Wolves fans get refund, Arsenal fans don’t — didn’t we used to be a classy club?

After the Wolves game was put back 24 hours a lot of supporters now cannot attend. Unsurprisingly at the busiest time of the year, many people have plans for December 27th and can’t attend the rearranged match at the drop of a hat.

Whilst I understand Arsenal’s reasons for postponing the game, I do not agree with the decision for the reasons I outlined yesterday. Chelsea didn’t move their match so it’s not as if Arsenal had no other choice.

Whether you think Arsenal made the right call or not is irrespective — the situation is that a great number of fans who’ve already paid for this match now won’t get to see it through no fault of their own.

Considering the huge amounts we spend to support our clubs, I would have thought it an obligatory gesture to offer refunds to those who now cannot attend, particularly during the festive season of goodwill. Wolves agree according to this quote from a Guardian article last night:

“A Wolves spokesman said the club regarded the affair as “just one of those things” and would refund tickets for their fans who cannot make the new date, provided they apply before noon on Saturday.”

Good for them. The Scrooges on the Arsenal board, however, who already charge the highest season ticket prices in the Premiership, are far too tight for that. A club spokesman said:

“Home supporters who cannot attend will not be eligible for a refund because the situation was deemed to be beyond the club’s control.”

So of the £1,000 I pay you every year you won’t be refunding me just £33 for a match I can’t now attend because you moved it at four days notice? What am I thinking, of course you won’t. This is the same board who just six months ago hiked ticket prices by 6.5% to cover ‘rising admin costs’ in the middle of a recession and yet a few weeks later raked in a £20m transfer profit.

Classy? We used to be.

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  1. PTangYangKipperBang

    I must admit this does not show the club in a good light.

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  2. Steve

    Are you a complete moron? The club have made a decision on the basis that more people will not be able to attend due to the strikes – pushing the game a day back means that supporters will be able to get to games much easier. I’m sorry, but reimbursing fans for moving a HOME fixture back 24 hours? Gimme a break. You are a football fan, you are entitled to fuck all. You pay your money, you go, you sing (or in our case, don’t). The crowd at Arsenal have become quieter, yet more demanding with an arrogant sense of entitlement – I can’t stand it. The Everton game was a disgrace – the crowd were so quiet on our 125th anniversary. I have no time for pampered prats who complain about paying loads of money to watch The Arsenal. Collectively, football fans are there to be shat on by clubs but you still go and support the team regardless.

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    • AFC supporter

      What’s this got to do with quiet home fans? Sounds like you have another agenda by the tone of your rant.

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  3. Clockendrider

    D you get the impression that some people will find something to moan about whatever happens. Just wait a couple of weeks, Arsenal may lose a game then you can get your banners out and on a self indulgent march.
    Give it a rest. It’s tiresome.

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  4. Cabbie

    You two commenters above are idiots. This guy and many others have paid for a ticket they can’t now use through no fault of their own at very short notice. Why do wolves fans get a refund and Arsenal fans dont?

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  5. Shanzuman

    Steve and Clockendrider above, have you lost the plot somewhere or have you gone completely GA-GA? To subscribe to the fact that because you are a football fan/supporter entitles clubs to ‘fuck’ and shit on their fans is outrageous! So to call someone a moron because he has rightly complained of having to loose two tickets is totally unacceptable. You are the morons for allowing your club to indoctrinate you and ‘shit’ on you whenever it suits them!! We proper loyal season ticket supporters believe in fairness and on occassions like this Arsenal should be more understanding and considerate to its fans. Get a life, don’t be so fanatic. It’s tiresome!

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