West Ham 1 vs 2 Arsenal: 5 Things We Learnt From Victory Over Hammers.

It does not matter how you get them, only when you don’t will you know.

And Wenger knows how important the past 6 points will be in the race for the top four. In fact, if we had held off that corner at Anfield, we’d be one point behind third-placed United.

A potential peel has been skipped, unscathed and there is enough to give belief that we are now getting into the groove for a good season.

Welbeck is best through the middle
Giroud’s presence was always going to mean Welbeck being shunted wide, and it’s been pretty anonymous from the former United man. Restored to his preferred position today, he looked the package we wanted to see and could easily have scored a hat-trick today. Will be important to see him score twice in a row for once, with Saints next.

We can always score
For all the pressure West Ham mounted, we had as many chances to score a lot more than the two goals we did. Every forward move made it into the box and Adrian was as impressive as he was against Chelsea last season. Only once have we not scored this season in the League and if we can keep it tight at the back, three points will come more often.

Szczesny is better than we think
There was no second guessing what Sam Allardyce’s tactics would be today, never mind all the plaudits they’ve gained for attacking football. Long balls were lumped into the box at every opportunity and it was always going to be difficult to keep them out with a defence not so famous for liking aerial challenges. Szczesny was the crucial fifth defender and used the privilege of handling to very good effect. Goalies have a propensity to screw it at the end and Woj would be no different but in the end, there was no chalking off his good. Ospina would get his chance against Hull in the FA Cup, but will have to get used to the bench on League days for some time.

Chamberlain can be World Class…
…if he starts scoring as often as he deserves. The youngster has enormous bouts of vivacity and pace, and never seems to have a problem racing past defenders. Chance after chance and there was just the perfect connection with the ball missing. 29 appearances in all competitions this season, more than any other outfield player and it won’t be long before he starts scoring as much.

Song playing to impress Wenger?
Showed respect by not celebrating after his goal but would probably have wished he did, seeing it finally got ruled out. Big Sam’s played a brain game by giving him the armband and Song himself appeared to be playing out the “why did you let the cool guy go?” role, maybe to give Wenger reasons for a kiss and make up. He’s probably better than Flamini and Coquelin but ended up without much influence in the game. Fair to say Wenger would not have seen enough to be speaking to Barcelona.

The raved Christmas cluster has one leg left, and there is no doubt now that the curve is on the way up.

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