Why Tottenham will regret sacking Pochettino and replacing him with Mourinho

In recent times, Premier League clubs have often used the international break as a point to review their club’s goal and target for the season.

But lately, these international breaks has seen several clubs make big changes to their managerial team, sacking coaches and coaching staffs alike.

The latest casualty of this recent trend is Mauricio Pochettino of Tottenham Hotspur.

The former Southampton boss was sacked by Tottenham just four months into the 2019/20 season, sending the football world into shock.

As an avid football fan who follows basically the whole team in the Premier League, it was in fact an absolutely unbelievable news to hear that Spurs decided to part ways with Poch.

It’s a bit too early to gamble on where Pochettino will end up next season, but if you’re interested in casino check out meilleurs jeux casino. To be honest, we have been hearing bits and part of rumors about Poch’s job at the White Hart Lane being under question. Which was expected as no manager in the Premier League is entirely safe after a string of poor results.

But certainly not Poch and Spurs! You’d expect this from the 19 other teams in the league and not one person will expect this relationship to end this way and this early in the season.

If that’s not enough shocker, less than 24 hours after his sacking, Spurs chief Daniel Levy announced Jose Mourinho as their new boss which sent the football world into an absolute frenzy.

How Mourinho became Spurs boss is crazy! And I’ll give you several reasons why.

For well over a year now, Pochettino has been desperately wanted by Manchester United who where at the time ready and willing to sack Mourinho to achieve this.

In 2018, Manchester United saw Poch as the man who was supposed to clean up Mourinho’s mess at Old Trafford. Fast forward to November 2019, now Tottenham signed Mourinho to clean up Poch’s mess. How convenient.

The former Spurs boss did admit he misses the White Hart Lane though, which has led to many suggestions that he’d like to return in the future for potentially a job behind-the-scenes. And if you like the thrill of an online casino, your best bet should be online casino south africa.

More reason why I think the move is crazy and they’ll regret it?

I’ll start with this, Pochettino wasn’t given any money to sign players and improve his squad in almost four transfer windows due to the financial situation of building their new Stadium.

Now they have signed someone who cannot do without spending a minimum of £100m in a transfer window.

Look out there, on social media, everywhere! A lot of football fans and supporters are boldly saying they will take Pochettino as their boss ALL DAY LONG.

And the funniest part of all is that Spurs fans weren’t even complaining that much about Pochettino. They absolutely love the work and progress he has done with their club and believed he will turn things around before the end of the season.

But Daniel Levy had to ruin everything by not just sacking Poch, but signing Mourinho of all people.

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