whereas Webb, my least favorite policeman would have whacked it wiv ‘is truncheon.

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  38. Simon F

    What a tosser

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  39. Unbiased NUFC fan

    this match wouldn’t have been anywhere near as good as it was if it wasnt for Mike Dean. He let play go on at all the right times, wasnt a cagey stop start sort of came and its down to him. If you really think this referee is ‘celebrating’ a spurs goal you’re borderline clinically insane, after watching the video so many times there isnt even a hint of a ‘celebration’, he’s simply jumping to keep his eye on the ball. my god, another mountain made of what isnt even a molehill.

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  40. james h

    he’s clearly got some sort of cramp or he cant see past the defenders and before you say anything i’m not a spurs fan im a hull fan i suppot my local team i bet your all arm chair fans

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  41. Anon

    He’s actually limping after he felt a pull in his muscle, the ball is only just in the air when he starts to supposedly ‘celebrate’.

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  42. Tel (Man utd fan)

    Obviously he is just jumping to see if the ball goes over the line or not because of the angle he is at.(he looks hilarious though)

    Great game of football though! I actually thought the referee had a decent game, in regards to the bale penalty, would have been hard for any ref to go down and at the speed they were travelling at, most refs would have given it..
    Saying that though…the scoreline is the best kind of revenge you can get for cheating.

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  43. Mike

    He’s possibly celebrating the fact that, immediately before the attack was launched from which this goal was scored, Dean allowed play to go on when he could have easily blown for a free-kick. I forget what the offence was, but I do remember the commentators saying “great advantage by the referee” and then Spurs went straight up the other end and scored. I’ve seen referees celebrate good decisions like that before, one memorable one was in the SPL a few years ago for the same reason. Sounds a bit flaky as a reason but that’s my two cents. N.B. I’m not a fan of any Premier League teams, if it matters to anyone.

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  44. Markus of B

    Err…could it be that he was jumping up to see over the players heads, what with the ball having taken a wicked deflection and as a result there being several players now in his way.
    Unfortunately, we as a species have not learnt how to hover…so a couple of jumps were needed for him to retain a view of the ball.
    Still, it was a dumb enough ‘spot’ for it to warrant an appearance in Football365s equally retarded Mediawatch section.

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  45. chick mc court

    im a Gooner and over the moon about yesterday but hes just jumping to get a better view

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    i think he was just trying to see if it went in, we won at the end of the day and soon we will be battling for 3rd :)

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  47. jack

    He was just jumping like a retard to see if the ball crossed the line you fucking bell ends…. conspiracy fucking twat theorists … bales dive just fooled him…

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  48. Matt Murphy

    He looks happier than the spurs players! Hahahaha

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  49. WhiteHotSpurs

    Well played Arsenal, the better team on the day. That aside Mike Dean is clearly just trying to see whether the ball crosses the line. Fuck me if you can’t work that out on your own no wonder some of the posts on here are so laughable.

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  50. Bush

    @Anonymous of course the ref may support a particular team but in matters like football where he has been chosen to officiate he really needs to behave himself and make sure that justice is also seem to be done. I am an arsenal fan but I bet even a neutral would agree that any kind of a reaction from an arsenal fan to this blatant breach to trust is justified. More also considering that shortly after the incident he went on to award Bale a very dubious penalty. That’s uncalled for. Very Shameful. His partiality really does not count that much because we went on to win game but I can imagine if the result were otherwise

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  51. Rhyle

    Michael…none of us see this as our “biggest game of the season”, but most of us appreciate that it’s our “biggest win of the season”…outwith the likes of Blackburn…

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    • Michael

      Fair comment

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  52. Anonymous

    go spurs

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  53. Forest

    Funny how both of you are bickering but even Forest managed to win the European Cup twice. Look where we are now! You all need to get a grip!

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  54. slim

    God pass them

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  55. Shanzuman

    Come on Guys, the video blog is meant to be a bit of fun after an eventful game of football (from one side , if I may add!!). Nevertheles, I am staggered at the 60 odd comments above mine and the writer has not even registered his serious thoughts on the match yet!! Mr Dean is not one of my favourites but after the award of the (non) penalty I thought he had a good game afterall he did send off Parker! A great and unexpected result for us yesterday and I am thrilled BUT WHY can we not play with such determination, passion, resillience, commitment atc every week and against the likes of Sunderland, Wolves, Fulham, Swansea, QPR, Wigan etc???? Now there is a debatable question!

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  56. trueblue

    Carefree wherever you may be! Pride of london CFC! best team in london = Chelsea, next best = Arsenal, Tottenham are having one good season for the first time in about 20 years and are suddenly strutting round like they are premiership champions or something like that. Do me a favour! You have been teh whipping boys of Chelsea and Arsenal for the best part of 30 years at least, don’t start getting cocky, as Arsenal showed yesterday, neither of us is having a good season, but when we turn it on we can beat anyone, something Tottenham can’t really say! How are Tottenham doing in the champions league?……. ooohhh, my bad, forget they didn’t qualify!

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  57. sammel-hammer

    would be funny that played to the tune of skippy the bush kangaroo

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  58. Tom N

    A arsehole fan obvisly posted this,
    1 to think the pen was a dive,
    2 to not see that Mike Dean was trying to see what was happening with the ball

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  59. Will

    He is jumping to try and see the ball.
    Youre all fags if you think hes a Spurs fan, if he was, would he let them lose 5-2?
    Bitter spurs fans.

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  60. Analyst

    At the end (3rd and 4th jump) he is not watching the action and jumps for joy like a child :)

    A la fin ( 3eme et 4eme saut) il ne regarde plus l’action et sautille de joie comme un enfant :)

    Al final (salto de 3 y 4) no está? viendo la acción y saltar de alegría como un niño :)

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    • Priestos

      His record refereeing Arsenal speaks for itself. He’s up there (or down there) with your D’Urso’s and Durkins when it comes to screwing Arsenal. He thought the game was dead at 2-0 hence no red card.

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  61. dazzy90

    In the last 20 games (going back to season 2006) that cheating biased wank stain Dean has refereed an Arsenal game we have won 3. Not all through poor Arsenal play – but BIASED refereeing from that useless jumped up c_nt. The man is a C_NT. He couldn’t wait to give that penalty yesterday when that cheating chimp face welsh bell end dived. He didn’t even speak to the linesman until TV complained so much. – I’d love to see what the media would of said today had that been an Arsenal player who dived. We’d be at Eduardo gate all over again… remember that against Celtic in Champions League?? minimal of touches but he went down very easily. the next day and the rest of the week the media were slating him something rotten!! 2 faced c_nts.

    as for Spuds – wake up and smell the coffee. your best team in living memory and you are still gonna win jack shit. you are ONLY 7 points ahead of the worst Arsenal team in decades, ravelled with injuries all season (as usual) and a shambles in defence. no saying yet we won’t catch you!! you can’t even catch Utd – who clearly also have their worst squad in decades!!

    As already pointed out – Forever in our shadow. Check the league titles.
    61 NEVER AGAIN!!!
    oh, and don’t forget – we’ve won the league at shite hart lane MORE times than you have!!! LOL!!!!


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  62. Toby

    Food for thought for Tottenham:

    No trophies = no Modric
    Chance to perfect diving technique with Ronaldo = no Bale
    No money = no Adebayor
    Brad Friedels age = welcome back Gomes
    European Championships = no manager

    Thats a team on the up if I ever saw one

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  63. missionfail82

    You guys really think he’s celebrating? First of all, what grown man celebrates like that? Second of all, do you really think he’s dumb enough to do it in front of however many thousands of people? It’s much more likely that he’s jumping to see where the ball is going. If he really hates Arsenal that much he can’t contain his delight at them conceding a goal then there’s no way he’d let them with 5-2.

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  64. kevin

    dean got lost in the mommet, show a sign what we been up against, spurs think that they are the real madrid of the premiership, not so cocky cock spurs now eh. talk all you want it won’t justify yesterday proformance

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  65. Mike

    If it was penalty why no card???

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  66. bubble9

    “cheating tosspot Gareth Bale” Hmmm I normally frown upom our players diving to win penalties, but against the arse who are the masters of the art of conning the ref, I turn a blind eye, every team should dive against the arse for retribution of 16 yrs of cheating, conning the ref and doing anything it takes, legal or not, to win a football game. Dirty stinking cheats!!!!

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  67. Goonerton

    Come on people. I have done that many a time when watching my kids or my mates play and there’s a goal mouth chance or a goal bound deflection. You don’t mean to but, your body moves automatically well mine does anyway. Ain’t nothing.

    The dive what the media has swept under the carpet is more concerning but, it’s something I have known for years that the media hate us so badly and love arry and his fakers.

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  68. Goonerton

    He was simply engrossed in top game of football between two teams going for it. Just like the people in the 30 countries who were watching it live all over the world.

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  69. Anonymous


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  70. sean

    that was a bad game for both teams Spurs should not have let arsenal score 5 goals and arsenal should not have let spurs score so quickly in the first half. the ref just did something stupid but he did not favour any team I’m Australian but I follow arsenal diving happens every game in Europe and every team dose it its not right that’s why so many people don’t like football I think divers should be red carded and suspended but I don’t think bale did because anyone knows running a speed then 2 players getting in the way its hard to keep on your feet

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  71. Dualta Jones

    Isnt it really obvious that hes trying to get a look at the ball crossing or not crossing the line?

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  72. Dave

    If that’s celebrating a goal then lets rewrite history. We seem to have got most conventional human behaviours completely wrong.

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  73. James Taylor

    funny about all the gooners complaining about diving. have they forgotten about how much robert pires dived or henry or most of their current squad does.

    They Wouldn’t have been the invicibles if it hadn’t been for diving!

    Suck on that for a while.

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  74. Someone

    Apart from explaining the Bale dive and the foul on Gibbs incidents it might also explain why Arsenal failed to win the previous 11 games he officiated. It also proves, like most English referees, that he is a curropt cunt.

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  75. critic

    It’s quite funny. midget trying to see what happens next. lolz

    He’s biased against arsenal make no mistake of that.

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  76. Footballfan

    ‘Obviously he is just jumping to see if the ball goes over the line or not because of the angle he is at.’

    This, how anyone can think he is doing anything else is beyond me. He’s jumping up before the ball goes in. This is why football fans get such a bad reputation for being morons.

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  77. RVP

    I’m just interested as to why so many Tottenham fans are on https://www.oohtobeagooner.com – envious maybe?

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