Why Fabregas and Nasri will NOT stay at Arsenal

Wenger has announced today that Cesc and Samir are staying. Well, cancel the street parties because they won’t be here next season, despite his statement. The press and my fellow bloggers have leapt upon it as though the matter is settled, so why am I so confident they’ll still be sold? Because history tells us that when Wenger is fighting to keep a star player he always says they are staying and they rarely do.

Here’s what I mean. Just 12 days before Henry signed for Barcelona in 2007, Wenger guaranteed – yes, guaranteed – that Henry would stay. The Mail reported it as Wenger: I guarantee Henry will not leave Arsenal this summer and here’s an excerpt from it:

Arsene Wenger has ‘guaranteed’ Arsenal captain Thierry Henry will not be sold this summer. “It is more down to imagination than anything else, Thierry Henry will be here next year.” Asked whether he could guarantee to fans that Henry would remain at the Emirates after the current campaign, Wenger said: “Yes, of course.”

Two years earlier Vieira left us for Juventus. As speculation over Vieira’s future had mounted over previous weeks, Wenger again insisted his captain would not be leaving. The Daily Mail reported the story as Are Henry and Vieira off? Non, says Wenger:

Arsene Wenger has shrugged off reports that Arsenal could lose Thierry Henry and Patrick Vieira unless they invest heavily in their playing squad – and the Gunners boss is convinced the French pair remain “totally committed” to the club. The Arsenal manager rejected reports originating in France that key men Henry and Vieira would consider leaving the club. He said in the London Evening Standard: “I don’t accept that and I am not worried.”

Well you should’ve been worried Arsene because three months later Vieira was gone, so just because Wenger says Fabregas and Nasri will stay doesn’t mean that they will.

In fact, today’s statement is more a case of Wenger using the press to reiterate the club’s stance that they are unwilling sellers, thus hoping to get more money out of Barca and Man City/Man Utd/Chelsea when they submit their next bids.

The other massive clue that his statement was just posturing by Wenger is that apparently Nasri will be allowed to run his contract down if he doesn’t sign a new one:

”Will he be at the club next season? I say yes. The second part (of the question) – will he sign a new contract? I hope yes, but I am not the only one to decide.”

Henry signs for Barca

Wenger guaranteed this wouldn't happen

As if the tightest manager and club in the Premiership would allow a £23m asset to go for nothing in 12 months time! Wenger is hoping Ferguson and Mancini believe that and up their bids to land him him this summer, but I don’t think he’ll stay if he doesn’t sign. If he does it would be gross mismanagement as effectively we’d be paying £23m (plus his wages) just to have Nasri play for us for one more season. Can you see miser Wenger allowing that?!

I actually think the right course of action is to sell them now anyway. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll be very sad to see them go and I blame Wenger for not strengthening the squad enough over previous seasons to keep them happy. However, we don’t want two unhappy players putting in half-hearted displays like Adebayor did in his final season. So let’s move them on, bank the reported £58m and buy some experienced, quality players to replace them who really want to wear the Arsenal shirt.

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  1. kevin

    those where different cus we had ideal replacements but now we dont greedbyor was henrys replacement and was the 2nd top scorer after henry left cesc was vieras and hes now are captain and the most creative midfielder in the world accroding to stats.ramsey or wilshire cant replace cesc yet as there not ready and we dont know how gervinho will handle epl or if vela can produce from there.u may say why did we sell clichy then it was becus gibbs is good but lacks exp and vermaleen played there earlyer in his career to deputise

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  2. jack

    @kevin those wernt different.at that time we didnt know adebayor could score 28 goals.he was unproven.and whwn viera went we didnt know that cesc was so beautifully going to take over.it was only after the seasons went we knew that cesc was one of the best.even now wilshere can take over from cesc same for ramsey.this partnership is going to better than cesc denilson partnership.dont forget ramsey is wales captain for a reason.there were flashier candidates in likes of bale.but ramsey oozes class.he will be great.

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  3. holy boy

    hello Jack,If the whole Arsenal commite should follow your principle that means,we have to wait for more five yeas making ten years without a single trouph

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  4. eve

    if arsene says cesc and samir are staying, i believe him, look at barca last season, cesc spent most of last summer with most of the barca players at the world cup, they tried to get him then, arsene said NO,so cesc didnt go. i trust arsene to stand by what he says, and i know cesc and samir will be playing for the arsenal this season.

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    • Gooner Steve

      Good for you having faith in Arsene (I lost mine a while back) but I fear it is misplaced. Alex Ferguson is now saying that he understands Nasri has agreed a move away from Arsenal this summer in this widely reported story.

      Still trust everything Arsene says?

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  5. mystic

    Nasri was as culpable as any for last season’s implosion, he is a half season over-rated player. The players must take their share of the blame for a lack of silverware, the chances were there – Cesc has admitted he was playing at Barca through selfishness.

    Wenger said Cesc would stay last summer and he did – can’t say I seen much that suggests it will change this summer; other than repetitive media and blog talk.

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  6. David

    I think that Fabregas and. Nasri will not stay at arsenal because they are not winning anything

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