Wenger poaches another kid from Barca for his conveyor belt

Arsene Wenger and Pep Guardiola shake hands

Did your brother get that nice case of wine I sent him Pep?

Arsenal yesterday announced the signing of 16 year old Jon Toral from Barcelona’s youth academy. The deal will cost us £350,000.

As I understand it Spanish sides can’t sign their youth players to professional contracts before the age of 16, so they are pretty powerless if suitors from abroad turn their heads. The same thing happened with Fabregas, Merida and Miquel and Barca are understandably furious, labelling us as ‘immoral’. But given their unprofessional pursuit of our captain over the past few months I find it hard to feel much sympathy for them. Just to rub salt in the wound, the agent behind the deal is Pep Guardiola’s brother!

So anyway, that’s the third product on the playmaker conveyor belt sorted out. Fabregas is almost ready to be packaged and sold to Barcelona, Ramsey will then take his place and be groomed into a superstar with his package date probably three years from now, sold for mega millions to Real Madrid, Barcelona or Man City. By the time Ramsey is holding his first press conference at his new club, Toral will be breaking through into our first team with his package date three years after that, by which point Wenger would’ve poached signed a promising 15 year old from Spain to take over from Toral… do you see where I’m going with this?

Credit to Wenger, it’s a brilliant way to run a very profitable business and the board understandably love him for it, giving him free reign to do practically what he wants. But we fans will never see these players at their peak for Arsenal, winning trophies for us instead of Barca, Madrid or City.

Making profit instead of winning trophies has become the Modus Operandi of Arsenal FC. If we win a trophy or two along the way to placate the fans and ensure they keep renewing their season tickets then great. Never mind the fact that by just spending £10 million extra per year (which the club insist is there for Wenger) on a quality, experienced player instead of a rookie once in a while, we’d probably win the league every so often. Cahill instead of Squillaci? Scott Parker instead of Diaby? Shay Given instead of Almunia?

We’ll continue to fall just short on the field while Wenger promises us that next season will be different. Meanwhile the coffers swell and the trophy cabinet remains bare.

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