Who Was WORSE Today – Ramsey, Walcott, Ozil, Alexis Or?

Three goals conceded against Manchester United is a tough one to handle, but it’s an even bitter pill to swallow considering it came in the hands of their school boys and in Premier League, not the Capital One Cup and certainly not in the FA Cup.

I’m still absolutely livid over the performances of the lads today. It was horrible to watch, really, really horrible. And now i’ll leave you with some of the bitter pills that have been forcefully shoved down my throat today.

Ramsey…Believe me, writing a story criticising the midfielder is something anyone would hardly find me doing.

I love him, simply put. But he has let me down so many times in recent months.

His sloppy play and unnecessary dribbling/flick-ons has me wondering if he has become too complacent in Wenger’s starting XI. Yes he was horrible again today as with his performance against Barcelona and several other matches this season and I can’t wait for Santi to return for him to spend sometime on the bench.

Walcott…As with many other fans out there, i’ll still say it; Theo is NOT a centre forward! Never was, never will. He was probably the worse on the pitch for me as he gave away the ball leading to United’s second.

You certainly will not see Giroud pass the ball to the opponent and then go to the ground like a baby.

Ozil and Alexis…These two disappointed me massively; I love them so much and they really let me down today.

We can’t keep waiting and creating excuses for Alexis. He has to wake up from his slumber. Take shots, run at defenders, we have missed all that from him.

Yes Ozil gives us the assists, but that doesn’t mean he should disappear for a large part of games….He’s beginning to do this too frequently and it’s really annoying fans.

Rest of the Squad…Honestly, everyone else in the squad will get a lashing or two from me if i were to go on till the end; so i’ll let you add or correct my criticism of this few; and of course let me know who you think was worse.

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