Why Alexis Sanchez’s Situation Will Discourage Big Names From Joining Arsenal

Arsenal’s continuous proclivity to mediocrity has become a nagging problem that defies rectification.

For nearly a whole decade, we have learnt to start the season with such high hopes of things getting better but somehow, a self-destruct button continues to set us back. Signing big players have provided some hope that we were making significant strides moving forward but not signing players who will complement those stellar names is setting up an expensive edifice on a faulty foundation.

Alexis Sanchez has been the unfortunate sufferer of this fault, and it doesn’t seem many more would want to subscribe to that.

Of the 12 goals he has scored, 10 have been either the opening game of the game or the supposed winner but that only 4 of those games have actually ended in a victory goes to show how much the player’s exertions have been made to appear futile. His incredible addiction to a football means he’ll keep going no matter what happens, especially if he keeps hitting the back of the net. However, it is most certain there will be a drought coming soon and seeing nothing happens amongst his teammates, it could become that situation where he gets very frustrated.

A dangerous trend which could develop is that this keeps players away from the trap that has become the current Arsenal team. Situated in a beautiful city, housed by the World’s most beautiful stadium and with the rich history and traditions that pulls and attracts, this team and its manager may not appear a good enough bait anymore for bringing in players who would replicate the class of Bergkamp, Henry and Pires.

Reliant on a system which has failed to develop for years, any true World Class star would suffer in this team as long as we keep to the way we have played. If it is true that Mats Hummels prefer to come to London over Manchester, would he be so ready to be the only one to face an advancing army of counter attackers when his full backs have bombed forward with reckless abandon? Would Schneiderlin be impressed that Ramsey would rather play school-boy flicks in the middle of the park rather than play a simple straight-forward pass?

As Ozil must be with Wenger playing him out of position, any top player coming to Arsenal will have to face the reality of something about his origins being trampled and tampered with, if not by the manager, it would be from the general second-rate nature of the other 10 who surround him.

We’ve tried hard in winning a few wars of snatching stars from our rivals but of what good is that if we cannot justify it by making him improve the team rather than derail him? It will only serve as a precedent to others earmarked in waiting.

We are setting up a banner at the Emirates and the inscription isn’t palatable; “Don’t go there, you’ll always walk alone”.


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  1. And The Award For Idiot Of The Year Goes To....

    Utter shit, mate.
    Give an idiot a platform to be heard – and it confirms it!
    So players won’t come because they’ll look at Alexis and think – don’t want to be like him?
    And as for Ozil – he’s played 99% of his games in his preferred position.

    I’m not one of these Wenger Knows Best – but he knows a shit load more than you, moron!

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